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  • LeBron James is now hitting 94-foot shots in practice (Video)

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    Through three playoff games, LeBron James is averaging a fantastic 27 points, six assists and 8.7 rebounds a contest, as his Cleveland Cavaliers have taken a 3-0 series lead over the Boston Celtics.

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    LeBron has also missed 10 of 13 three-pointers, though, and he decided to take advantage of Saturday’s team shootaround to correct his faulty stroke:

    Game 4 is slated for Sunday at 1 PM Eastern, and the Celtics have precious little time to prepare their 94-foot defensive rotations. Good luck, Boston.

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  • Derrick Rose ascends to previous form as Chicago takes a 3-0 series lead

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    Away from the glare, away from the attention and away from his hometown, Derrick Rose went back to playing like Derrick Rose on Thursday.

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    The Bulls guard notched his highest-scoring total in three years and his highest playoff scoring total in four years in Chicago’s Game 3 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. Sloughed off to the relative anonymity of an NBA TV contest, working in front of a Milwaukee crowd that seemed nearly half made up of Chicago Bulls fans, Rose attacked early and then often on his way toward 34 points in Chicago’s 113-106 double overtime win. The victory pushed Chicago to a seemingly insurmountable 3-0 in the team’s first-round series over the Bucks.

    Little of this showed in Game 3, as Rose managed 34 points on just 23 shots, playing just over 48 minutes (a season-high) in the win while adding eight assists and five rebounds. His five made 3-pointers (including one banked-in make, if that counts, in nine tries) represented a career playoff high.

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  • Pau Gasol wins the 2015 Magic Johnson Award for graciousness with the media

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    In a world full of fussin’ and fightin’, we call can agree on the fact that Chicago Bulls center Pau Gasol is a really swell sort of guy.

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    Gasol was recognized as such on Wednesday, winning the Pro Basketball Writers’ Association’s Magic Johnson award for acting as the “player who best combines excellence on the court with cooperation and dignity in dealing with media and fans.”

    Pau, who made the 2015 All-Star team in his first year with Chicago, was characteristically gracious upon receiving the trophy. From his meeting with the press, via K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

    "It's easy to be friendly. It's easy to be kind," Gasol said. "It rubs off on people, so you want to balance out the negatives in the world with some positives. So that's what I try to do."

    Reading some of your #AprilFools stories! Some of them are great! Have a wonderful day!

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  • The Timberwolves hope Kevin Garnett holds off retirement for one more year

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    Due to injury and illness, Minnesota Timberwolves legend Kevin Garnett played in only five games with the Wolves this season, following the February trade that dealt him back to the Twin Cities. Garnett, who played with Minnesota from 1995 to 2007, surprised many by not signing off on announcing that 2014-15 would be the final season of his career, as many assumed that the (almost) 39-year old free agent to-be would decide to hang it up following two rough and injury-plagued seasons.

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    Instead, Garnett remains non-committal. And, as is usually the case in his dealings with the media, rather silent on the matter. This is why it was left to Flip Saunders, the Wolves president and coach, to offer an invitation and a bit of hope.

    From Phil Ervin at FOX Sports Minnesota:


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  • Nikola Mirotic is questionable for Chicago's next game, as the Bulls consider options

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    Nikola Mirotic hasn’t exactly made waves in his first NBA playoff turn. Mostly stuck playing out of position at small forward in two games against the Milwaukee Bucks, Mirotic combined for 13 points (missing nine of 14 shots) and nine rebounds in 36 total minutes before this happened:

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    Mirotic left the court, limping, directly after that scrum. On Tuesday, Mirotic missed Bulls practice with what the team called a strained left quadriceps injury, with various onlookers also relaying that his knee was also pained in the altercation with Milwaukee’s (not-suspended) Zaza Pachulia. On Wednesday, Mirotic also skipped practice, choosing to fling a few set-shot jumpers instead. We don't know how long he'll be out for, but he is most definitely out.

    Which is fine, even if Mirotic will be joining a long list of Bulls to miss time this season.

    Mirotic was the only Bull to play 82 games, providing depth where the team needed it most – its stacked frontcourt. Missing the next few games against Milwaukee is more than passable for the former Spanish League Finals MVP.

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  • Brooklyn, Portland, San Antonio: Who has the best odds to tie it up in Game 2?

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    The NBA’s initial playoff weekend made a loser out of outfits from Brooklyn, Portland, and San Antonio. What odds should we give these spiraling crews as they attempt to even things up in Game 2 on Wednesday?

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    Brooklyn vs. Atlanta

    The Downfall

    Brooklyn tried! They really did! Game 1 didn’t work out, but the Nets showed uncharacteristic mettle and pride on their way toward denying Atlanta’s attempts at a one-sided win.

    For stretches during the team’s several mini-comebacks, Deron Williams genuinely looked like a star again. He only finished with 13 points and two assists in 33 minutes, numbers we’d be upset at his counterpart Jeff Teague for contributing even in a blowout, but the flashes were there. Both Thaddeus Young (15 points) and Brook Lopez (17 points on 6-8 shooting with 15 rebounds) scored off what appeared to be broken plays, and Lionel Hollins’ defense worked well to string stops together.

    The Redemption

    Eh, no.

    Saying Kyle Korver is no Stephen Curry is like reminding the media that Dennis Rodman was no John Stockton. It’s pointless, and please box Rodman out.

  • Boston, Toronto, Dallas: Who has the best odds to tie it up in Game 2?

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    The NBA’s initial playoff weekend made a loser out of outfits from Boston, Toronto, and Dallas. What odds should we give these spiraling crews as they attempt to even things up in Game 2 on Tuesday?

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    Boston vs. Cleveland

    The Downfall

    Boston looked fantastic to start game one. The ball was moving offensively, Cleveland seemed a half step short in catching up to the Celtic spacing, Kelly Olynyk was hitting from behind the arc and at the rim, and Boston peeled off a four-point lead heading into the second quarter behind the sort of attack that led the C’s to that unexpected playoff berth. Jokes were made, beers were chugged, and ABC even went into commercial following that first quarter with a stone cold classic of a Boston song.

    The Redemption

    If Celtics coach Brad Stevens wants go nutty with things, the ball is in his well-versed court.

    Odds of a Game 2 Victory

    Your chance in a fistfight after running up to John Lydon and calling him “Sid.”

  • Chicago rides Jimmy Butler's 31 points to a 2-0 series lead over Milwaukee

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    Your browser does not support iframes.

    CHICAGO – It came two days late and just as many dollars short, but the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks finally came through with the sort of hash mark-heavy, ugly basketball we anticipated before their first round series even began. The Bulls prevailed by a 91-82 score in Game 2 of its first round series, but not before Milwaukee reminded them that this was supposed to be a defensive-minded run reminiscent of the chilly Central Division.

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    The Bucks relented in a crucial second quarter, however, utilizing spacing as Milwaukee lost its edge. By the time Rose’s touch returned in the second half, Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler was ready to dominate – he topped off an eight-point second quarter with seven more in the third, while Rose managed 12 points.

    This was Jimmy Butler’s game, however.

    “I think I took a lot of bad shots that happened to go in,” Butler offered, “All because of [Rose] and Pau and Joakim I feel like I have a pretty easy job.”

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  • Milwaukee needs to figure out how to make a series of it in Game 2

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    The Milwaukee Bucks aren’t supposed to be here. We need to remember that, and they need to get past it.

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    The Bucks had the worst record in the league last season, and though most concluded that what should have been a middling 2013-14 Milwaukee team underachieved, nobody thought that entering this campaign a combination of competent coaching and execution would result in a playoff berth. Had prognosticators known prior to 2014-15 that rookie Jabari Parker would tear his ACL after only 25 games and that Larry Sanders would walk away from the team after just a few contests more, they would have completely written Milwaukee’s postseason hopes off.

    Now comes the tricky bit.

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  • A healthy Derrick Rose drops 23 in Chicago's Game 1 win over Milwaukee

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    CHICAGO – The Chicago Bulls are not the defensive team they once were. They’re also not the offensive team they once were. The Bulls can shoot now.

    Chicago downed the defensive-minded Milwaukee Bucks 103-91 in Game 1 of the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, in what was a surprisingly potent offensive affair. The Bulls, who ranked second in defensive efficiency last season, managed 60 first half points while this year’s No. 2 defensive outfit from Milwaukee added 51 of its own. The Bulls prevailed in the second half, however, behind a surprisingly potent three-point touch from Derrick Rose, who finished with 23 points and seven assists despite playing just 27 minutes.

    Returning four minutes into the second quarter to rapturous applause, Rose managed to assuage all fears with a killer performance. Playing his first postseason game since tearing his left ACL in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference’s opening round in 2012, Rose nailed all five of his shots in just six and a half second quarter minutes, scoring 10 points as Chicago pulled away to enter the half with an eight-point lead.

    The killer here is building upon this outburst.

    Took them long enough.

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