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  • Fearing Kevin Garnett trash talk, Steven Adams pretended not to know English

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    Kevin Garnett will leave quite the legacy as he walks away from an ungodly 21-year NBA career. He may very well have been the most versatile player in basketball history, in the discussion for the greatest defensive player of all time, and his ability to leave it all on the court was in place even when the Minnesota Timberwolves giant was a Timberpup, working as a teenager all the way back in 1995.

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    Oklahoma City Thunder big man Steven Adams hadn’t even turned two years old when Garnett was drafted that year, and considering the hundreds upon hundreds of NBA players that KG lined up against prior to Adams’ NBA debut in 2013-14, it’s understandable that Garnett may not have been up on the where the Thunder rookie hailed from upon their first meeting.

    The New Zealand native discussed as much with The Oklahoman’s Erik Horne on Sunday:

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  • Violet Palmer, the NBA's first female referee, retires

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    Violet Palmer, who in 1997 joined Dee Kantner in becoming the first female referees in major American pro sports history, has worked her final NBA game. The veteran referee will hang it up, following her last turn in 2015-16, due to “injury issues.” Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck was the first to report the news.

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    Though Kantner was eventually dismissed from the league’s cadre of refs, Palmer soldiered on through an 18-season NBA career. She worked postseason and All-Star Games, and in 2014 became the first openly gay NBA ref to come out.

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  • Stephen Jackson takes issue with D'Angelo Russell's video game Luke Walton fandom

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    The whole point of playing sports-related video games is to put yourself in the action. To strap yourself into a car pushing 200 mph, to stare down a Roger Clemens fastball with a comically ill-shapen bat, or to peer over an offensive line hell-bent on making sure you find the open receiver tagged with the ‘Y’ button.

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    You get to be who you want to be, be you a superstar or also-ran. Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell, in playing one video game franchise during the 20-year old’s youth, apparently dug running with the also-rans; most notably new Lakers coach and former Laker small forward Luke Walton. From a talk with Kevin Ding at Bleacher Report:

    “I told him I remember playing with him on (NBA) 2K ; I used to always play as him. I’m a fan. I’m definitely a fan. Because he was a point forward.

    “[In] my era, I know he was a point forward.”

    Hey, to each his own.

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  • Phil Jackson says the Knicks are 'not concerned' about Derrick Rose's trial

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    The civil suit against then-Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, alleging that the former NBA MVP (working with two other friends) broke into an ex-girlfriend’s apartment after drugging her before gang-raping her, became public knowledge last year.

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    The New York Knicks dealt for Rose in late June, months after the depth of the sordid allegations against Rose became very public knowledge. At the time of the deal, and in the months that followed, both the Knicks and Rose have doggedly attempted to keep their on-record focus solely devoted to basketball matters, in spite of the fact that Rose – hampered by two different knee surgeries, working in a diminished capacity as a result – is better known these days for the civil suit brought against him than he is any All-Star capability.

    “We’re just going to let the process work itself out,” Jackson said during a news conference at the team’s practice facility.

    “So we’re going with that, okay?”

  • Chris Bosh, following the failed physical: 'Everything's going to be all right'

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    Expectedly, and thankfully, Chris Bosh has released a statement regarding his failed physical.

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    The Miami Heat star’s career with the franchise may be in jeopardy due to the complications from blood clots that appear to be ongoing, and the Heat’s declaration that he is unfit to play for the team following that failed physical. Rather than reeling from the impediment, Bosh continued to engage with his fans via video messages sent out through his Twitter feed.

    He released one late Friday:

    Setbacks may happen, but my intentions remain the same. Thank you all for the warm wishes and support. #BoshRebuilt

    From the clip:

    The “all right” designation is what the Heat has been after all along.

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  • BDL 25: Russell Westbrook is going to absolutely go nuts this year

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    The NBA offseason has brought many changes to rosters, coaching staffs, and the list of championship contenders. As we draw closer to opening night, it’s time to move our focus from the potential impact of each offseason event and onto the broader issues that figure to define this season. The BDL 25 takes stock of, uh, 25 key storylines to get you up to speed on where the most fascinating teams, players, and people stand on the brink of 2016-17.

    In 1989, Doug Collins just kinda said “eff it.”

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    Not really. He’s from Benton. Speaking from personal experience, they don’t say “eff” down there, and anyone who was within earshot of the then-Chicago Bulls coach’s work on the sidelines during 1988-89 will tell you that his sideline patter was replete with all manner of words you couldn’t even squeeze into a family website some 27 years later.

    All while scoring at a league-leading rate, and contributing 47 steals during that 20-game run. It was glorious.

    Into the vacuum, yet again, steps Westbrook.

    Previously, on BDL 25:

  • Steve Kerr 'disgusted' by police shootings, encouraging dialogue regarding team protests

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    Steve Kerr is just one of 30 NBA coaches that will enter this season’s training camp with a new, possibly daunting, task. The league’s players will no doubt feel compelled to emulate the precedent set by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, as an extension of their First Amendment rights, and either sit through or kneel during the rendition of the ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ that plays before each NBA game.

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    Though the initial discussions as to how to handle such a league-wide protest may indeed prove taxing in the interim for coaches, the end result should hopefully prove to be freeing and worthwhile, as more and more discussion takes place regarding the impetus behind the wave of protests sprouting up in the wake of the shooting deaths of black men at the hands of local law enforcement.

    From Marc J. Spears at The Undefeated:


    — Marc J. Spears (@MarcJSpearsESPN) September 22, 2016

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  • Sacramento mayor and ex-NBA'er Kevin Johnson involved in alleged pie assault

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    Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson’s infamous political career dove headfirst into the theatre of the absurd on Wednesday, when the former NBA legend allegedly pummeled a protestor who threw a pie in his face at a local farm-to-table function.

    (The preceding paragraph has been re-read and re-written, edited for accuracy, and yeah; all of this apparently happened.)

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    From Nick Miller at the East Bay Express:

    Sources in attendance have told the Express that, during the meal, a protester ran at the mayor and threw a store-bought pie in his face.

    A different witness said that the pie had whipped cream as a topping.

    After this, the protester reportedly said something to Johnson. This prompted the mayor to allegedly tackle the protester and punch him in the face “repeatedly,” more than half a dozen times, landing “five to 10” blows.

    Ambulances and fire department arrived at the scene.

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  • D'Angelo Russell: Kobe Bryant's 'farewell tour' put the Lakers happily 'on hold'

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    Shockingly, on a team coached by Byron Scott and led by Kobe Bryant in his retirement year, D’Angelo Russell saw his rookie year somewhat overshadowed by the hubbub of what became a calamitous coronation season for the franchise.

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    By Russell’s own admission, mind you. Speaking to the media in the days before his second NBA training camp, the Laker guard admitted that his initial NBA offseason “was Looney Toons,” and that he “didn’t get nothing out of it.”

    Hardly the nicest reflection on the Lakers – or, hopefully, former Lakers – support system.

    Russell went on to say that he understood why the team’s rebuilding process had to take a backseat to Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour, even if it meant staving off needed development time. From a talk with Tania Ganguli at the Los Angeles Times:

    One can only hope, as his star rises, that he’ll continue to throw shade on the record.

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  • Robert Swift, following incarceration and addiction, wants a basketball comeback

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    Former NBA lottery pick Robert Swift is attempting a comeback in pro basketball, which is about the best possible news one could hope for regarding the former Seattle SuperSonics and Oklahoma City Thunder big man.

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    The 7-1 former center, who has battled addiction to opiates and methamphetamines, spent a month in prison following his initial arrest, on a felony charge that was eventually bargained down toward a sentence of served time and a $600 fine.

    Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard, in a typical must-read feature, recently spent some time with Swift as he rehabilitates through the Woo Pro-Am League:

    During the first of his two games on this night, at a fitness club, Swift towers over his teammates, who include former overseas players and a young woman with a deadeye shot. His primary defender is a 6’5″ man whose graying hair and ample gut make him look older than his 43 years. The man does what many might: Fouls the crap out of Swift.

    Until now, Swift hopes.

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