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  • BDL’s 2015-16 NBA Season Previews: Chicago Bulls

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    In the end, everyone just wanted the end to hurry up and get here.

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    The Chicago Bulls sulked through a purgatorial season in 2014-15, never quite catching fire or establishing themselves as a true contender. The hoped-for roadblock in the way of LeBron James’ narrative chasing in Cleveland never materialized, as Chicago plugged its way toward 50 wins but achieved little in the way of consistency or rhythm.

    This mostly had to do with the inability of its mainstays — stars Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, alongside former coach Tom Thibodeau — to find solid footing.

    Thibodeau, in his mind, was cursed with needless minutes restrictions for both his former All-Stars, put in place by the team’s front office (to its discredit, two years too late), and he chirped about the handicap all season. Noah did not recover from the “minor” surgical procedure Chicago’s medical staff credited him for undergoing the previous May, and was an absolute liability offensively for most of the season.

    The season wasn’t without its surprises, however.

    Quite a bit has to go right, however.

    Glaring weakness:

  • Metta World Peace on the modern NBA: 'It's not really a man's game anymore'

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    The NBA is a relatively young league. Ken Burns, Doris Kearns Goodwin and Bob Costas won’t likely be shuffling into any documentaries touting the brilliance of Xavier McDaniel any time soon, and to many that’s what makes the league so appealing. No sepia-tone, here.

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    That doesn’t mean, as one generational shift folds into another, that we won’t hear any instances of old men lamenting the difference between the Old Days and the New Breed. One of those old men, Metta World Peace (all of 35 years old, same as yours truly), couldn’t help but fret at the difference between the league he entered all the way back in the last century, and the league he’s currently attempting to rejoin in 2015.

    From a talk with Eric Pincus from the Los Angeles Times:

    World Peace wasn't quite done.

    The game was pretty awful. Not just because the NBA of 1999-00 was emerging from the previous year’s lockout, and not just because Michael Jordan had left. The game, mostly, was terrible to watch.

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  • Chris Paul fractures a finger, plans to eventually play on

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    Leave it to Chris Paul to make breaking your dang finger seem like no big deal.

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    The Los Angeles Clippers All-Star point guard fractured his left index finger while scrimmaging with teammates on Saturday, knocking him out of his team’s exhibition contest with the Charlotte Hornets. The Clippers lost that game, played in Shenzhen, China, and Paul seems to hardly be bothered with the setback.

    From Dan Woike at the Orange County Register:

    While Paul missed the Clippers game against Charlotte in Shenzhen, China, he’s not expected to miss significant time, according to a team official. In fact, if the Clippers’ game with Charlotte had been a regular season game, Paul possibly would’ve played.

    The injury occurred with Paul driving to the basket, eventually getting hit on the hand.

    Paul hasn’t been ruled out of the Clippers’ game with the Hornets Wednesday in Shanghai.

    Good thing Paul never goes left.

  • BDL’s 2015-16 NBA Season Previews: Sacramento Kings

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    If you can recall a more combustible season from an otherwise anonymous team, at least from the modern era, I’d love to hear it. Anything to get my mind off of the 2014-15 Sacramento Kings.

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    The team itself may have had playoff aspirations entering the season, but those outside Sacramento (figuring that it would take around 49 wins to make the playoffs in the West) would have settled for, at the very worst, competency. This was still a mismatched roster working off of a series of lottery draft pick whiffs, trying to settle on a rotation and a cogent philosophy.

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    Yet again, the Kings were left with a coach that was hired prior to the personnel director, which has never worked in Kings history and rarely works in NBA annals. The owner of the outfit squelched any goodwill he earned for helping keep the Kings in Sacramento by valuing name guys over substantive decision-makers, digging deeper holes for one of the NBA’s saddest franchises along the way.

    The media.

    Can we talk about basketball now?


    Glaring weakness:

  • Gilbert Arenas disputes Caron Butler's re-telling of the Javaris Crittenton gun incident

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    When Caron Butler calmly and adroitly relayed his account of the fight and eventual gun-brandishing staredown between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton from 2009, it seemed like a reasonable and reliable re-telling. Butler refused to make either of his ex-teammates heroes, before lamenting the idea (and eventual fact) that the incident would encourage a teardown of the entire Wizards roster.

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    When Arenas called out Crittenton for owing not only Gilbert but Butler scads of money, Crittenton (according to Arenas) snapped, lashing out at Arenas’ $16.1 million contract while claiming that he had little room to talk when a matter of a few hundred dollars was concerned. He paired those with some angry bouts of rulebook thumping when it came to the decorum behind the game Bouree.

    Arenas, via those deleted Instagrams, detailed the rest to the best of his recollection.

    From here, we await JaVale McGee’s response.

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  • Dwight Howard says he played through a torn MCL and meniscus in the playoffs

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    He’ll take in the usual flak, but Dwight Howard should be applauded for being honest. He worked through the last four games of the 2015 Western Conference finals with a pair of injuries that he should have sat with, staying competitive even as his upstart Houston Rockets fell in five games to the eventual champion Golden State Warriors.

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    Via Garrett Heinrich at CBS Houston, Howard told SportsRadio 610 that a pair of knee injuries limited his effectiveness in the Conference finals:

    “I basically was playing with a torn MCL and meniscus,” Howard said. “I never said anything about it, I tried to cover it up saying it was a sore knee, but I was in pain the rest of the series.”

    Howard said it was about giving it his all for his teammates as to why he played through the injuries.

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    According to a source, team doctors said he did not need offseason surgery because the tears weren't that severe.

  • More alleged details emerge in the reported Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher altercation

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    More alleged – we cannot stress that word enough – details are coming out about the Matt Barnes/Derek Fisher altercation to which Yahoo Sports and the New York Post alerted us Wednesday.

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    The Post reported that Barnes, a Memphis Grizzlies swingman and former teammate of Fisher (now the coach of the New York Knicks), allegedly bragged to a friend via text in the wake of the fight, which occurred late Saturday evening at the home of Barnes’ ex-wife, Gloria Govan:

    Following the dustup, Barnes, 35, texted a pal that he had not only assaulted Fisher, 41, but also took revenge on Govan, one source said.

    “I kicked his ass from the back yard to the front room, and spit in her face,” the text read, according to the source.

    They seriously both said that.


  • BDL's 2015-16 NBA Season Previews: Miami Heat

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    Pat Riley just rolls one big boffo experiment into another – he can’t help it.

    The name (if not “star”)-driven firepower of the 1990s and early aughts Miami Heat bled into a year of almost position-less basketball in Dwyane Wade’s first year, which then allowed Riley to go right back after stars (this guy) names (not stars at the time: Christian Laettner, Antoine Walker, Jason Williams, Gary Payton) to bring in a championship in 2006. This gave both Wade and Riley the capital to clear out and shoot for the moon with LeBron James and Chris Bosh in 2010.

    That trio brought home two titles and four Finals appearances before the top-heavy experiment petered out. Riley, ironically, went in the same oft-criticized direction as the Cavaliers did following LeBron’s move from the Cavaliers in 2010 with his 2014-15 Heat, but that capital (and the presence of three current or former All-Stars) allowed him to elude criticism.

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    "D-Wade here?"

  • An aging Kobe Bryant, for once, doesn't want to be compared to Michael Jordan

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    In a few weeks, Kobe Bryant will become the first NBA guard to play in his 20th season, a remarkable accomplishment for any player, much less one counted on in his prime to act as the league’s best player.

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    The hope, for his rebuilding Lakers, is that in spite of three consecutive season ending injuries (a torn Achilles, followed by a broken kneecap and then torn rotator cuff), Bryant will be refreshed during what could be his last year with the Lakers. He’s played in just a quarter of all potential regular season games over the last two years, that’s got to aid those weary legs, right? And, at 37, he’s even younger than Michael Jordan was when MJ came back to work up two solid enough seasons for the Washington Wizards in 2001!

    Not so fast, Kobe Bean reminds. From a talk with Sam Amick at USA Today:

    (#actually MJ turned 38 eight months before his first game with the Wizards so …)

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  • LeBron James is back to wearing No. 6 in practice, as Miami awaits his return

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    It should have been obvious to all of us. When LeBron James was interviewed on TNT following his Cavalier team’s win over the Miami Heat in 2009, he made a point to tell the national TV audience that he would be changing his number and sport a No. 6 the following season, in deference to Michael Jordan and the No. 23 that Jordan once wore, and that James currently sported.

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    Of course, James joined the Heat some eight months later, and the fact that the Heat had already retired Jordan’s No. 23 in 2003 wasn’t lost on anyone as they looked back to the previous autumn.

    LeBron James wearing #6 in training camp. Which number best suits him? RT - 23 FAV - 6

    … oh no.

    He’s wearing No. 6 again. He’ll be a member of the Heat by summertime.


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