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  • Twitter does not like the Mavericks' new hoops class for women

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 51 mins ago

    The Dallas Mavericks, once again, are offering a promotional class designed to help women learn about the nuances of basketball. Y’know, the sort of knowledge that us boys weren’t allowed to graduate kindergarten without, apparently.

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    The tweet announcing the “program” (?) is as gnarly as you’d expect:

    Hey girl, hey, come to #NBA101 9/13! Mavs players, dinner & bball all filled in 1 night!

    — Dallas Mavericks (@dallasmavs) August 31, 2016

    Hey, girl. Hey. Take off your headphones and let’s patronize it up, #MFFL-style!

    From the team’s description of the event:

    NBA 101 for women is an annual event hosted by Mavs players, coaches and staff. It’s an opportunity for women to learn and understand the fundamentals of basketball in a fun, light and interactive atmosphere.


  • Serge Ibaka didn't ask to be traded, but he welcomes the deal to Orlando

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    In 2015-16, for the fifth straight season, forward Serge Ibaka started each of the games he played in for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The same held over for his fifth straight postseason last spring, as Ibaka’s rebounding, shot-blocking, finishing and sometimes floor-spacing talents had been an OKC mainstay since the team vaulted into championship contention during Ibaka’s second season in the NBA, way back in 2010-11.

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    The “had been” qualifier has been in place since late June, when Ibaka was semi-shockingly traded from the Thunder to the Orlando Magic in a deal that sent Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and lottery selection Domantas Sabonis back to the Thunder. Ibaka’s name had been mentioned in trade rumors dating all the way back to before February’s trade deadline, but it still was a major surprise to see both sides follow through on sending one of the great players in OKC’s short history to another team.

    Playing in the NBA was my dream, and I’d be happy playing anywhere .

    And what a weird season it will be.

    Not strange. Weird.

    We’re looking forward to the turnaround.

  • Dwight Howard is shooting 19-footers to better his free throws (Video)

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 1 day ago

    Dwight Howard hit a career-low 48.9 percent from the free throw line in 2015-16, a pretty significant mill milestone for someone who entered the league in 2004, and someone whose free throw work has been endlessly scrutinized for over a decade.

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    Howard, then working for the Houston Rockets, was also a repeated target of the ‘Hack-a-Shaq’ defensive philosophy, fouled purposely throughout contests in order to send his sub-standard stroke to the charity stripe in hopes for a pair of clangs. Though the NBA put in some rule changes regarding that strategy over the offseason, this strategy figures to sustain in 2016-17 when Howard suits up for his hometown Atlanta Hawks.

    Dwight Howard working on his muscle memory shooting from 19ft. This leads to confidence at the free throw line???? #NBA

    … every bit of shooting practice helps.

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  • Former preps-to-pros star Eddy Curry regrets skipping college

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    Eddy Curry was basketball-famous when he was 16, he was a franchise cornerstone of one of the NBA’s marquee teams when he was 18, and an NBA washout by 25. Drafted directly out of high school to his hometown Chicago Bulls in 2001, Curry showed flashes of All-Star promise at times during his too-brief career, but his role as an everyday player was just about done by 2008, as he played just 26 games between 2007-08 and his last stint with the NBA in 2012.

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    Chaos and off-the-court woes followed Curry from his peak as a pro in late 2004-05 until the end of his run, with a since-dismissed sexual harassment suit, the frightening murder of the mother of one of his seven children, and all manner of on-court frustration regarding his underachieving play in the pivot for (mostly) Chicago and New York.

    From Suzanne Baker at the Naperville Times:

    “It would be super dope to have a college diploma,” Curry said.


    Could college have changed any of this?

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  • John Salley advocates marijuana use for pro athletes (Video)

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 2 days ago

    Former NBA big man and current radio host and “wellness advocate” John Salley is really, really into getting you to put good things in your body.

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    His personal website, Twitter and Instagram accounts are replete with suggestions about how to live the good, healthy life. Salley, a vegetarian and four-time NBA champion, also promotes a “Vegan Vine” brand of wine and a “Vegetarian Starter’s Kit” for those looking to make the jump into a meatless existence and, presumably, a more salubrious lifestyle.

    Until the laws do change universally, however, there is always that glass of Vegan Vine to behold. It goes marvelously with that mushroom risotto room service just sent up.

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  • John Wall isn't 'watching' the money Bradley Beal and James Harden make

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    NBA players have always chafed at either perceived or legitimate inequalities in yearly payroll. The only ways in which an NBA veteran can be anything less than well off is to become the victim of massive theft, or to carelessly mishandle one’s savings; yet that doesn’t stop those making seven or eight figures yearly from glancing sideways at former friends, teammates, or even some of the league’s most beloved (and well-heeled) superstars.

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    This brand of griping, however, has toned down a bit since the signing of the 1995 and 1999 league Collective Bargaining Agreements. With that in place, the recent massive uptick in salary cap room due to the league’s new national television deal could and probably should be causing quite a bit of intrigue, as those that signed giant contracts prior to the $24 million rise in cap space have good reason to curse their timing.

    And, perhaps, any teammate that signed a new deal during the 2016 offseason.

    “If I do what John Wall is supposed to do and the Washington Wizards win, I will make my money down the road.”

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  • Presidential candidate Donald Trump politicizes Dwyane Wade's loss

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 4 days ago

    Ball Don’t Lie’s Eric Freeman recently relayed the sad news about Nykea Aldridge, a mother of four who was shot and killed outside the Parkway Garden Homes on Chicago’s South Side on Friday. Aldridge, who is the cousin of Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade, was apparently an innocent bystander caught in the middle of a gunfight.

    The NBA community, including Wade, reacted in measured tones about the murder:

    My cousin was killed today in Chicago. Another act of senseless gun violence. 4 kids lost their mom for NO REASON. Unreal. #EnoughIsEnough

    — DWade (@DwyaneWade) August 27, 2016

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, however, waited an entire day to politicize the tragedy as a sort of stump speech-cum-declaration on Saturday morning:

    Trump, hours after originally posting it, deleted the original tweet. Not to change the content of his character tone, but the spelling of Wade’s first name:

    Chicago murder:

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  • Jim Boeheim calls a championship run for Carmelo Anthony 'unlikely'

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    Wes Unseld was 32 when he won his first NBA championship, as was Oscar Robertson. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were 31, 32 and (about to turn) 33 when they won their first title. Dirk Nowitzki was a week away from turning 33 when he won his first ring. Clyde Drexler was a week away from turning 33 when he won his. David Robinson, who recently warned the Golden State Warriors to enjoy what they have (before they’ve taken in a title with Kevin Durant) was a few months away from turning 34. Jerry West had just turned 34 when he won his.

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    As such, the idea is that Carmelo Anthony, already past his prime, will never win an NBA title because … y’know, Knicks .

    Anthony’s one-year NCAA coach, Syracuse talker Jim Boeheim, is already just about writing off Carmelo’s chances at an NBA championship. Not because his one-year unpaid star has done anything wrong with his career, but because his series of NBA general managers has failed ‘Melo.

  • After falling in Olympic play, Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic is A-OK

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 8 days ago

    Luckily for all involved, the 2016 Olympics passed without any major injuries in the Men’s Basketball realm. There will be a bit of fatigue – San Antonio Spurs fans were no doubt fretting over every bead of sweat Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and especially Pau Gasol dropped mid-August – but once again returning NBA players managed to escape the Olympic turn without a significant malady.

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    The streak of good luck seemed to run out early on the Olympiad’s final day on Sunday, though, when Team Spain’s Nikola Mirotic went crashing to the floor following an entanglement during his team’s (infamous) bronze medal win over Australia. The Chicago Bulls forward stayed behind in the play while crutching his right knee in pain on the floor for several minutes after a collision, leading some to fear that he had torn ligaments in that knee in the penultimate game of the 2016 tournament after working unscathed through seven prior contests.

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  • The Lakers and the NBA are taking another chance on Yi Jianlian

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    After a few frustrating free agent chase-downs with Kobe Bryant around, and a 2016 offseason without Bryant on board, the Los Angeles Lakers have mostly committed to the idea of a full-on rebuilding project. New, “rookie” head coach Luke Walton is the team’s biggest free agent signing, there won’t be any agent-favoring vet acquisitions like Carlos Boozer and Roy Hibbert to help fill out the roster, and the team seems fully bent on working with the young prospects it has alongside the 2017 NBA draft pick it will hopefully get to keep next spring.

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    On Monday, the Lakers made what was long suspected official. They signed Yi:

    Inking the deal ✍

    — Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) August 22, 2016

    … and touted some modest goals for the forward:

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