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  • Byron Scott still rues not playing his Laker veterans more

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    When NBA coaches remind the press that they “never read what you people write” or that they don’t pay attention to that “stuff,” meaning “rumors,” it’s often hard to believe them. Yes, there is a lot of game tape to break down and meetings to attend, but don’t they at least have some passing interest in what’s happening around the league, and how its participants view their team?

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    With deposed former Laker coach Byron Scott, though, we kind of believe the guy.

    (Though, since moving back to Los Angeles, he must have changed his habits.)

    “If I knew this was coming, I would have played Lou [Williams], Brandon [Bass] and guys like that a whole lot more,” Scott said, referring to his veterans in an interview with this newspaper. “They gave me the best chance to win.”


    This is all very nutty.

    Still, bashing on Byron Scott is easy; we’ve done it as much as anyone else, so we should know.

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  • Steve Kerr says Stephen Curry will not play in Game 3

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    Steve Kerr confirmed on Friday what most already assumed: Stephen Curry will not return early from his sprained right knee, and not play against the Trail Blazers in Game 3 on Saturday.

    From a talk with the Dan Patrick Show, here's Kerr's breakdown:

    "So, game 3 tomorrow , he’s not going to play. He’s getting better every day, but until he’s out on the floor with our team and scrimmaging and we’re seeing him move, and the trainers say it’s a go, we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing. But no way tomorrow , and I would say maybe a slight chance on Monday if he gets great work in the next few days."

    And the full clip of Kerr's explanation:

    The Portland Trail Blazers will attempt to come out red hot and rollin’ against the Golden State Warriors in Saturday’s Game 3, hoping to avenge a pair of double-digit losses to begin the Western Conference semis while holding ground on their home court. Curry's absence at least gives the team a fighting chance.

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  • With his Knicks still coach-less, Phil Jackson takes to the road

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    It probably isn’t the nicest thing to mock the NBA’s oldest team personnel chief behind his back while he ambles his way through nearly the whole of the continental U.S. while driving his brother back to his house in Idaho.

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    Then again, New York Knicks president Phil Jackson isn’t exactly out of the loop, either. He’s out of more loops than Knick fans would probably find ideal, but the man is definitely plugged in. Why else would Jackson, who will turn 71 in September, be tweeting out snapshots of his trip from upstate New York to his brother’s place in Idaho?

    There was this surprise of a gem, though we can’t tell if Phil (used to living on the coasts) was being a little elitist facetious …

    Always amazed where one finds good thai.#Sioux City

    And this shot of him outside of the mark that saw Crazy Horse fall in Nebraska:


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  • Frank Vogel is out, and the Indiana Pacers are gone till November

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    What came out of nowhere earlier in the week, by Thursday morning, had become expected by the time Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird approached the podium in Indianapolis.

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    Pacers coach Frank Vogel, the team’s head coach since the 2010-11 season, is out. The move technically is not a firing, as Bird was quick to let the assembled media know:

    Larry Bird: "Frank’s not getting fired, his contract is up and I just made the decision not to renew it."

    Vogel led the Pacers to a 45-37 record in 2016, a playoff berth after a (mostly Paul George-less) season spent missing the postseason the year before, and he assembled a 250-181 record in his time with the Pacers. The Indiana gig was his first shot as an NBA head coach after eight years spent as an assistant. Vogel’s first NBA job saw him act as video coordinator for the Boston Celtics under former fellow Kentucky Wildcat Rick Pitino.

    It was that stagnant offense that did Vogel and his team in.

    Bird, clearly, isn’t blinking in moving on:

    The trick here is figuring out where the fault lies.

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  • BDL's 2015-16 NBA Playoff Previews: Toronto Raptors vs. Miami Heat

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    How They Got Here

    • Toronto : By not making it easy.

    As if they wanted to beat us to the bad punchline, Toronto dropped a home matinee Game 1 for the third postseason in a row. The team had just peeled off a franchise-record 56 wins, and no NBA team plays more home weekend matinees than these same Raptors, but none of this seems to matter once the klieg lights hit.

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    The group rallied to take two games on the road in Indianapolis, but nearly squandered Game 7 at home – allowing a thin Pacer squad to make the deciding contest a one-possession game in the final minute. Though coach Dwane Casey did well to prime his rotation with plenty of opportunities, he was left reliant on tired “us against the world, boys”-motivation techniques despite entering the series with a No. 2 seed in the face of a team that needed until the last weekend of the regular season to make the playoffs.

    • Miami : By, well, not making it easy.

    Head to Head: Toronto took the season series by a 3-1 margin.

    Likely Starting Lineups:

  • Toronto hangs on, takes Game 7, moves to the Eastern semifinals

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    The Raptors just couldn’t let anyone breathe easy. It wouldn’t be their style.

    Toronto managed to make the second round of the playoffs on Sunday night, edging out the Indiana Pacers in a too-close Game 7 at home, taking the deciding game of the series with an 89-84 score. The Raptors led by as many as 18 points but watched as Indiana dropped the score down to just three in the final minute.

    It was all very Raptor-y.

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    This marks the first time the team has made the Eastern Conference semis since 2001, just the second time overall in franchise history. That turn was marked by Vince Carter, Antonio Davis and Alvin Williams playing significant roles. This one came on the heels of swingman DeMar DeRozan finally finding his stride at the exact right time.

    In the interim, the Raptors acted timely. For once.

    For one night, though, this will do. The Toronto Raptors have made it out of the first round of the playoffs. Roll over Morris Peterson, tell Jerome Williams the news.

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  • Three Things to Watch in Game 7: Toronto and Indiana Edition

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    The Toronto Raptors will attempt to stave off embarrassment, for the third postseason in a row, while the Indiana Pacers will try to keep irrelevance at arm’s length as both teams work to make it into the second round via a Game 7 performance on Sunday night. With the stakes in place, we decided to dive into three basketball rings that could make a difference.

    1. Kyle Lowry

    We’re all aware that DeMar DeRozan is taking 17.7 shots on his way toward 15.8 points per game in the playoffs. We know that Toronto center Jonas Valanciunas has been alternately dominant and dormant based mostly around whether or not the Pacers decide to call out their switches. We get that Norman Powell is a rookie and that, apparently via the terms of his contract, Terrence Ross is not allowed to play basketball in April.

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    Any little bit helps. Kyle Lowry, in a Raptor career full of looking over his shoulder (more on that later) should know as much.

    2. The Pine

    Indiana’s bench in Game 6? It wasn’t bad!

    3. History

    It’s stupid, but this is where we are. And the Raptors have only themselves to blame.

  • Three Things to Watch in Game 7: Miami and Charlotte Edition

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    The Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets have streaked to a series-deciding Game 7, set to tip at 1 ET on Sunday afternoon. Both teams have second-round merits, but as is always the case with these sorts of close calls, the slightest edge could make the difference in sending one team home for the summer. We summarized three edge-creating options in the hours before Game 7:

    1. Free throw attempts

    The Hornets average 28 freebie attempts per game, which is certainly not an outsized amount and not all that more than Miami’s run of 21.3 a game. The Heat, though, are chaffing at the fact that reserve Charlotte guard Jeremy Lin has taken 38 in the series and that Kemba Walker (at 33 through six games) isn’t far behind. Dwyane Wade, the man who once shot 22 free throws in a pivotal NBA Finals game, has taken just as many in the playoffs thus far.

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    2. Big to start, big to finish

    How each coach juggles these sorts of tall options could decide the fate of what has unexpectedly become the most entertaining series of the first round.

    3. Three-point shooting

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  • Indiana extends its season with a win, forces a Game 7 in Toronto

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    INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Pacers, yet again, have proven that that they’re not exactly keen on playing from ahead Friday evening. The East’s No. 7 seed came back from 12 down in the first quarter to top the Toronto Raptors in what turned into a 19-point blowout win, taking Game 6 by a 101-83 score and sending the first round series back to Ontario for a deciding Game 7 on Sunday.

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    Indiana had to work to extend its season, shortening its rotation and playing its stars extended minutes with its figurative backs against the wall. No, Paul George didn’t have to play all 48 minutes in the win as he offered, but he did play every second of the first and third quarters and was well on his way toward a full allotment of fourth quarter ticks before being removed with just under three minutes left in the game with his team up 28 points.

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  • Stan Van Gundy says Andre Drummond might try underhand free throws

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    Andre Drummond misses a lot of his free throws. He missed 65 percent of them during the regular season, he’s missed 62 percent on his career, and most importantly nearly 68 percent of them during his first playoff outing this spring.

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    That outing ended with Drummond’s Detroit Pistons being swept from the playoff by the top-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers. That result was hardly an upset on one form of paper, but to those familiar with another piece of ply it was a bit of a surprise to see the Pistons team that took three of four regular season games from Cleveland in 2015-16 fail to secure a single win.

    Part of that lack of execution was due to the fact that Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy had to sit Drummond for certain fourth quarter stages so as to avoid intentional fouls that would put his All-Star center at the free throw line. In exit interviews with the team and local press, Van Gundy and general manager Jeff Bower discussed the chance that Drummond might learn to shoot free throws underhand for 2016-17.


    “That’s all I can say right now.”

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