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  • Draymond Green will not be suspended for Game 4, following kick

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    Following his altercation with Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams on Sunday night, Golden State Warriors All-Star Draymond Green will not be suspended for Game 4 of his team’s Western Conference finals contest with the Thunder.

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    The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to report the news:

    The NBA will not suspend Golden State's Draymond Green for Game 4, league sources tell @TheVertical.

    Green’s flagrant foul will be upgraded to a ‘Flagrant 2’ foul, upon review.

    The decision will leave many league observers curious as to why Cleveland’s Dahntay Jones was suspended for a similar (some would say, “identical”) infraction on Sunday, while a clear star and series-shifter in Green was allowed to play another day.

    Toss in Green’s continued protestations of innocence and, well, this tweet …


    … and you may have a player that presented a solid enough defense.

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  • Oklahoma City dominates Golden State in OKC, takes 2-1 series lead

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    The Oklahoma City Thunder are formidable, potent and rife with potential. And in the span of six days they’ve taken two games over the course of six days from a team that needed 64 days to register its second regular-season loss.

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    OKC downed Golden State, a team that finished the regular season with a 73-9 record, 133-105 on Sunday evening. The Thunder took Game 3 of the Western Conference finals, earning a 2-1 series lead and pushing the Warriors to its third 2-1 postseason deficit in two years. The Thunder rallied from Draymond Green’s latest incident with Oklahoma City center Steven Adams to finish the second half on a 22-5 run and 67-38 splurge spread out over 18 minutes to send Golden State back to the drawing board for the second time in a week.

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  • Draymond Green clocks Steven Adams in the groin. Again. (Video)

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    The Oklahoma City Thunder were well on the way to a 2-1 Western Conference finals lead over the Golden State Warriors, but Thunder center Steven Adams is not having the best week of his life.

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    Six days after being wrung to the floor by Festus Ezili in Game 1 and four days after being nailed in the groin by a knee from Draymond Green in Game 2, Adams was clocked yet again in that area by Green as the Warriors power forward went up for a shot in the second quarter of Sunday evening’s Game 3. As you can see above, Adams was called for a shooting foul on the play, though Green’s follow-through move earned Draymond a flagrant foul.

    Reaction following the game was, as you'd expect, mixed:

    Steven Adams on Draymond Green kick: "It happened before, mate. He's pretty accurate."

    Westbrook on Draymond's kick: "Honestly I think it's intentional. That's two times in the last two games."

    Draymond on the kick: "I don't see any possible way that someone could think that was intentional."

    And, well, the jokes just tell themselves at this point:

  • David Blatt: Get along with your star, or else 'you’re going to be in trouble'

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    The Cleveland Cavaliers lost on Saturday night, running head coach Tyronn Lue’s all-time postseason coaching record to an unacceptable 10-1. The Cavs are in no danger of being unseated by the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference finals, a score of injuries couldn’t even deny them a trip to Finals last season, and Cleveland is playing its best ball since LeBron James returned to the team in 2014.

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    The team wasn’t playing all that bad a brand of ball when former head coach David Blatt was fired last winter. Blatt had the team at 30-11 when he was let go, but the gaudy win totals almost felt like fool’s gold. He never seemed to be on the same page as LeBron, his back and forth with his players felt a little forced, and the team showed little of the on-court chemistry that marked the team’s undefeated first month of the 2016 postseason.

    He also talked about the difference between coaching in Europe and coaching in the NBA.

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  • Bo Kimble, fearful of Chris Bosh's health, wants Bosh to hang it up

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    Bo Kimble has firsthand knowledge regarding how horrifying it can be to watch a teammate and friend risk his life to compete in a relatively pointless basketball game.

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    Kimble’s Loyola Marymount teammate Hank Gathers fell to the floor after suffering a massive heart attack during a game against the Portland Pilots in 1990, passing away at the age of 23. The star forward was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat just four months before, after collapsing to the court in another game, but had lowered his dosage of heart medication after complaining that it was adversely affecting his game. Gathers was the NCAA’s leading points per game scorer at the time of his death.

    "There are so many other things he could do with his life. Hank Gathers had the same thing, Hank could have been a comedian, and actor or did speaking engagements. It’s not worth the risk. I would just say absolutely not, don’t do it."


    We also spoke to Hank's brother Derrick who echoed Kimble's sentiments.

    The tests took about an hour to complete.

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  • Report: Frank Vogel is the new head coach of the Orlando Magic

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    The newest Orlando Magic regime has made its third head coaching choice in its attempts to swim back to relevance in the post-Dwight Howard era.

    Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel was the first to report on Thursday that the team will hire Frank Vogel as its new head coach.

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    The former Indiana Pacers coach will replace Scott Skiles, who was a surprise hire in 2015 and an even more surprising resign’er earlier this month.

    Vogel, who ran the Pacers from 2011 until the team’s first round exit last month, was also a surprise fire in the wake of what was a return to form for Indiana this season.

    The personnel helped, to be sure, but Vogel certainly knows defense.

    A week later, Scott Skiles resigned as Magic coach.

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  • Dwight Howard on his reduced role in Houston: 'Why am I here?'

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    There is a reason Dwight Howard is on an image rehabilitation tour. Since turning in a (shoulda been) MVP season for the ages in 2010-11, he has rightfully been treated as the NBA’s top laughingstock that, in review, ain’t all that funny. The NBA’s owner-induced player lockout in 2011 was followed by a petulant and insincere turn from Howard in Orlando during 2011-12, then a wasted season with the Los Angeles Lakers, wrapping up with three disappointing seasons with the Houston Rockets.

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    He’s sorry, for whatever misdeeds (perceived or real) you want to attach to him. And none of the last half-decade was his fault. He has genuine and defensible points on both fronts.

    ESPN: So why did you decide you wanted to be traded?

    Three months later, Dwight Howard waived his early termination option, something no other NBA player has ever done in writing and at a news conference, stating that he wanted to stay with the franchise through 2012-13:

  • Steve Kerr defends the referees, as his Warriors plot for Game 2

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    Steve Kerr understands what most people that have routinely watched NBA games from 30 feet away from the rim know as fact – it is nigh on impossible to turn in an A+ grade when it comes to calling NBA games.

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    That doesn’t take away from the sting of Kerr’s Golden State Warriors losing Game 1 of the Western Conference finals to Oklahoma City, nothing will, and it certainly doesn’t excuse three different referees missing a traveling violation from Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

    Still, it was Kerr’s Warriors that were down three points when Russell traveled late in Game 1 – that’s not the fault of the referees – and Kerr knows that the whistle could have just as easily been swallowed had Stephen Curry made the same foot-swipe in a similar situation.

    Or Mike, Kane and Ed, for that matter.

  • Dikembe Mutombo saw the future, as Philly takes the No. 1 draft pick

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    Dikembe Mutombo knew that the fix was in, and that the Philadelphia 76ers’ tank had gone golden. Some 3 1/2 hours before Tuesday night’s NBA draft lottery, Dikembe tweeted this:

    … the tweet has since been deleted, but that hardly takes away from Philadelphia’s accomplishments. For the third season in a row the team was designed to lose as many games as possible, only to fall short in the 2014 and 2015 NBA lotteries. This year, working with the worst record but only 25 percent odds at grabbing the first pick, the team ping-pong ball’d its way to glory on Tuesday night, and Mutombo was the first to extend to the team’s fans a laurel and hearty handshake.

    Following the delete, Dikembe attempted to play coy, but we know what's up:

    Sorry, guys.Got excited about the @sixers odds and got ahead of myself.Still keeping my fingers crossed for tonight.

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  • Toronto mayor John Tory didn't like the Raptors being called 'Other'

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    So here’s a silly one

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    Websites, dating back to the late 1990s, love to put up polls. It’s a good way to engage with readers, to gauge their interests and/or opinions, and yeah also a swell way to ramp up pageviews. They’re usually a harmless afterthought, but to the readers they often tend to mean quite a bit.

    Our pals at decided to publish a poll over the weekend asking potential participants to lend their picks for the eventual NBA champion: Golden State, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, or “Other.” Raptor fans and eventually Toronto mayor John Tory (who, shockingly, is a member of the Tory Party) did not enjoy the website’s perceived slight of their hometown Raptors, who have made their first Eastern finals.

    Half-mockingly (we’re totally, totally sure), here is the letter Tory sent to CBSSports:

    Here, via J.E. Skeets, is a screenshot of the original poll:

    Well, see, here, um … we gots a problem.

    This is perhaps the best reason to tune into the first game of the Nobody Likes Us and Everyone’s Mean Series on Tuesday night.