Jim Weber

  • Ranking Roger Goodell’s greatest draft hugs

    Jim Weber at Shutdown Corner1 yr ago

    LostLettermen.com is a college football and men’s basketball website that regularly contributes to Shutdown Corner. Today, it looks at the best bro hugs NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has given at the NFL draft.

    The hugs that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hands out to first round draft picks who emerge from the green room each year has become one of the best parts of the otherwise stuffy event.

    After taking over for Paul Tagliabue as league commissioner in 2006, Goodell initially greeted draft picks like his predecessor with standard firm handshakes. That all changed when former Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy blew by Goodell’s handshake for a massive bear-hug after in the 2010 draft to the delight of everyone watching at Radio City Music Hall and at home.

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