Jeff Passan

  • It’s becoming the abnormal norm: How the Royals celebrate a typical victory

    Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports8 hrs ago

    SAN FRANCISCO – The Winning Light is a sad little thing, a shadeless 60-watt bulb attached to the simple sort of lamp base familiar to anyone who took eighth-grade shop. It accompanies the Kansas City Royals on every road trip and glows only after victories. The light is the Royals’ beacon. When illuminated, it calls for chaos.

    In the case of Friday night, that meant two cans of Silly String emptied straight to the grill of Jeremy Guthrie, one for each side of the duality that defines these Royals. For all of the composure and maturity that belies age, experience and the other factors that are supposed to matter this time of year, they’re mostly just a bunch of kids who want to blast each other in the face with 1,000 feet of aerosolized fluorocarbon.

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