Jeff Eisenberg

  • Louisville's latest jerseys are another big Adidas miss

    Jeff Eisenberg at The Dagger6 days ago

    When Under Armour outfitted South Florida in outlandish board-shorts style jerseys during the 2013 Big East tournament, the look didn't generate much buzz since the low-profile Bulls only wore them one day before getting eliminated. 

    Little did anyone realize the cheap board shorts look would return 18 months later on a vastly more high-profile team.

    Photos of Louisville's new Adidas jerseys p, and the look features a similar thick stripe across the shorts as the uniforms South Florida wore. The shorts are bad enough that one clever Cardinals fan astutely compared them to " swimming trunks you buy at an out-of-town Target when you forget the hotel has a pool."

    Bad as the shorts are — and they're awful — they're not the worst jersey Adidas has dumped on Louisville in recent years. 

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  • Louisville newspaper depicts John Calipari as a crying baby

    Jeff Eisenberg at The Dagger12 days ago

    Any Kentucky fans who turned to the front of the Louisville Courier-Journal sports page Friday morning likely weren't pleased with what they saw.

    The photo illustration that ran alongside an otherwise fair column by Tim Sullivan looked like something a Louisville fan would have posted to a Cardinals messageboard.

    Since Sullivan's piece focused on the perceived advantages of coaching USA Basketball and the tendency of coaches to complain when a competitor gains even the slightest edge, someone at the newspaper chose to accompany it with a photoshopped picture of John Calipari's face atop a baby's body. Yes, the image of Calipari in diapers is pretty hilarious. However, it's also a terrible decision from a journalistic or business standpoint. 

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