Jay Hart

  • Best … strike-three call … ever

    Jay Hart at Big League Stew6 mths ago

    Everyone should have a signature "strike-three" call. Seriously. If you didn't know that, get one, cuz you need one.

    Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) had the moonwalk, which was hilarious. Me, I was always partial to the straight-up punchout.

    That is, until seeing this, courtesy of ex-A, ex-St. Louis Cardinal Mark Mulder, via his old teammate in Oakland Bobby Crosby:

    Mulder says Crosby's brother, who is a scout in northern California, took the video. Other than that, the details are thin. But does it really matter?

    Aww yeah, Tag Team back again.

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  • LeBron James is on fire in Miami Heat photo shoot

    Jay Hart at Ball Don't Lie6 mths ago

    So check this out: LeBron James working out in the "heat." Get it?

    He wasn't the only one in what turns out not to be a remake of Backdraft but rather a Miami Heat photo shoot. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh both went up in smoke, while Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen and Shane Battier – otherwise known as the "thanks for the free ring(s)" gang – looked all tough while, well, trying to look tough.

    There's even a sneak-peak at some new uniform looks, though the photos were clearly taken with an iPhone 3, or maybe Jerry Jones' flip phone.

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