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  • Mayweather-Pacquiao secondary ticket market predictably insane

    Jay Hart at The Turnstile 4 days ago

    See that photo right there. That's the view of the Mayweather-Pacquaio fight $16,100 will get you.

    That's for one ticket mind you, so if you're bringing someone else, double it.

    Which comes in at a bargain in comparison to a ringside seat, which will cost you a cool $141,575.25 on StubHub. Don't be short the 25 cents.

    (I can think of at least one person crazy enough to spend $141K for a single ticket, only problem is he'll be inside the ring that night.)

    A full nine days before the megafight is to be staged at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and tickets finally went on sale to the public Thursday. About 500 of them.

    That many!

    I tried to get them. No luck. But 200 or so were available on secondary sites. Face value for the cheapest was $1,500. What you'll have to pay: $6,177 on SeatGeek. Here's the view:

    Now, these are asking prices. Not necessarily selling prices.

    Expect to hear a lot of that.

    That's what I figured on doing, anyway.

    Yay boxing!

  • Adviser: Patriots structured Aaron Hernandez's contract around troubled past

    Jay Hart at Shutdown Corner 10 days ago

    When the New England Patriots drafted Aaron Hernandez in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL draft, they knew they were taking a gamble.

    Hernandez's troubled past wasn't a complete mystery. He'd failed a drug test (or tests) at the University of Florida, and there were rumors about a thug life. So when the Patriots signed him to his rookie contract, the deal was structured so that "75 percent of the money in the contract set up so that he would only make it if he stayed out of trouble, didn’t miss meetings, was always there doing the right thing," according to an MMQB interview with Floyd Reese, a senior adviser with the team at the time Hernandez was drafted.

    "And for the period of the original contract, he lived up to every bit of it. So it turned out well," Reese told MMQB. "Of course, after that, after he signed [his $40 million contract extension], things kind of went awry."

    After he signed the $40 million contract extension?

    Hernandez is actually accused of killing two people in a drive-by shooting that occurred a month before the Patriots signed him to that $40 million contract extension.

    Kind of went awry?

  • Britt McHenry vs. Advanced Towing: Which side are you on?

    Jay Hart at The Turnstile 11 days ago

    So by now you may have heard about/seen the Britt McHenry video where the ESPN reporter berates a tow truck company employee.

    On the video, which you can see below, McHenry says some brutal stuff, like insulting the woman's weight, lack of education, number of teeth … pretty low-brow and not all that clever stuff from someone bragging about her "brain."

    (Warning: obscene language in video below)

    Apparently this isn't the first time she's shared a high opinion of herself while beating someone else up verbally.

    Anyway, McHenry issued an apology and, as is its M.O., ESPN suspended her for a week, whatever that means.

    But here's the thing: Did the tow truck company sort of deserve a takedown, albeit one with a lot less entitlement and a little more, shall we say, creativity than the one McHenry offered up?

    [Vote: Britt McHenry vs. Advanced Towing]

    "They towed my car one minute after Golds Gym closed," one person wrote on Yelp in March.

  • Tiger Woods says bone 'popped out' after injury at Masters

    Jay Hart at Devil Ball Golf 15 days ago

    Tiger Woods injured his right wrist on the ninth hole at Augusta National on Sunday of the Masters after his club clipped a root while hitting a shot out of the pine straw.

    Apparently, that injury required Woods to play doctor on course. Afterwards, Woods had a quite graphic explanation about what happened: "A bone kind of popped out and a joint kind of went out of place, but I put it back in."

    "Really?" asked CBS's Bill Macatee.

    "Yeah," Tiger said nonchalantly.

    Woods managed to make par on the hole, but grabbed the ball out of the cup and tipped his cap with his left hand. As he made his way toward the 10th tee, a fan reached out for a fist bump, which Woods reciprocated with his off hand.

    Woods winced again after hitting his tee shot on No. 10 – his first swing after the approach shot on No. 9. He wound up bogeying the 10th to move him back to 4-under in the Masters.

    When asked how it felt, Woods said "it's sore. I'm not going to be lifting any weights for a little bit."

    Woods, who finished at 5-under for the tournament, said he was happy with his game, but would not be playing again "for a while."

  • No more perfect NCAA tournament brackets left

    Jay Hart at The Dagger 1 mth ago

    Millions of brackets filled out, and not a single one in Yahoo Sports' Tourney Pick'em game made it out of the first round unscathed.

    Of those millions, CharlieM's Choice Bracket and My Impressive Bracket were the last two standing. Until Iowa – Game 27 of the tournament – took them out by beating Davidson 83-52.

    Last year, one bracket made it through Round 1 (yeah, we're calling it Round 1) perfect. In fact, Brad Binder went 36-for-36 before getting tripped up.

    The biggest bracket buster this year – UAB, the 14-seed in the South Region, which knocked off Iowa State early Thursday. A full 96 percent of Yahoo users picked Iowa St. to advance.

    Even after two more upsets, including another victory by a 14-seed (Georgia St.), a little over 2,600 perfect brackets remained. But by the end of Day 1 (and after another semi-upset, No. 10 Ohio St. over No. 7 VCU), the number of perfect brackets was down to 65.

  • NCAA tournament: Millions of brackets busted in less than five hours

    Jay Hart at The Dagger 1 mth ago

    The 2015 NCAA tournament kicked off at 12:15 p.m. ET, with millions of perfect brackets. By 5:20, just 2,643 remained in Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'em game.

    It all started with UAB, the 14 seed in the South Region, stunning No. 3 seeded Iowa St. That wiped out 96 percent of Yahoo Sports brackets, 16 percent of which had ISU going all the way to the Final Four.

    About an hour later, 14th-seeded Georgia St. and their jumping-bean coach sent third-seeded Baylor packing with a 3-pointer R.J. Hunter will never forget. Ninety-three percent of Yahoo users had Baylor advancing to the second round, and with that just 10,637 perfect brackets remained.

    And by Friday afternoon, the number was down to just 2 (though one of those is incomplete).


  • Bad 24 hours for Aaron Hernandez as prosecution narrows in on missing murder weapon

    Jay Hart at Yahoo Sports 2 mths ago

    Where there had been a gun before, there was no longer a gun.

    Video footage showing Shayanna Jenkins leaving her and Aaron Hernandez's home clutching a black plastic bag.

    Paying housekeepers with a check, not cash.

    For most of the nearly four weeks of the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez, prosecutor William McCauley has presented the jury with a litany of seemingly inconsequential testimony. Jurors have learned that Attleboro is south of North Attleboro, that Comfort Suites is a hotel, that video showing a police officer ringing a door bell was, in fact, a police officer ringing a door bell.

    However, the last 24 hours have been damning for the defense of the former New England Patriots star, as McCauley has used testimony of three housekeepers to strengthen his contention that on June 18, 2013, the day after Odin Lloyd was found dead, Shayanna Jenkins removed from their basement the weapon her fiancé used to murder Lloyd.

    Monday, two housekeepers testified that on multiple occasions they'd discovered a gun hidden under a guest bedroom mattress in Hernandez's basement. Marilia Prinholato described the gun as about 30 to 40 centimeters long.

  • Newlywed Joey Logano inserts foot in mouth at Daytona 500 champion's press conference

    Jay Hart at From The Marbles 2 mths ago

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Chalk this one up to a guy who's been married for about two months.

    Joey Logano, about an hour removed from winning the Daytona 500, is sitting on the dais inside the media center at Daytona International Speedway.

    Standing some 20 feet to his left is his wife Brittany, whom he married back in December.

    On his left hand, his wedding band. On his right, a giant ring he'd just received for winning the Great American Race.

    Now let's go to the Q&A:

    Question: Given your track record with rings, what are you going to do with that one (the Daytona ring)?

    (Logano lost his wedding ring on his honeymoon when he flipped his kayak in Costa Rica.)

    Still, a veteran in the marriage world would have swatted this softball over the fence.

    I'll keep it somewhere safe …

    I'll wear it tonight, but really, I already have the most important ring right here …

    It's special, but it's not as special as this one …

    Here's how Logano handled it:

    "This one is harder to replace, I think."

    (Audience groans)

    "Well, I take that back. I screwed up, didn't I?"


    "Insert foot here," crew chief Todd Gordon said.

    Just a symbol! Just a symbol!

  • How Jeff Gordon became the face of NASCAR

    Jay Hart at Yahoo Sports 2 mths ago

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A year after Jeff Gordon won the inaugural Brickyard 400, NASCAR's first foray at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Dale Earnhardt Sr. was making the talk show rounds celebrating his own victory there in 1995.

    Sitting on Jay Leno's couch, Earnhardt, as only he could, explained that while "Wonder Boy" won it first, he was the first "man" to win the Brickyard.

    And so it was for Gordon who'd infiltrated a world that, to that point, hadn't really had to deal with anyone like him. Which is to say, a kid from California who dared to not only to show up, but win too.

    Earnhardt didn't mind tweaking him, while fans loved to boo him – a lot.

    It's a starting point that makes the ending such a remarkable story.

    Twenty years later, as Gordon preps for the final Daytona 500 (where he'll start on the pole) in the final season of a brilliant career, he is unquestionably the face of the sport. Those boos, mostly gone, have been replaced by respect.

    Jeff Gordon leaves having won them over.


    "Jeff picked up almost 3-tenths of a second," Bickford says, "and won the race."


  • Aaron Hernandez Trial Day 3: Stirring testimony pits sister against sister

    Jay Hart at Yahoo Sports 2 mths ago

    As Shaneah Jenkins sat in Aaron Hernandez's living room, just hours after learning her boyfriend Odin Lloyd had been found murdered, her sister Shayanna, Hernandez's fiancée, was acting "secretive" and "not normal."

    Shayanna was fielding phone calls and responding with one-word answers, Shaneah Jenkins testified Tuesday in the trial against Hernandez who is charged with Lloyd's murder. At one point, Shaneah testified, Shayanna slipped down to the basement with a black plastic bag in her hand.

    Moments later, Shaneah looked out a window and saw her sister in the backyard walking toward the house. Shortly thereafter, Shayanna came up the stairs, returned to the living room and asked to borrow Shaneah's car, something she'd never done before, because she needed to go to the bank.

    Thirty minutes later, Shayanna returned.

    The state presented video footage of Hernandez holding a gun inside his home minutes after Lloyd was murdered, but when police inspected the home a day later no gun was found.

    What the prosecution does have, though, is a mountain of circumstantial evidence:

    • Video places Hernandez in a car with Lloyd on the night he was killed.