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  • 'We've never seen anything like this': Dan Wetzel on the Aaron Hernandez trial

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

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    "We've never seen anything like this," says Yahoo national columnist Dan Wetzel of the recently-concluded Aaron Hernandez trial, and he's right: a football star just months removed from catching a Super Bowl touchdown pass, just weeks away from signing a multimillion-dollar contract, allegedly kills two people, then later murders his future sister-in-law's boyfriend? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and it's more than a little surprising that this story didn't get more play as it unfolded.

    Wetzel was one of the few national writers who followed the trial of Hernandez for the murder of Odin Lloyd from the courthouse itself, and he's on the podcast today to talk about what he saw, what he heard, and what he learned.

    Make sure to check out more of Wetzel's work right here.

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  • J.J. Watt thrills fan at Rockets game, twerks after Houston win

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    If you saw J.J. Watt rushing at you wearing full pads, you'd probably be terrified and drop into a fetal position. But if you saw J.J. Watt rushing toward you to congratulate you on a job well done, your reaction would probably be exactly like this:

    That's young Nicholas Connor, who sang the National Anthem before Tuesday night's Mavs-Rockets game. Afterward, Watt tried to locate the young lad:

    Could y'all help me get in contact with Nicholas? He dominated the national anthem last night. https://t.co/bcu48d4kJA

    The Rockets won the game 111-99, and Watt got his Gronk on with a fellow fan:

    [Thx to Fox Sports for the find]

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  • Robert Griffin III admires the Patriot Way, failed to get advice from Tom Brady

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 4 days ago

    The New England Patriots are a finely tuned machine, a relentless, frictionless work of mechanical art designed for winning without conscience. The Washington Redskins are an expensive, poorly built, erratically functioning contraption which, even in the best of circumstances, succeeds only in firing bullets into the feet of whoever tries to run them.

    Robert Griffin III, the Redskins' ever-beleaguered quarterback, got an up-close look at the difference between the teams last August, when the Patriots visited the Redskins' training camp in Virginia for some joint preseason workouts and scrimmages. Speaking to the NFL Network, Griffin noted that those practices had a significant impact on the way he views his team as a whole.

    (Pause here to cast Brady, Bill Belichick, Gronk and the rest in "Friday Night Lights." Matches up fairly well, huh? All right, back to RG3.)

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  • Marshall Henderson revenge-tweets Erin Andrews, two years later

    Jay Busbee at The Turnstile 5 days ago

    Twitter is not a bullhorn. It's a boomerang, and whatever you say will eventually come back around to you ... so be careful.

    Our latest example of "watch what you Tweet" involves a former Ole Miss basketball player, an L.A. Kings hockey player, and a prominent broadcaster, with supporting roles for a Sacramento Kings basketball player and a Tennessee sports talk show host. Stick with us here, this'll all make sense soon.

    Back in July 2013, Marshall Henderson was suspended from Ole Miss for what turned out to be a failed drug test. Andrews took a shot at Henderson on Twitter, and Henderson was quick to note that he was filing away that particular jab:

    @ErinAndrews ima save that and you will be the first person ill mock 🙀

    Flash forward to now, where Andrews' boyfriend Jarrett Stoll was arrested this past weekend on suspicion of possession of cocaine and Ecstasy.

  • Celebrate the return of Tebowmania with the Tebow Pretzel

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 5 days ago

    You knew Tebowmania was going to hit the ground running (well, running and praying). We've been here before — the hype, the hope, the lunacy — so anybody that's going to break through the foaming mass of Tebow-love will have to come strong. And Philly Pretzel Factory has done just that:

    Welcome to Philly, @TimTebow! pic.twitter.com/2A3UCH47Vy

    The pose, of course, is reminiscent of that early-2010s craze of "Tebowing":

    You remember that, don't you? Ah, we were all so young back then. Anyway, good on the Philly Pretzel Factory. All those Tebow conspiracy theorists will need something to snack on while they try to figure out how the Eagles signing Tebow ties into their theory that the NFL is blackballing the guy.

    Also, should you purchase a Tebow pretzel, eat the arm first. We hear that's the tenderest part.

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  • Boston Marathon winner wins by four seconds

    Jay Busbee at The Turnstile 5 days ago

    It would take far more than just a few rain showers and gusting winds to dent the spirits of Boston and its runners at the Boston Marathon.

    About 30,000 runners set out early Monday morning to compete in one of the world's most prestigious races. The marathon covers more than 26 miles of Boston's hilly terrain, and this year's runners faced rain and 20-mph headwinds almost every step of the way.

    [Slideshow: Photos from the 2015 Boston Marathon]

    In the end, the men's race came down to Lelisa Desisa and Yemane Adhane Tsegay, both of Ethiopia. With about a mile remaining, Desisa pulled out to a seven-second lead. He would go on to win with a time of 2:09:17; this marked his second Boston Marathon victory, after 2013. Meb Keflezighi, last year's winner, crossed at 2:12:42. Keflezighi had been a pre-race favorite, but a hamstring pull late in the race ended his chances. He ran the final steps holding hands with a woman he pulled from the crowd.

    Here's Desisa celebrating just after the finish:

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  • USC women's tennis team accidentally smashes Pac-12 trophy

    Jay Busbee at Busted Racquet 8 days ago

    Before you read any further, just remember: there's not a whole lot of catching involved in tennis.

    The USC women's tennis team won the Pac-12 championship on Thursday over UCLA, which is certainly a notable achievement worth celebrating. And when the team celebrated, well, things got a bit out of hand:

    That awkward moment when @USCWomensTennis accidentally smashed the @pac12 championship trophy... #FightOn pic.twitter.com/d5iUdVSHq7


    It's not the first time a precious trophy has ended up in shards. Most notably, Alabama's $30,000 Waterford crystal football commemorating the football team's 2011 national championshipshattered when a player's father bumped the case. Similarly, a recruit destroyed Florida's 2006 championship football by accident in 2008.

  • Masters winner Jordan Spieth has taken plenty of cash from Tony Romo on course

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 9 days ago

    Jordan Spieth is a 21-year-old who just won the Masters. You may or may not know this, depending on your affinity for non-football sports, but as an NFL fan, you will surely appreciate this: Spieth, a Texas product, has taken lots of money from Tony Romo on the course.

    Romo has some skills on the golf course; he's tried a few times to qualify for the U.S. Open but hasn't ever come all that close. But for whatever reason, he's somehow gotten it into his head that he's almost good enough to take on a Masters champion straight up.

    Talking on Jim Rome's Showtime show, Spieth discussed his games with Romo, and noted that the Cowboys QB's judgment may be a bit suspect on the course.

    "The good news is he doesn't swallow his pride and take a lot of strokes," Spieth said. "He likes to play maybe like 2 or 3 a side, which means I'm usually on the winning end of that one."

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  • Jordan Spieth talks Masters victory and Chick-fil-A (podcast)

    Jay Busbee at Devil Ball Golf 12 days ago

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    Fresh off his victory in Augusta, Spieth spoke to Grandstanding podcast while standing outside the doors of David Letterman's studio. He gave Yahoo Sports the inside scoop on how he celebrated his victory, as well as how often he's wearing his green jacket.

    Spieth also talked some actual golf, such as how he kept himself composed during a wire-to-wire performance, his first-ever Masters memory, and the best moment from Sunday's final round. Spieth offered up perspective on the upcoming U.S. Open at Chambers Bay, and also answered the question of whether he reads what people write on the Internet about him. Finally, he closed off with a little discussion about what it was like to walk up the 18th green at Augusta National with the entire world watching.

    [Music by Chris Salmon and Tobin Summerfield]

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  • Six ways of looking at the Masters Sunday's back nine

    Jay Busbee at Devil Ball Golf 13 days ago

    AUGUSTA, Ga. – This is the story of a broken tee, an unexpected handshake, and a sideways grin that, together, sum up Augusta National and the 2015 Masters.

    You know how it ends, with Jordan Spieth winning a green jacket. Here’s what happened in the final hours before it happened.

    You have to work hard to find a location at Augusta National Golf Club that doesn’t feature spectacular vistas of one of the world’s great golf courses. The greens at 16 and 18 are particularly popular, and the view of Amen Corner is so impressive that you’re willing to crowd amongst thousands of fellow patrons for a chance to cheer a shot you can’t even see.

    So you’ve got to dig a bit to find a spot that’s both critical and sparsely populated. One such spot is the 11 th tee, a tiny elevated plateau just up from the 10 th green, a peninsula of green cut into the pine straw and azaleas. And it’s here that our little odyssey starts.

    HOLE 11, White Dogwood

    Off to 15.

    HOLE 15, Firethorn

    “I can’t believe you would do something like that,” the marshal says in a disappointed-father tone. “I cannot believe it.”

    HOLE 18, Holly