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  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s steering wheel came off in his hands mid-race

    Jay Busbee at From The Marbles 1 hr ago

    TALLADEGA, Ala.—Well, this is about as scary a moment as you can imagine behind a wheel in a NASCAR race: during Sunday's GEICO 500 at Talladega, the steering wheel came off in Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s hands:

    Sweet heaven. That's insane. Junior managed to steer the car by grabbing the steering column until he could reattach the wheel. It was reminiscent of a similar incident earlier this year at Phoenix, when Earnhardt's teammate Jimmie Johnson wrecked during qualifying when his own steering wheel popped loose.

    The loose steering wheel marked the low point in an ugly day for Earnhardt, a day in which he suffered two major wrecks and ended his day early. Earnhardt spun on Lap 50 and wrecked hard enough to go to the garage, then returned to the track only to get taken out when Carl Edwards' tire blew on Lap 110.  It was a frustrating afternoon for a driver projected as the race's odds-on favorite.

  • Talla-Mento Dogwich vs. Augusta's pimento cheese: who ya got?

    Jay Busbee at From The Marbles 5 hrs ago

    TALLADEGA, Ala.—Pimento cheese is a true Southern staple, a delightful concoction of cheese, pimento peppers, and other mysterious ingredients. Two Southern institutions, Augusta National Golf Club and Talladega Superspeedway, have rolled out their own spin on pimento cheese--one traditional, the other a new upstart.

    Three weeks ago, I was walking the immaculate grounds of Augusta National for the Masters, and on the first day of May I was in the infield at Talladega. This, combined with my own personal disregard for my gastrointestinal stability, put me in a unique position: compare these two pimento-based creations and offer you, the reader, a choice: go traditional, or go big?

    Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: The Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwich vs. The Talla-Mento Dogwich. Hold on to your guts!

    The Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwich

    Price: $1.50

    Description: This Augusta National standard has remained unchanged for decades. Two slices of white, very very white (ho ho ho) bread, a generous helping of delicately seasoned pimento cheese within, all encased in a green wrapper that won't show up on television should you fail to dispose of it properly.

    The Talla-mento Dogwich

  • Elliott Sadler wins disputed Xfinity race after review

    Jay Busbee at From The Marbles 22 hrs ago

    Elliott Sadler ended up the winner of a wild, controversial Talladega Xfinity Series race ... but he wasn't the first one. Sadler, riding a 66-race winless streak in the Xfinity Series and racing on his birthday, was named the winner of the race after a last-lap wreck threw the entire field into chaos.

    Sadler was trailing leader Joey Logano out of the final turn when Logano attempted a block but lost control. Logano slid up into the wall as the field passed both him and Sadler. Brennan Poole was the first to cross the finish line, but a five-minute review awarded Sadler, the driver who was leading at the time the caution flew, with the race victory.

    Oh yeah, that'll buff right out pic.twitter.com/8DAsxbWGRd

    It was a controversial win, to say the least; Sadler had apparently bump-drafted and dipped below the double yellow line in the course of the final laps, both of which could have disqualified the win. Poole, who had thought he'd nabbed his first series win, was gracious in sudden defeat.

    The rest of the race was a characteristic Talladega affair, with flirts at bump-drafting and spectacular wrecks:


  • Sportscaster fired for quoting Prince lyrics in broadcast

    Jay Busbee at The Turnstile 1 day ago

    Prince has been gone a week now, and everyone is paying tribute in his or her own way. Some ways, apparently, are better received than others.

    Dan Phillips of WZTV in Nashville wove Prince lyrics and song titles into a recent evening sportscast, as you can see below. Nice idea, right?

    As Phillips wrote on his Facebook page:

    "First of all, I want to thank everyone for the kind words, comments and positive feedback on this tribute I did to Prince last week. It really means a lot.

    "Unfortunately, there were apparently some viewers, as well as management at the station, who did not feel the same way. They felt I was insensitive. And as a result, I was terminated today.

    "I'm choosing to use this as a catalyst for some exciting things I've been working on for some time now. I'll have many more details on this in coming days.

    "For now, thanks again for all of your support. And if you need an old, washed-up sports guy for anything, please let me know!"

  • Myles Jack gets good medical news, dunks ahead of NFL draft

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    We get it: you hear "NFL draft prospect" and "Twitter video" and you think the worst. But here's a case of good news captured on video.

    UCLA linebacker Myles Jack slid out of the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday night, a victim of his own knee injury and skittish teams. It marked a stunning fall for a player projected as a top-10 pick or better earlier in the draft process. But the state of Jack's knee, plus his own remark earlier in the week that he could require microfracture surgery down the line, were enough to scare off every team picking in the first round.

    Jack took the disappointment in stride, posting video of himself dunking on Twitter. Impressive enough on its own, but a tweet that hit a few minutes later was even more welcome, even if IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WELCOME YESTERDAY:

    Dr. James Andrews, who examined Myles Jack in December, told the UCLA LB today that he does not need micro-fracture surgery.

  • Podcast: Breaking down the wildest NFL draft night ever

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

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    Holy heaven, that was a wild NFL draft Day 1, and we're here to try to make sense of it all for you. We begin with the obvious: Laremy Tunsil, he of the gas-mask bong and the scorched-earth Instagram. What the hell happened, and what comes next? We also talk, in no particular order: Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys' big gamble, John Elway's latest lucky break, Joey Bosa and the Chargers' risk, excessive Roger Goodell bro-hugs, and oh so much more. Join us, won't you? We promise not to leak any incriminating video of you if you do.

  • Johnny Manziel apparently watched NFL draft before Bieber concert

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    Look, believe what you will about Johnny Manziel, the ex-NFL quarterback whose life is now in shambles by his own hand ... it's hard not to feel a twinge of sympathy, or at least wonder what could have been, when you see a photo like this:

    2 yrs ago he was a 1st rd pick...now hes unemployed watching it at a bar in Columbus b4 the Bieber concert #Manziel pic.twitter.com/phXU96jL3K

    @bustedcoverage here's another one from slightly different angle pic.twitter.com/pcyw3W7ST4

    That's apparently Manziel at a Columbus, Ohio, bar, watching the NFL draft prior to a Justin Bieber concert. Two years ago, Manziel was a first-round pick at the draft; now, he's out of the league, facing a variety of legal challenges, and apparently unable to halt the slide that has claimed his football career.

    Granted, that photo looks more like Shia Labeouf than Manziel, but here's another photo from later in the evening. Note the hoodie and bandanna:

  • Patriots post Instagram photo of Tom Brady as draft begins

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    The NFL draft began on Thursday evening with the New England Patriots on the sideline; the team was forced to surrender its first-round pick as a result of the still-ongoing deflate-gate controversy. But the team wasn't taking its public shaming sitting down; no, sir. The Patriots unveiled a bit of passive-aggressive social media shot-firing, posting the following on Instagram:

    The team also changed its Twitter avatar to Brady's 12, a sign of solidarity with their quarterback who, at the moment, is suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season.

    This isn't the first time the Patriots have changed their avatar and announced their implicit support of Brady; the teamdid so last May around the time of the releaseof the infamous Ted Wells report. Not that it made much of a difference; Brady is still sitting pending an appeal. But the #freebrady movement is yet another example of how deeply silly this entire deflate-gate mess has become.

  • New Peyton Manning Gatorade ad is, sincerely, a gem

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    Yes, we know, you're sick of Peyton Manning and everything about him. The guy's retired! Move on!

    We will, but not before one last look back. Gatorade has built an ad, debuting at the NFL Draft, around Manning's habit of writing (handwriting, not emailing) letters to friends, colleagues, teammates, and inspirations. Yes, it's nostalgia marketing, a #brand aimed straight at your heart, but still ... you watch this, and you're going to feel the need to pull out a pen and paper to write someone important a note.

    [Yahoo Fantasy Football is open for the 2016 season. Sign up now]

    PODCAST: The ultimate NFL Mock Draft breakdown:

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  • Bobby Knight on Donald Trump: 'The best man for the job'

    Jay Busbee at The Dagger 3 days ago

    Legendary former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight endorsed Donald Trump for president in a characteristically fiery, pugnacious speech on Wednesday night.

    Knight, at least as well known for his take-no-prisoners attitude as his winning record, spoke to Trump supporters at a rally in Indiana. A sampling of his remarks, via Business Insider and The Hill:

    • On Trump's qualifications: “They talk in a negative way when they want to about Donald, and say he isn’t presidential. I don’t know what the hell that means. To me I think of Harry Truman, they said Harry Truman wasn’t presidential. And damn he went on to be one of the three best presidents in U.S. history. [Trump] will at some point be one of those also.”

    • On Trump's managerial touch: "He does a great job of finding good people and teaching good people. And even as important, he's really good at getting rid of people."