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  • The Jets are the most cursed of the NFL's cursed franchises: The Shutdown Corner Podcast

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner3 days ago

    Welcome to the latest Shutdown Corner podcast! On today's piping-hot episode, we have: • A discussion of cursed franchises, specifically the New York Jets in the wake of Thursday night's meltdown. What makes someone want to be a Jets fan, anyway? • A bit of discussion about Donovan McNabb's contention that Jay Cutler is "the Tony Romo of the Midwest." • A new segment, "Overrated/Underrated/Properly Rated," in which we discuss five quarterbacks of the past. Which legend does Frank think is the tiniest bit overrated? • A complete Week 7 breakdown: upset pick, lock of the week, and game we'd pay to see. All this and more as part of the Shutdown Corner Podcast. Listen up, and while you're listening ... Subscribe via iTunes right here. Non-iTunes subscription link here. Leave us a nice review here.

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