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  • Which sport has the best playoffs?

    Jay Busbee at The Turnstile 2 hrs ago

    We're deep in the heart of the NBA and NHL playoffs, and that leads us to an overwhelming question: which of the four major pro sports hosts the best playoffs?

    • The NFL, three hours of winner-take-all struggle with the entire country watching?

    • The NBA, a best-of-seven true team effort?

    • The NHL, where Game 7 sudden-death overtime is the greatest sequence in sports?

    • Baseball, where drama rides on every single pitch?

    We've excluded the NCAA basketball championships from this discussion, since the bracket is the most perfect creation ever devised by humanity. And golf and NASCAR tend to change their playoff systems every other  year, so they're excluded as well. Other than that, though, where do your loyalties lie? We discuss in the video above, and we welcome your input as well.

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  • Aaron Hernandez sports new 'LIFETIME' tattoo, pleads not guilty to latest charge

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 20 hrs ago

    Aaron Hernandez is in court for a hearing on a witness intimidation charge. Big new tattoo on his neck #7news pic.twitter.com/jALBDj8weB

    Aaron Hernandez appeared in Superior Court in New Bedford, Mass., on Thursday, this time featuring a large new neck tattoo that reads "LIFETIME" over a star design. The photo below on the left was taken in court on April 15, the day Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd; the photo on the right was taken Thursday:

    In superior court Thursday, Hernandez pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted witness intimidation. Hernandez is charged with trying to silence a witness in a double-murder case against the former New England Patriots player.

    The case will continue on June 4.

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  • Peyton Manning among celebrities in David Letterman's final Top Ten

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Hey, you may have heard that David Letterman is retiring! It's true! And unlike Brett Favre, he's probably going to stay retired! On Wednesday night, Letterman aired his final show, a well-earned farewell after decades of hilarity and absurdity. As part of the shenanigans, he invited an all-star panel of guests to offer up the final Top Ten list: "Top Ten Things I've Always Wanted To Say To Dave."

    Among that august group were Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld ... and one Peyton Manning, who stepped onto the stage sporting Broncos colors and that forehead of his. Manning's joke was solid, though it didn't compare to the drop-the-mic hammer Julia Louis-Dreyfus threw down right before him. Poor Peyton. At least it wasn't Eli stealing his thunder this time.

    Nice work, Peyton, and farewell Dave.

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  • Should players' kids be allowed at postgame press conferences?

    Jay Busbee at Ball Don't Lie 1 day ago

    After Tuesday's Game 1 victory against Houston, Golden State's Stephen Curry brought his daughter to the press conference, and she proceeded to steal the hearts of everyone there. Well, almost everyone: a few reporters did gripe that this little cherub was costing them valuable deadline time:

    My man @WindhorstESPN taking the most unpopular position ever, saying NBA might need to ban kids from podium so reporters can ask questions

    @_morezeros ... a postgame press conference isn't the time and place for cute kids. Period. No dis intended. So don't take it that way.

    "Great for him...but it really hurt the process." - @RealSkipBayless on Riley Curry being at the podium w/Steph pic.twitter.com/YlEICYfvN2

    More Grandstanding: NBA Conference Finals preview

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  • NBA Conference Finals podcast: Can Houston, Atlanta hang with Warriors, Cavs?

    Jay Busbee at Ball Don't Lie 2 days ago

    Grandstanding: A Yahoo Sports podcast Subscribe via iTunes or via RSS feed

    Houston! Atlanta! Golden State! Cleveland! It's not just a list of tour stops for a Journey tribute band, it's the four teams still alive in the NBA playoffs! And who better to make sense of the madness that is the NBA than Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo Sports' Ball Don't Lie. In this ep, we'll discuss:

    The Eastern Conference finals:

    • Is Atlanta a legit threat, or will LeBron James roll to yet another Finals berth?

    • Who has to step up to give the Hawks a chance?

    • What does the absence of Kevin Love mean to Cleveland?

    The Western Conference finals:

    • Does Houston have a prayer against Golden State?

    • How will the Warriors handle the James Harden problem?

    • Is Steph Curry's ascent one of the greatest in NBA history?

    All this and more, plus we give Kelly room to rant about his hometown Bulls. It's fine stuff, and you'll enjoy it.

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  • Breaking: Roger Goodell, Robert Kraft hug it out

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago


    No, seriously, are you ready? Because this, reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter, is big...

    Roger Goodell and Patriots owner Robert Kraft already have met, spoke and even hugged, per an industry source who witnessed it.

    THEY EVEN HUGGED. The NFL commissioner and the Patriots owner, former BFFs now divided by deflated footballs, have metaphorically kissed and made up.

    Goodell-Kraft attended Sean McManus’ 60th birthday Sat in NYC; they were spotted “on a couch, talking by themselves for quite a long time."

     On a couch ? Talking by themselves ? Hang on, we need some mood music here:

    Aw yeah. That's what I'm talkin' bout. Let's continue with this story, shall we?

    The fact that Goodell and Kraft are on amicable terms could help cool tensions between the two sides and help lead to truce on Deflategate.


    So, yes, the outward appearance of a hug could seem to indicate a cessation of hostilities and a road to recovery. Or it could indicate something very, very different, as anyone who's seen "Godfather Part II" knows all too well:

  • James Hinchcliffe involved in vicious wreck at Indy practice

    Jay Busbee at From The Marbles 3 days ago

    James Hinchcliffe is in stable condition after he wrecked while practicing for the Indianapolis 500. Hinchcliffe's car collided with the wall at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and flipped before coming to rest.

    Here's video of the wreck:

    Hinchcliffe was transported to Methodist Hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove a piece of debris from his left thigh.

    Hinchcliffe's left thigh was pierced by a piece of equipment from the car, causing "massive bleeding," according to the Associated Press, requiring surgery.

    According to Curt Cavin of the Indianapolis Star, Hinchcliffe is in stable condition.

    On-board cameras show Hinchcliffe's right-front wheel lifting shortly before impact. A Honda spokesperson said the right-front suspension broke.

    A gif showing why Hinchcliffe hit the wall. pic.twitter.com/wUqxwNxsX6

    Hinchcliffe is the fourth driver to get airborne in a wreck at this year's Indy practices. Helio Castroneves, Josef Newgarden and Ed Carpenter have all wrecked within the past few days.

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  • Rugby player ruins $94,000 camera lens with his signature

    Jay Busbee at The Turnstile 4 days ago

    Collins Injera of Kenya is an international rugby star who recently scored his 200th try (the rough equivalent of a touchdown in football) in the World Sevens Series, and he celebrated in a very expensive manner indeed.

    Taking a cue from Terrell Owens and tennis players of late, Injera had stashed a permanent marker in his sock. And once he notched the try, he ran over to the nearest camera and autographed the lens.

    It's a nice idea; tennis players have done it on occasion, and it makes for a great visual. But those tennis players are signing a thin sheet of protective glass. There was no such protection on the lens Injera signed, and replacing it will cost about $94,000.

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  • Tom Brady, backward hat and all, plays golf with Michael Jordan

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner 4 days ago

    You've just been suspended from your job, your name is a national punch line, your reputation in tatters. What do you do? Why, fly off to the Bahamas and play golf with Michael Jordan, of course.

    Well, not you . You're not Tom Brady. But the once-and-future Patriots quarterback reminded us this weekend that even when his life's going bad, it's still pretty damn good:

    Tom Brady nurses his Deflategate woes by playing golf with Michael Jordan in the Bahamas http://t.co/HMCmUnXbey pic.twitter.com/7CzTkBwGNs

    Back in March, Brady and Jordan also hit the Bahamas for some pickup basketball and golf with PGA Tour pros Keegan Bradley and Luke Donald. Brady is unsinkable, man.

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  • American Pharoah wins rain-soaked Preakness Stakes

    Jay Busbee at The Turnstile 5 days ago

    The Kentucky Derby's Big Three rolled into Maryland for the 140th Preakness Stakes on Saturday. And while the skies didn't comply, with wind and heavy rain soaking Pimlico Race Course shortly before post time, Kentucky Derby winner American Pharoah had little trouble routing the field by seven lengths. American Pharoah will now head to the Belmont Stakes on June 6, where he could become now the first Triple Crown winner since 1978.

    American Pharoah, along with Firing Line and Dortmund, comprised a trio that owned a far more lovely Churchill Downs two weeks ago. The three horses ran together at the front of a stacked pack at the Derby, but were part of only an eight-horse field at the Preakness.

    This marked the first time the Preakness ran on a wet track, in this case the epitome of "sloppy" conditions, since 1983. Conventional wisdom held that the rain would only help the powerful stride of American Pharoah, and that proved to be exactly the case.

    "The horse is my life and my passion," Espinoza told NBC Sports' Bob Costas shortly before the race. "The last thing I'd want to do is hurt any horse."