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  • Correction: Hakeem Nicks' absence at Giants' workout not tied to contract situation

    Jason Cole at Yahoo! Sports1 yr ago

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks was honored as a hero in the New York area at an event Tuesday night, but missed the team's workout session Wednesday, which was erroneously reported by Yahoo! Sports as a form of protest for contractual reasons.

    A team source, who had previously suggested to Y! Sports that Nicks may have been unhappy with his contract situation, clarified Thursday morning that he didn't know exactly why Nicks was gone and was making what he felt was an educated guess.

    "We've all talked about our contracts and the things we've been through, like what's going on with [wide receiver Victor] Cruz," the source said, referring to Cruz's refusal to sign a one-year restricted free agent tender for $2.879 million. "When you talk about money and what you think the team is doing right or wrong, sometimes feelings get really hard."

    Nicks, the team's first-round draft pick in 2009, is going into the final season of his five-year contract.

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  • NFL noncommittal with announcing dates of two new Super Bowls, other events

    Jason Cole at Yahoo! Sports1 yr ago

    BOSTON – The NFL calendar is in such flux right now that you're almost better off noting events in pencil instead of pen.

    On Tuesday, the NFL awarded Super Bowls L and LI to San Francisco and Houston, respectively. What the league didn't do is attach an exact date to either one of those games. Both cities are preparing for the game to be on one of the first three Sundays in February in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

    Likewise, commissioner Roger Goodell said the NFL draft will be held either May 8-10 or May 15-17 next year and indicated the event will stay in May for the foreseeable future, assuming it stays at Radio City Music Hall or New York, generally.

    The NFL scouting combine may also move, along with the start of free agency each year, the structure of the playoffs, the regular season and the preseason. Be it the expansion of the playoffs, the possibility of an 18-game schedule or changes to the Pro Bowl, the NFL is entertaining any and all ideas.

    Or as Goodell put it at one point, "All options are on the table."

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  • San Francisco wins bid for Super Bowl L

    Jason Cole at Yahoo! Sports1 yr ago

    The game is scheduled for February 2016 at the San Francisco 49ers' new stadium in Santa Clara. Levi's Stadium will officially open in 2014 and reportedly is nearing the halfway point in its construction. The stadium is adjacent to the team's training complex. It is also next to Great America amusement park and across from the Santa Clara Convention Center.

    "It's an awesome, awesome thing that they've allowed us to host one of the biggest games; the golden anniversary in the Golden State," 49ers CEO Jed York said. "We're just really, really excited."

    The last time San Francisco hosted the Super Bowl was January 1985, when the game was played at Stanford Stadium between the 49ers and Miami Dolphins. The 49ers won that game, the second of the team's five Super Bowl titles.

    In addition, Miami came up short in its bid for Super Bowl LI, which was awarded to Houston.

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  • Court documents: Titus Young caught on videotape stealing from convenience store

    Jason Cole at Yahoo! Sports1 yr ago

    Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young pleaded not guilty in an Orange County, Calif., court Tuesday to three felony charges and five misdemeanor charges, a spokesperson for the district attorney's office told Yahoo! Sports. He was still being held on a $25,000 bail as of Tuesday evening. Six of the eight charges stemmed from an incident last Friday in which Young allegedly broke into a home in San Clemente and then fought with police as they apprehended him.

    However, two felony charges were added as a result of Young allegedly later being caught on video stealing water, candy and cigars from a gas station convenience store in Laguna Hills on May 4, according to the court filings. The Laguna Hills incident was earlier reported by The Detroit News.

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  • Michael Vick Q&A, Part 2: Warned by older friend that prison was in his future

    Jason Cole at Yahoo! Sports1 yr ago

    Editor's note: This is the second installment of Jason Cole's two-part conversation with Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick, who resumed his NFL career in 2009 after spending two seasons out of the league following a federal conviction and prison time on charges connected to dogfighting. Part 1 of the conversation appeared Monday.


    Jason Cole: You say it was a mental challenge last year. But you also knew along the way that some people on the coaching staff during the season wanted to play rookie quarterback Nick Foles. You knew that and just dealt with it quietly. I imagine that the 22-year-old Michael Vick wouldn't have handled that the same way.

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  • Prospective NFL head coach, GM candidates get business lessons at league symposium

    Jason Cole at Yahoo! Sports1 yr ago

    PHILADELPHIA – The simplistic view of the NFL's coaching and management symposium is that it was meant to help train mostly minority candidates for head coach and general manager positions.

    But the most important color on display was neither black nor white.

    It was green.

    Or as one owner put it during a session, "I want to know how you're going to handle the money."

    For many men who derive their passion from arranging X's and O's and then teaching players how to execute those arrangements, the three-day session at the prestigious Wharton School was about anything but that part of football. This was about business. This was the button-down, tie-adorned side of the game that has become nearly as important as the other side.

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