Janet Eagleson

  • Frozen Fantasy: Starting on the right foot

    Janet Eagleson at Rotowire.com1 yr ago

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    A good start might not get a bad NHL team into the playoffs. But a bad start might just keep a good team out.

    Fantasy is no different.

    By this time next week, the Rangers will have played almost one-eighth of their games this season. The Flyers and Caps will have played even more. At least the Kings will have only played 12 percent of their games. But all four teams will be lucky – and I do mean lucky – to be sitting at .500.

    How soon will they make changes to right their ships?

    It’s going to be just as tough – maybe even tougher – for fantasy owners to recover from a slow start. Smart owners need to come out of the gate with the throttle wide open. Trades, waiver improvements, blocking moves – you not only have to consider them now, you have to move on them immediately.

    The early bird gets the worm. Or keeps someone else from getting it.

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