Harrison Mooney

  • Minor league hockey's massive makeover could cause NHL shockwaves

    Harrison Mooney at Puck Daddy2 mths ago

    The city of Abbotsford was never a particularly good home base for the Calgary Flames' American Hockey League affiliate, and it had nothing to do with the team being just east of Vancouver, in the heart of Canucks country.

    Fact is, Abbotsford wasn't a good fit for a  Canucks  affiliate either, which is why Vancouver signed a five-year agreement to put their AHL franchise in Utica, New York, rather than waiting for the Fraser Valley city with twice the population and a love of all things Canucks to open up.

    The problem with Abbotsford: it was just too far away. Not from Calgary or Vancouver, mind you, but from any other city in the AHL.

    In a league driven by parity, where drafting and development have become the most important part of the game, the AHL's Western Conference teams are getting increasingly upset at having to exile their prospects to the other side of the continent, where they're harder to call up and harder to keep an eye on. 

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