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  • Penguins, Flyers will play outdoor game in 2017: Report

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 8 hrs ago

    The scuttlebutt at the Winter Classic last month was that the 2017 edition of the event would either take place in Toronto, as part of the Maple Leafs’ centennial celebration, or feature a showdown between the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins. 

    The decision’s yet to be made, but ESPN’s Scott Burnside reports that the Flyers vs. Penguins game is all but booked for next season – likely at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, marking the first time the NHL has revisited a venue. The Penguins hosted the Washington Capitals in 2011 in the Winter Classic.

    (No, we’re not counting the New York Rangers’ two games at Yankee Stadium in the season month.)

    OK, we know what you’re asking: What happened to having this game at Penn State, the perfect neutral site and party zone?

    Writes Burnside:


    Bottom line: Flyers. Penguins. In a stadium. This is going to be intense. In the stands, we mean.  


  • Flyers lose Sean Couturier for month in big blow to playoff chase

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 13 hrs ago

    Sean Couturier will miss up to four weeks with a lower-body injury, which is not very good news for the Philadelphia Flyers. 

    How much does Couturier mean to Philly?

    According to Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Flyers are 2-6-1 without the center, getting outscored 31-20; when he’s played this season, they’re 20-12-7, with a goal differential whittled down to a minus-5.

    So he means a lot. Especially when you consider how thin the Flyers are at forward this season.

    The Flyers remain in the playoff race with 54 points, which are four in back of the New Jersey Devils.

    How optimistic are Flyers fans now that Couturier is hurt for up to a month? Wrote Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey: “Welp, hockey season was fun while it lasted.”


  • Will MLB Advanced Media shut down NHL fan videos, GIFs?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 14 hrs ago

    Major League Baseball Advanced Media, whose partnership with the NHLled to an overhaul of that League’s digital properties, has earned a reputation for a few things. Like high quality streaming capabilities. Like state-of-the-art mobile apps. And, in the eyes of some fans, a draconian approach to user-created content from copyrighted broadcasts. 

    The stories from BAM’s crackdown on baseball videos are many. The “electronic minions” who would have YouTube delete users’ accounts for uploading classic MLB game clips. The Twitter suspensions for those who create GIFs of baseball games. Cracking down on baseball podcasts for using team colors in their logos.


  • This 'Legend of John Scott' storybook is absolutely adorable

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 17 hrs ago

    After he scored two goals and wasnamed MVP of the NHL All-Star Game, John Scott likened his journey to something you might read in a storybook. 

    And now you can.

    “The Legend of John Scott: The Storybook Version” hit the web this week and went viral among hockey fans. The digital storybook includes the entire John Scott tale told in verse, with amusing animations, many of them Gary Bettman-centric.

    Sample prose:

    The storybook is the work of Kathy Polo, a freelance writer and artist. She said she doesn’t have a background in formal design, but is building a portfolio after “fooling around on Photoshop and other programs” since she was 13.

    She’s also a huge hockey fan, so using her talents to create “The Legend of John Scott” was “a no-brainer,” she said.

    “The entirety of the situation read like a book or Disney movie. For someone who loves to write, it didn’t take too long to piece it together in a ‘storybook’ form,” she said.



  • Minnesota Wild are fragile, afraid and falling fast in West

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    NEW YORK – The two-goal lead evaporated in a New York minute. Well, technically, a minute and 20 seconds. 

    The Minnesota Wild had beaten New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist twice in the first period. A victory in Madison Square Garden, which hasn’t been a kind place for the Wild, could have been transformative for a slumping team.

    Instead, they witnessed another blown lead after scoring first, something they had done in their previous two losses to Arizona and the New York Islanders. They witnessed another loss, 4-2 to the Rangers, their ninth in 10 games (1-8-1) and their 12th defeat in 15 contests (3-9-3).

    And they’re trying to shake the notion that they’re witnessing a season slip away.

    “We’re a very fragile team. They get one, and we kind of go into a shell. That’s a team that has no confidence,” said defenseman Ryan Suter. “So we have to figure it out and figure it out fast.”

    Their slump has relegated them to the wild card hunt, with the Central Division’s top three teams now double-digits up on Minnesota. The Wild are one point out of the wild card with 55 points in 51 games, right behind the Nashville Predators (56 points). 



  • Dave Mirra, BMX legend, dead at 41 of apparent suicide: Police

    Greg Wyshynski at The Turnstile 1 day ago

    Dave Mirra, one of the most successful BMX athletes in history, was found dead of an apparent suicide on Thursday, said Greenville (NC) Police.

    Mirra was 41 years old. He is survived by his wife and two children.

    According the police report, officers responded to the 200 block of Pinewood Road for an apparent suicide. They found Mirra, who police said was in the area visiting friends, sitting in a truck with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    Mirra helped turn Greenville into one of the biggest producers of BMX athletes in the U.S., while becoming an icon in the sport himself. Mirra also drove for the Subaru rally car racing team.

    "We mourn the loss today of a great friend and wonderful human being who touched the lives of so many around the world with his gift," said City of Greenville Mayor, Allen Thomas, in a statement. "He called Greenville, North Carolina, home and was as humble a guy talking with kids on a street corner about bikes as he was in his element on the world stage. A young life with so much to offer was taken too soon." 

  • Dennis Wideman apologizes again, had ‘no intent’ to injure linesman

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Dennis Wideman practiced with the Calgary Flames on Thursday while appealing his 20-game suspension, as the NHL ruled he attacked linesman Don Henderson with intent to injure. 

    Something, obviously with which Wideman disagrees. He spoke to the media after practice, and said the following:

    “Firstly, I want to apologize to Donny Henderson. I feel awful about what happened. Hopefully he’s recovering and back out on the ice soon. I feel really bad about the whole situation. The last seven days have been tough.

    “Never in my career have I ever disrespected or done anything like this to an official. I think I’ve prided myself on having a great working relationship with the officials, and I hope I continue to when I get out there.”

    [Ed. Note: There is zero chance you’re ever getting call for the rest of your NHL career.]

    “I just wanted to apologize to Donny again. I feel awful about what happened.”

    “The process is under appeal, so I can’t comment on it going forward, but when the time’s right I can take some questions and answer them.”

  • Barclays Center CEO: Obstructed seats? Watch Islanders on phone

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    The New York Islanders’ move to Brooklyn has produced some extraordinarily tone deaf public relations moments, and the hits just keep on coming. 

    Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark spoke with Sports Illustrated about the team’s transition to Brooklyn, and as expected the topic of obstructed view seats came up. Here’s the exchange with writer Jeremy Fuchs:

    JF: I have to ask about the obstructed view seats. There’s been a lot of criticism. How much have you heard from fans and is there any movement to change it?

    Let’s start with the obvious: Yes, it’s a gorgeous arena. Yes, there is plenty Barclays Center has going for it beyond a few hundred of the worst seats in the NHL. But this doesn’t change the fact that they are the worst seats in the NHL.

    But hey, Islanders fans: At least you’ll be able to watch that eventual All-Star Game in Newark on your phones!



  • Will Canadiens embrace the tank, shut down Carey Price?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    The Montreal Canadiens were the hottest team on the planet in October: Nine straight regulation wins to start the season, which was an NHL record. Visions of the first Stanley Cup in Canada since the Habs’ last one 23 years ago danced in our heads. 

    But P.K. Subban attempted to shake us awake. "We're not going to be the ones leading this type of parade,” he said, before an October game at the Vancouver Canucks. “I've said it before and I'll say it again: All we've accomplished is to have a good start to the season, and that's it."

    The Canadiens lost that game to Vancouver, snapping their streak.

    Since then, they lost Carey Price, perhaps for the season. They lost Brendan Gallagher for several weeks, short-circuiting their offense. They lost the Atlantic Division lead. They lost a playoff spot. They’ve lost nine of their last 10 games, scoring more than two goals only once while going 1-8-1.

    They’ve lost the fans, who are leaving seats empty at Bell Centre. And they’ve lost any semblance of confidence or sense of purpose for this increasingly futile campaign.


  • Marek Vs. Wyshynski: Good, bad, ugly of, with Dave Lozo! (Podcast)

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    - Special Guest: Our Wednesday friend Dave Lozo!

    - A full review of the new and

    - John Scott asks Mike Milbury to drop some pounds. 

    - Lozo has more words for Jeremy Roenick. 

    - The Montreal Canadiens. 

    - Your listener mail, including "The People Vs. O.J. Simpson." 

    - News and notes from around the NHL.

    The  Marek vs. Wyshynski Podcast  is hosted by Jeff Marek of Sportsnet and Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports, breaking down the NHL on a (somewhat) daily basis with their particular brand of whimsy and with guest voices from around the hockey world.  MvsW  streams live while its being recorded: LISTEN HERE! [And if that doesn't work, try here.]