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  • Wayne Gretzky says Connor McDavid is ‘best player in last 30 years’

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 6 hrs ago

    What does the last great franchise player for the Edmonton Oilers think of the future great franchise player for the Edmonton Oilers? 

    No, not Jason Bonsignore – Wayne Gretzky!

    “I hope he brings Edmonton a Stanley Cup and he breaks my records ... he’s got the talent and the makeup to do it. I hope he leaves a couple for me, though. I could use that,” Gretzky said of Connor McDavid, as told to Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal.

    From the Journal:

    “He’s as good as I’ve seen in the last 30 years, the best player to come into the league in the last 30 years, the best to come along since (Mario) Lemieux and (Sidney) Crosby. He can definitely change a franchise’s fortunes,” said Gretzky, who feels Edmonton will be like a nice warm blanket for the teenager from Toronto, just as it was for Gretzky, who was born in Brantford, Ont.

    [Ed. Note: “The best player to come into the league in the last 30 years” would seem to indicate better than Crosby, no?]

    ”I think it’ll be a perfect fit for Connor in Edmonton. Not one bit is Edmonton a suffocating place to play. He’ll be treated like an Edmontonian. People will give him his privacy while they’re enamoured by his ability.”




  • Islanders issue statement as Capitals fans claim homophobic, racist abuse

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 6 hrs ago

    Visiting fans get abused in home arenas on a nightly basis in the NHL. There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed that are frequently obliterated by idiots at the games, their behavior abetted by apathetic arena workers who don’t feel it’s their need to protect fans where the “other” colors. 

    Thing is, in 2015, there’s finally a palpable pushback against the misogynistic, homophobic and racist taunts that make the arena a hostile environment., thanks to advent of social media. The latest example comes from the Nassau Coliseum.

    Nate “Igor” Smith is a member of NYC Caps Fans, a group that went en masse to watch Game 3 of the Washington Capitals’ series at the New York Islanders. The abuse the group suffered was chronicled on his Tumblr, Driven By Boredom:

    Then, in the parking lot, a Capitals fan claimed his car was keyed and his back licensed plate was stolen after the game.


    So … not an apology, and nothing about arena staff.

    Hey, maybe they know it’s Brooklyn’s problem now … 

  • How can the Minnesota Wild contain Vladimir Tarasenko?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 8 hrs ago

    David Backes might have said it best about Vladimir Tarasenko, after the brilliant 23-year-old St. Louis Blues winger tallied a hat trick in their Game 2 win.

    “One inch of ice and he turns it into a great scoring chance,” He’s dynamic. He creates it all by himself,” said Backes. 

    In other words, it’s what they’ve needed since perhaps 2009 as a playoff contender. A player who can jumpstart the offense on his own, make a play when they need one, score a goal at a critical juncture of a game or a series.

    They’ve needed Vladimir Tarasenko, and now the Minnesota Wild need to stop him.

    Last postseason, he had four goals in six games. This regular season, he led the Blues with 73 points and 37 goals, which was good for fifth in the NHL.  While his line with Jori Lehtera helped carry the Blues offensively all season, he’s also now found palpable chemistry with Alex Steen, who played with Tarasenko and Lehtera in Game 2 and is expected back with them for Monday night’s Game 3 at the Wild.

    So what do the Wild do for Game 3 to try to slow him?


  • Marek Vs. Wyshynski Podcast: Todd McLellan's end with Sharks; McDavid to Oilers

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 11 hrs ago

    LISTEN HERE! [And if that doesn't work, try here.]

    It's a (I don't like) Monday edition of Marek vs. Wyshynski beginning at 2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. PT, and we're talking about the following and more:

    Special Guest Star: Dan Murphy of Sportsnet on the Red Wings and Bolts!

    • The Stanley Cup Playoffs! 

    • McDavid to Edmonton.

    • The quitting of Todd McLellan.

    • Hockey News and Views

    Question of the Day: Where should Todd McLellan end up? Email or hit us on Twitter with the hashtag #MvsW to @wyshynski or @jeffmarekClick here for the Sportsnet live stream or click the play button above!



  • Did NHL screw up draft lottery, Edmonton Oilers’ win?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 14 hrs ago

    First thing’s first: The NHL Draft Lottery wasn’t fixed.

    The horrific looks that hung on the faces of Gary Bettman and Bill Daly told us everything, after it was revealed that the League’s next can’t-miss superstar will be crushed under an avalanche of poor management, apathy for the market and sub-zero temperatures for the next 15 years. 

    Which is to say that Edmonton was, without much debate, the last place the NHL wanted Connor McDavid.

    But just because the lottery wasn’t fixed doesn’t mean it was pulled off without a flaw, which brings us to a Reddit user’s conspiracy theory that the NHL botched its own lottery rules.

    Before we get into the “conspiracy,” such as it is, please take about nine minutes to watch the meticulous explanation of the lottery’s rules and execution of the lottery itself in this video the NHL released.

    OK, here’s how the theory goes, via “McDavid2015,” whom we’re going to go ahead and guess might be a Buffalo Sabres fan:

    - There’s a dude in charge of turning on the machine, hitting the vacuum/blower button and then hitting the button that sucks one ball up the tube.




  • Glenn Healy said Canadiens traded Cameron Diaz for Dale Weise

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 15 hrs ago

    Glenn Healy of Sportsnet has earned one or two detractors over the years for his hockey commentary, which can sometimes reside at the corner of Crazy Lane and Cuckoo Street.

    They’re probably still laughing over Healy’s gaffe Sunday night in discussing Montreal Canadiens Game 3 hero Dale Weise, in which he envisioned a scenario where the Habs acquired him for Kimmy from “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” Said Healy: 


    Forgetting the odd syntax of the statement itself – Bergevin traded Weise? – Healy was obviously going for defenseman Raphael Diaz, who as far as we can tell never used any of Ben Stiller’s hair gel.

    Unrelated: Healy also said that we can expect the Calder Trophy to go to Ottawa rookie Sharon Stone.  

    s/t Eyes On The Prize




  • Dale Weise scores controversial OT winner, Montreal up 3-0 on Ottawa

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    The Ottawa Senators stood at their bench as the Montreal Canadiens celebrated down the ice. The on-ice officials clustered around the penalty boxes, in a conference.

    Perhaps, for a moment, there was hope for another miracle. Something that would take Dale Weise’s overtime winner in Game 3 off the board. Something that would prevent the Senators from going down 0-3 in this series, after having led for most of the game before Weise tied in in the third period.

    The conference ended. The referee pointed to center ice to confirm the goal at 8:47 of overtime and the 2-1 Montreal win on Saturday night. And with three straight losses, the Ottawa Senators might be finally all out of miracles.

    The discussion centered around an Ottawa bench protest that the puck hit the glove of Brandon Prust prior to Weise beating Craig Anderson for the game-winner.

    From one angle, it appeared that it had deflected off of Prust’s hand near the Ottawa bench and then back to the middle of the ice.

    Whatever the case, Weise won the game. And the Sens have to win out to advance.  

    The Sens hit the board first in their first home game of the series.

    So was Anderson … save for that one last shot.

  • Senators host fan in owner’s suite after she was harassed in Montreal

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Katie Kerrick, 19, and her sister are Montreal Canadiens fans … when they’re not playing the Ottawa Senators. But when their hometown team visits Bell Centre, they throw on their Sens gear and pull for the visiting team. 

    One such visit was Game 2 of their Atlantic Division playoff series on Friday night – a game during which she said they suffered assault and harassment from Canadiens fans, with Bell Centre employees doing nothing to help them.

    So now they're exclusively Ottawa Senators fans. 

    Here’s a sad (and all too familiar tale for women who attend games) tale Kerrick posted on Facebook:

    “I just got back from the Bell Centre, where my sister and I were cheering on our hometown team, the Ottawa Senators. Tonight's loss was particularly disappointing for us. We have been to the Bell Centre to cheer on the away team before and are used to the good-natured chirping from Habs fans...what we are not used to is being genuinely scared of being injured by grown men.

    “When the Sens lost, the same man who had earlier pushed me leaned over his friends to throw his entire beer on my sister and I.”

  • Sidney Crosby scores twice in Game 2, answers ‘what happened to Sidney Crosby?’

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 2 days ago

    Before the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Game 2 against the New York Rangers, Sportsnet had the latest in a series of “what’s wrong with Sidney Crosby?” segments, as the captain had one goal in his last 19 postseason games. 

    (He had nine assists in that span, but c’mon, that doesn’t fit the narrative.)

    After the Penguins’ 4-3 win over the Rangers on Saturday night, the story changed: Sidney Crosby is still Sidney Crosby, with two goals in 4:39 late in the second period that blew open the game.

    His first goal came on a backhand shot off a rebound, thanks to Patric Hornqvist’s strong drive to the net:

    His second goal came on a diving tip off a Chris Kunitz shot:

    Just like that, the Penguins had emphatically rallied from a 1-0 hole created by Derek Stepan’s first-period goal. 

    Was it perfect? Not at all. The Penguins took seven minor penalties, their second straight undisciplined game. But the Rangers managed only one power-play goal on seven chances, and the Penguins posted two power-play goals of their own via Brandon Sutter and Chris Kunitz.

    Crosby also had a scary moment in the third period, colliding with Carl Hagelin of the Rangers.

  • Sabres GM Tim Murray: ‘I’m disappointed for our fans’

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 2 days ago

    GM Tim Murray of the Buffalo Sabres knows there’s a silver lining to the NHL Draft Lottery.

    He knows that the Edmonton Oilers’ winning the right to draft Connor McDavid – moving up to the No. 1 pick, from their third-worst record and third-best odds – leaves them with a chance to select Jack Eichel, a Boston University center and a franchise player in his own right. 

    “We're disappointed not to get 1st, but we're happy with 2nd. Two franchise-changing guys in this draft,” Murray said, via the Sabres.

    But still … Saturday night was the end of a two-year journey for Murray and the Sabres. The prize at the end was McDavid. The consolation prize, as rewarding as it is, was Eichel.

    "If you could have one or two, you would naturally want one,” he said, via Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun.

    He added, "I'm disappointed for our fans."

    Getting McDavid would have immediately made it all worth the pain. Eichel still might, but not instantly.