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  • Tom Brady vs. Gary Bettman, as NHLPA defends Wideman ruling

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 2 hrs ago

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    The Dennis Wideman case has already produced one odd little connection to Tom Brady.

    Please recall how in NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s initial ruling, he used the private text messages between Wideman and former teammate Gregory Campbell as evidence that the Calgary Flames defenseman offered “hollow” apologies for attacking linesman Don Henderson. The NY Post among others mentioned this was “Tom Brady’s worst nightmare,” considering his own cell phone drama with Roger Goodell during DeflateGate.

    Now, the connection to Brady is a bit more overt in the Wideman case. The NHLPA used the New England Patriots quarterback’s fight with the NFL as justification for upholding an arbitrator’s ruling that knocked down Wideman’s suspension from 20 games to just 10.

  • Jose Bautista bat flip joins goal celebrations in NHL 17

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Goal celebrations have been a cherished part of EA Sports’ NHL series, where they can exist freely and without the death stare of fun-smothering critics seeking to make sports an unenthusiastic variety of vanilla.

    It’s a safe space for flamboyancy, which is why we’re happy they’ve provided a happy home for Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista’s infamous “Joey Bats Flip” in NHL 17.


    — Marc Quill (@MarcQuill) July 28, 2016

    Executed after his series-clinching homer against the Texas Rangers last October, the bat flip became a signature move in baseball and a point of criticism for old-school fans and players like Goose Gossage, who called it a “disgrace.”

  • Winnipeg Jets defend controversial Bobby Hull honor

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

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    Bobby Hull is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. He played 411 games with the Winnipeg Jets of the World Hockey Association, scoring 303 goals and lending that league instant credibility. He led the team to two championships as a member of The Hot Line, with Anders Hedberg and Ulf Nilsson.

    All three will be inducted into the new Winnipeg Jets Hall of Fame this year. But it’s Hull’s honor that has caught the ire of some hockey fans and that of Colin Fast, a columnist for Metro Winnipeg. Because for all of his exploits on the ice, history also remembers Bobby Hull’s documented incidents of domestic violence.

    From Fast:

    Domestic violence, assaulting a police officer, racism and pro-Hitler views? Geez, this organization rightfully shipped Evander Kane out of town for skipping a few practices and restaurant tabs, yet it’s going to throw a celebration for Bobby Hull?

  • Hurricanes coach on Teravainen, goalie issues (Podcast)

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 2 days ago

    Carolina Hurricanes coach Bill Peters (beginning at the 28:00 mark) and NHL free-agent forward Sam Gagner joined the Marek Vs. Wyshynski podcast this week, as Peters discussed the team and his new contract.

    We also asked him if he already had plans for Teuvo Teravainen, the potentially brilliant young forward that was acquired from the Chicago Blackhawks along with Bryan Bickell in a salary dump this summer.

    Peters said he sees Teravainen skating with Sebastian Aho, a Finnish rookie, and Elias Lindholm, who had 39 points in 82 games last season.

    “I know exactly where I see Teravainen slotting in. I have Aho, Lindholm and Teravainen,” said Peters. “Now, where they go, I don’t know. Lindy played a little center for us last year, at the end of the year, and was very good. Teravainen was very successful in Chicago playing the off-wing, as a right winger. He also has some ability to play center. I think that’s going to be a line. That way, one guy can take faceoffs on the right side in the ‘D’ zone and the other guy can take faceoffs on the left side in the ‘D’ zone and all three are responsible defensively.

    “Not that I’ve given that line any thought,” he said.

  • Jimmy Vesey, Blackhawks, Rangers and the short list

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 2 days ago

    Having the Chicago Blackhawks enter your rookie free-agent courtship is like making time with a woman at a bar just as Leonardo DiCaprio and his posse roll up next to her. “Hey, can I buy you a drink and fly you to Ibiza and have you met my friend Spider-Man?”

    This isn’t to say the Blackhawks are going to land NCAA wunderkind Jimmy Vesey when he can officially sign on Aug. 15, just that they’re on the short list and clearly in the hunt. GM Stan Bowman took in summer league games while Vesey skated in Foxboro.

    From Scott Powers at The Athletic, speaking with agent Peter Donatelli:

    “He really has no idea where he’s going to be,” Donatelli said. “It’s going to be up to the teams to sell him. … Yes, [we have criteria], but we’re interested in what the teams say rather than telling the teams what they have to say.”

    But the potential is there for Vesey to join other teams as well:

    Boston Bruins

    Buffalo Sabres

    Chicago Blackhawks

    See above.

    Nashville Predators

    New York Rangers

  • Congrats on the most racist logo in hockey, Lake Erie

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 2 days ago

    The Lake Erie Warriors are a team in the new National College Prospects Hockey League, a Tier II junior league associated with the Western States Hockey League, which begins play this fall.

    With a brand new team comes a brand new logo, and the Lake Erie Warriors went … with … this:


    So a few problems here.

    1. It’s 2016, and it features a red-skinned Native American mascot as a howling Mohawk’d savage.

    2. The head is so poorly rendered that it looks like it’s nestled on a plate of over-sauced meatballs.

    3. It’s 2016, and it features a red-skinned Native American mascot as a howling Mohawk’d savage.

    4. The placement of “Lake Erie” on the thin shaft of the hockey stick reminds us of people who write profanities inside the grout of a men’s room wall, except less legible.

    5. It’s 2016, and it features a red-skinned Native American mascot as a howling Mohawk’d savage.

    6. The tattoo on his face looks like he’s wearing a telemarketing headset.


    Here’s more about the team:

  • Bill Peters locked up by Carolina Hurricanes through 2019

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 3 days ago

    There were 12 coaches who earned votes for the Jack Adams Award last season. Bill Peters of the Carolina Hurricanes wasn’t one of them, despite having guided his team to within seven points of a wild card spot while having a bottom five payroll.

    But while the voters didn’t appreciate him, the Hurricanes do. Peters was handed a new contract that extends the 50-year-old coach through the 2018-2019 season, as Carolina announced on Wednesday.

    “Bill is a talented, young coach in the National Hockey League,” said Ron Francis, Executive Vice President and General Manager. “We are happy that he has made a commitment to the Hurricanes, and that he will be a major part of the team continuing to grow.”

    In two seasons, Peters has gone 65-72-27 with the Hurricanes. Their 86 points last season was their highest point total since 2010-11.

    He’s just a really solid coach, who had the team moving in the right direction defensively in his first season and saw the trend continue last season when the Hurricanes were 11th in the NHL in even-strength Corsi (51.5).


  • Bettman condemns CTE ‘fear-mongering’ in letter to U.S. Senator

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 3 days ago

    Back in June, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) sent a letter to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. He wanted to know why the League had been “dismissive and disappointing” in its reaction to an NFL official linking concussions with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, earlier this year.

    Among his questions to Bettman: “Do you believe there is a link between CTE and hockey?” and “Do you dispute that the documented CTE of former NHL players, like Derek Boogaard, is linked to injuries sustained while playing in the NHL?”

    On Tuesday, via New York Times reporter John Branch, we have Bettman’s answer: “The relationship between concussions and the asserted clinical symptoms of CTE remains unknown.”

    On CTE, Bettman wrote:

    NY TImes


    NY TImes

    NY Times

  • Dennis Wideman and the ‘concussion defense’ slippery slope

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 3 days ago

    When the NHL gets litigious, it’s usually because it’s desperately trying to maintain the status quo against an interloper that threatens it.

    Like when Jim Balsillie attempted to use bankruptcy court to circumvent NHL rules and obtain ownership of the Phoenix Coyotes. The NHL fought him in court, and ultimately reinforced its right to determine the owners of its teams and the locations of its franchises.

    And like when the NHL filed suit against the NHLPA after arbitrator James Oldham reduced the suspension of Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman from 20 games down to 10.

    But when you look at Oldham’s ruling, it’s also about trying to stop “the concussion defense” from being a valid one in matters of supplemental discipline.

    But there’s another aspect to the concussion defense that’s worth exploring.

  • Did Red Wings overpay Danny DeKeyser with 6-year deal?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 4 days ago

    In the NHL, there’s usually a trade-off between average annual value of a contract vs. term on free-agent contracts. The shorter the term, the higher the AAV; the longer the term, the lower the AAV.

    Again, in theory.

    The Detroit Red Wings signed 26-year-old defenseman Danny DeKeyser to a six-year, $30-million deal on Tuesday that carries a $5 million cap hit. That makes him the 11th highest-paid defenseman between the ages of 25-27, making slightly less than Torey Krug of the Boston Bruins (25, $5.25M AAV) and slightly more than T.J Brodie of the Calgary Flames (26, $4.65M AAV).

    Did the Red Wings overpay here?

    The Detroit Free Press spelled it out here before the signing, with comments from GM Ken Holland:

    “The player and the club both know what the range would be on a one-year deal,” Holland said. “We continue to have conversation on a longer-term deal. I’m comfortable we can avoid the process. … Danny is Detroit born, he’s happy with his role, happy to be a Red Wings. We are happy with his play.”  

    The contact breakdown: