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  • Dustin Byfuglien signs 5-year extension, as Jets win on term

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 52 mins ago

    Once it became apparent that the Winnipeg Jets were dead-set on signing defenseman Dustin Byfuglien to an extension, the only question was one of term. 

    The Jets and Byfuglien answered that question on Monday in announcing his new contract: $38 million, with a $7.6-million cap hit, over five years.


    “This was something between ourselves and Dustin’s representative that we could feel comfortable with,” said GM Kevin Cheveldayoff.

    What a win for the Jets.

    “I’ve been here five years. From where started and where we’re at now, I don’t feel like we’re that far off,” said Byfuglien, via Illegal Curve.

    Reports were that Byfuglien was asking for $55 million over eight years, which led to visions of an immobile 37-year-old Dustin Byfuglien with a $6.875 million cap dragging down the Jets like a rusty anchor. 

    From the Jets:


  • Rangers coach: Wrong on Sidney Crosby, maybe right on Simmonds ban?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 3 hrs ago

    One of John Tortorella’s favorite tropes is the way Sidney Crosby is coddled. For example, theorizing how the NHL would react if the Pittsburgh Penguins’ “whining star” was injured on a controversial hit. 

    At the very least, Tortorella evokes this when his teams are playing the Penguins. In that sense, New York Rangers coach Alain Vigneault went beyond the full Torts, in bringing up Crosby in relation to Ryan McDonagh’s concussion, and the lack of any suspension for Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers for concussing him.

    “I had a feeling he had a concussion,” Vigneault said. “We weren’t 100 percent sure. He had some symptoms.

    First off, can we retire this Sidney Crosby-gets-preferential-treatment nonsense?

    David Steckel wasn’t suspended. Victor Hedman wasn’t suspended. Marc Staal dropped more lumber on Crosby’s head than a forklift at Home Depot and wasn’t suspended. Vigneault remembers that, right?



  • Homer History: Joe Carter's World Series winning blast

    Greg Wyshynski at Big League Stew 3 hrs ago


    “Every story has already been told. Once you've read Anna Karenina, Bleak House, The Sound and the Fury, To Kill a Mockingbird and A Wrinkle in Time, you understand that there is really no reason to ever write another novel. Except that each writer brings to the table, if she will let herself, something that no one else in the history of time has ever had." - Anna Quindlen, author.

    My favorite thing about baseball is that, for the most part, everything has happened before. Records aren’t records unless someone has already set them. Greatness isn’t greatness without the benefit of comparison. Every season is a variation on a theme; and what separates the moments playing in perpetuity on highlight reels or immortalized in a concrete temple in Cooperstown from ones that slip from memory is how one claims the moment for themselves.

    [2016 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball is open for business. Sign up now]

    But Carter’s home run is inarguably the greatest moment in Canadian baseball history, as much as it’s one of the lowest moments in Philadelphia sports history – god’s work, really.

    Then you’d get the 1993 Phillies, apparently.

    God, I hated Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams.

    Spoiler: He didn’t.

  • See adorable Playmobil NHL figures for 12 new teams (Photos)

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 5 hrs ago

    Last year, Playmobil made 16 NHL figures, and they were all very cute. 

    Now they’ve finally expanded the line to include a 12 more teams, including five in Canada, which sometimes gets the shaft when it comes to toy lines. (Luckily, Playmobil has a deal in the U.S. and Canada, the first time in the company’s history that it has licensed line in both countries.)

    Click here to take a look at the figures:

    The new teams, with one player and one goalie for each: Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Vancouver Canucks, Washington Capitals and Winnipeg Jets.

    From the good folks at Playmobil:

    “Due to popular demand from consumers and retailers alike, we are thrilled to expand our offerings of NHL toys,” said Mark Cohen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PLAYMOBIL USA. “Young fans were clamoring to play with their favorite NHL teams and now with the introduction of additional franchises and iconic NHL moments, they can continue to express their fandom and create their own authentic NHL-inspired experiences with PLAYMOBIL.”


  • Super Bowl on ice: The 15 times NHL and NFL collided

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    The NHL and NFL share some commonalities. They’re winter sports. They’re perfect for tailgating. They have a multitude of equipment players wear. They both used to have hitting.

    But as the Super Bowl arrives on Sunday between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers – we repeat, the CAROLINA Panthers – we decided to look at 15 times the NFL was mixed with the NHL, and vice versa. The Winter Classic has certainly made this more frequent. 

    Here are 15 times the NHL and the NFL collided:

    1. Sidney Crosby attempts 70-foot ‘field goal'

    To celebrate the 2011 Winter Classic at Heinz Field, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins decided to take some 70-yard field-goal attempts … with his stick and some pucks. Probably because, as usual, the Penguins didn't give him anyone to pass to.

    But there was another player who attempted an actual field goal.

    2. Andrew Shaw boots at a Bears game

    3. Joe Namath and Derek Sanderson

    4. Ben Bishop chirps Rams owner

  • Columnist slams Blackhawks fans’ national anthem tradition

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Chicago Blackhawks fans have a tradition for the playing of our national anthem: They cheer. They holler. They applaud. Their volume at home games can drown out the words and music. It’s all rather inspiring. 

    Terry Frei, venerable columnist for the Denver Post, has a problem with it. Not in Chicago, but when Blackhawks fans are invading places like Colorado Avalanche games.

    But what bothered me Tuesday was that some — some — of the Blackhawks fans attempted to transfer the United Center ritual of hollering, hooting, cheering and applauding through the national anthem to the Pepsi Center.

    ... When Blackhawks fans at another arena, including in Denver on Tuesday, attempt to yell, hoot, holler and clap through the anthem in a place where quiet — or at most, singing along — is the norm, it comes off as boorish, discordant and disrespectful. You can bring Gino's East and White Castle to Denver ... but leave the hockey anthem ritual in Chicago.

    First, let’s get something straight: White Castle was founded in Wichita and is headquartered in Columbus.



  • Teen Dylan Larkin U.S. wears flag, calls himself ‘D-Boss’ in amazing lost video

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    (UPDATE: To the surprise of no one, the video has been removed, likely after a panicked phone call from D-Boss to E-Slayer on Sunday morning. Luckily, Winging It In Motown captured the following .gif that gives us endless "1-2-3 Let's Have Fun" moments.)

    Dylan Larkin is a rookie forward for the Detroit Red Wings who is pushing for the Calder Trophy and recently broke the NHL All-Star Game record for fastest skater in the skills competition. 

    But before that, he was ‘D-Boss,’ the dude who sniped pucks in a basement … sorry, “dungeon” net, wore a U.S. flag like a blanky and put over Patrick Kane as an American hero.

    This video … is amazing. Let us count the ways:

    - Larkin refers to himself as ‘D-Boss.’ Multiple times.

    - Larkin says they’re putting on a “snip show,” rather than a “snipe show.” Perhaps he hoped to become a mohel.

    - He’s wearing socks.

    1-2-3 LET’S HAVE FUN!


  • Penguins, Flyers will play outdoor game in 2017: Report

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 2 days ago

    The scuttlebutt at the Winter Classic last month was that the 2017 edition of the event would either take place in Toronto, as part of the Maple Leafs’ centennial celebration, or feature a showdown between the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins. 

    The decision’s yet to be made, but ESPN’s Scott Burnside reports that the Flyers vs. Penguins game is all but booked for next season – likely at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, marking the first time the NHL has revisited a venue. The Penguins hosted the Washington Capitals in 2011 in the Winter Classic.

    (No, we’re not counting the New York Rangers’ two games at Yankee Stadium in the season month.)

    OK, we know what you’re asking: What happened to having this game at Penn State, the perfect neutral site and party zone?

    Writes Burnside:


    Bottom line: Flyers. Penguins. In a stadium. This is going to be intense. In the stands, we mean.  


  • Flyers lose Sean Couturier for month in big blow to playoff chase

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 3 days ago

    Sean Couturier will miss up to four weeks with a lower-body injury, which is not very good news for the Philadelphia Flyers. 

    How much does Couturier mean to Philly?

    According to Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Flyers are 2-6-1 without the center, getting outscored 31-20; when he’s played this season, they’re 20-12-7, with a goal differential whittled down to a minus-5.

    So he means a lot. Especially when you consider how thin the Flyers are at forward this season.

    The Flyers remain in the playoff race with 54 points, which are four in back of the New Jersey Devils.

    How optimistic are Flyers fans now that Couturier is hurt for up to a month? Wrote Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey: “Welp, hockey season was fun while it lasted.”


  • Will MLB Advanced Media shut down NHL fan videos, GIFs?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 3 days ago

    Major League Baseball Advanced Media, whose partnership with the NHLled to an overhaul of that League’s digital properties, has earned a reputation for a few things. Like high quality streaming capabilities. Like state-of-the-art mobile apps. And, in the eyes of some fans, a draconian approach to user-created content from copyrighted broadcasts. 

    The stories from BAM’s crackdown on baseball videos are many. The “electronic minions” who would have YouTube delete users’ accounts for uploading classic MLB game clips. The Twitter suspensions for those who create GIFs of baseball games. Cracking down on baseball podcasts for using team colors in their logos.