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  • Sidney Crosby scores twice in Game 2, answers ‘what happened to Sidney Crosby?’

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 hr ago

    Before the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Game 2 against the New York Rangers, Sportsnet had the latest in a series of “what’s wrong with Sidney Crosby?” segments, as the captain had one goal in his last 19 postseason games. 

    (He had nine assists in that span, but c’mon, that doesn’t fit the narrative.)

    After the Penguins’ 4-3 win over the Rangers on Saturday night, the story changed: Sidney Crosby is still Sidney Crosby, with two goals in 4:39 late in the second period that blew open the game.

    His first goal came on a backhand shot off a rebound, thanks to Patric Hornqvist’s strong drive to the net:

    His second goal came on a diving tip off a Chris Kunitz shot:

    Just like that, the Penguins had emphatically rallied from a 1-0 hole created by Derek Stepan’s first-period goal. 

    Was it perfect? Not at all. The Penguins took seven minor penalties, their second straight undisciplined game. But the Rangers managed only one power-play goal on seven chances, and the Penguins posted two power-play goals of their own via Brandon Sutter and Chris Kunitz.

    Crosby also had a scary moment in the third period, colliding with Carl Hagelin of the Rangers.

  • Sabres GM Tim Murray: ‘I’m disappointed for our fans’

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 4 hrs ago

    GM Tim Murray of the Buffalo Sabres knows there’s a silver lining to the NHL Draft Lottery.

    He knows that the Edmonton Oilers’ winning the right to draft Connor McDavid – moving up to the No. 1 pick, from their third-worst record and third-best odds – leaves them with a chance to select Jack Eichel, a Boston University center and a franchise player in his own right. 

    “We're disappointed not to get 1st, but we're happy with 2nd. Two franchise-changing guys in this draft,” Murray said, via the Sabres.

    But still … Saturday night was the end of a two-year journey for Murray and the Sabres. The prize at the end was McDavid. The consolation prize, as rewarding as it is, was Eichel.

    "If you could have one or two, you would naturally want one,” he said, via Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun.

    He added, "I'm disappointed for our fans."

    Getting McDavid would have immediately made it all worth the pain. Eichel still might, but not instantly. 



  • Edmonton Oilers win NHL Draft lottery, chance to draft Connor McDavid

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 5 hrs ago

    The Edmonton Oilers won the Connor McDavid sweepstakes. 

    The Oilers’ card was pulled by NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, as a team with the third worst record and an 11.5-percent chance to win the lottery took the top spot and the chance to draft the OHL super prospect.

    “It’s going to affect your entire lineup, and getting the No. 1 pick is certainly going to fill a big hole in our lineup,” said Bill Scott, assistant general manager.

    Taylor Hall is ready.

    Hey @cmcdavid97 left shot black tape left side

    The Buffalo Sabres will draft No. 2 overall, where center Jack Eichel awaits. But the meticulous dive to the bottom of the standings for Buffalo targeted McDavid, and this lottery loss will sting – especially given Edmonton’s good fortune in the lottery.

    It will be the fourth time in six years the Oilers will draft first overall, having drafted Taylor Hall (2010), Ryan-Nugent Hopkins (2011) and Nail Yakupov (2012) – all of them great offensive talents, none of them on the level of McDavid.

    The chase for the top pick in the draft was a multi-year ordeal.

    The final order, with their 2015 lottery percentages:


  • Puck Daddy NHL Draft Lottery Live Chat!

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 6 hrs ago

    The NHL Draft Lottery is scheduled for 8 p.m. ET on Saturday night, and there’s unprecedented hype for it. Connor McDavid, the brilliant junior hockey star, is the top prize; Jack Eichel, the brilliant NCAA hockey star, is a heck of a consolation prize. 

    Please join your friends at Puck Daddy and Yahoo Sports as we cover this historic event! Chat away! 

  • NHL Draft Lottery: Which teams should we hope don't win it?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 16 hrs ago

    The NHL Draft Lottery is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. ET on Saturday night, and there’s unprecedented hype for it. Connor McDavid, the brilliant junior hockey star, is the top prize; Jack Eichel, the brilliant NCAA hockey star, is a heck of a consolation prize. 

    The NHL is so super concerned about transparency, it's released the number combinations for all teams in order for them to win the lottery. It’s also filming the lottery, lest anyone believe it’s been fixed to benefit a particular team. 

    But which teams deserve to earn the first overall pick, and which ones should we pray don’t win the right to draft McDavid?

    Here’s a quick guide to the teams in tonight’s lottery, and their virtue:

    14. Boston Bruins

    Odds of Winning Lottery: 1.0%

    Connor McDavid’s Nickname If Drafted: Connor McDunkin’

    Why We Should Pray They Don’t Win Lottery: Because the native Boston tongue wrapped around the name “Connor McDavid” is about as charming as hearing that Dropkick Murphys’ song for the 600th time. 

    13. Los Angeles Kings

    Odds of Winning Lottery: 2.0%

    Connor McDavid’s Nickname If Drafted: King Connor

  • Braden Holtby out of Game 2 with illness; Philipp Grubauer starts for Caps

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    On Friday, the Washington Capitals recalled goalie Philipp Grubauer from the AHL, which caused some panic. Starter Braden Holtby was ill, and had been ill since before the end of the regular season. 

    Don’t worry, they said. Holtby is totally playing in Game 2 against the New York Islanders, they said.

    Well, turns out the panic was legit: The only thing keeping the Capitals from going down 0-2 in their series against the Islanders is one Phillip Grubauer, as the team announced Holtby is out tonight an undisclosed illness.

    From the Capitals:

    The most exciting German visitor to D.C. since Angela Merkel!

    Now, Grubauer played pretty darn well for the Capitals back in 2013-14, when Michal Neuvirth went down with an injury. This isn’t an epic downgrade at the position, at least on paper.

    But there’s no question Holtby was the Capitals’ third most vital player behind Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom this season. The soft goal he gave up to Brock Nelson in the first in Game 1 did the team no favors, but a strong redemptive game from Holtby from Game 2 could have been in the cards.

  • Marek vs. Wyshynski Podcast: Stephen Whyno on NHL playoffs; Craig Berube fired!

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    LISTEN HERE! [And if that doesn't work, try here.]

    It's a (gettin' down on) Friday edition of Marek vs. Wyshynski beginning at 2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. PT, and we're talking about the following and more:

    Special Guest Star: Stephen Whyno on hockey!

    • The Stanley Cup Playoffs! 

    • The firing of Craig Berube!

    • Hockey News and Views

    Question of the Day: Who will be the next Flyers coach? Email or hit us on Twitter with the hashtag #MvsW to @wyshynski or @jeffmarekClick here for the Sportsnet live stream or click the play button above!



  • For Game 2 vs. Islanders, Braden Holtby is sick? Unbelievable

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Washington Capitals goalie Braden Holtby sat out practice on Friday morning ahead of Game 2 of their series against the New York Islanders, feeling under the weather. 

    Hershey Bears starter Philipp Grubauer was recalled from the AHL as a precaution.

    From the Washington Post:

    According to Coach Barry Trotz, Holtby missed Thursday’s optional skate for this very reason, and the Capitals saw little value in having Holtby tax himself the next morning with such a critical game around the bend. So they recalled Grubauer, who drove into town Thursday night.

    Holtby still attended meetings and “got a little bit of movement today,” Trotz said, but any on-ice work will come during pregame warmups. “When you’re not feeling well, no sense draining yourself anymore,” Trotz said.

    Basically, everyone in the Capitals locker room expects Holtby to get the start in Game 2, after the Islanders took Game 1 of the series, 4-1. Trotz also said that Holtby’s status shouldn’t be affected by the illness.


  • Craig Berube fired by Flyers; who are leading candidates to take over?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall on Wednesday said the fate of his coach Craig Berube would be determined after a “methodical” evaluation process.

    “I'm not going to make a quick decision to appease people, or to follow along like it's supposed to be done. I'm going to do everything I can to do the due diligence that's appropriate to make the decision. Once I get there, then we'll let people know. I'm not going to make a hasty decision and look back and regret it. I'm going to do everything I can to gather all the information out there and make the right decision,” he said.

    This intense process took … under two days.

    Berube was fired on Friday by the Flyers, going 75-58-28 as head coach, the 18th the organization has had. (This was also Berube’s 18th year with the Flyers as a player and a coach. And Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln! Spooooky!)

    All of that was a distant memory this season, as the Flyers finished sixth in the Metro going 33-31-18.

    So who might take over in Philadelphia?

    Chris Pronger: A boy can dream.


  • Gary Bettman: No need to change NHL standings point system

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Does a three-point NHL standings point system appeal to you? 

    Then you’re probably not a Calgary Flames player, coach or fan.

    The Flames would have missed the playoffs under a system that awarded three points for a regulation win, two points for any type of overtime win and one point for an overtime loss. They would have finished ninth in the West, two points in back of the Winnipeg Jets and three points in back of the Los Angeles Kings, whose overtime failures would have been overcome by 37 regulation wins.

    In the East, everyone who made the cut would have still made it. Sorry, Boston. 

    That’s via Hockey Standings, which has several variations on the current points system.

    If we still had ties and no overtime? Boston makes the playoffs over Ottawa, and Chicago would have been a wild card while Winnipeg would be out. If we had ties after overtime? The Penguins would have played the Capitals in Round 1, and Winnipeg would be out again.