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  • adding Corsi, Fenwick, enhanced stats next month

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 9 hrs ago

    One of the knocks on advanced stats in the NHL is that they’re not treated as official numbers by the League -- we can find goals and assists on, but not Corsi and PDO. This allows critics to treat them like some kind of crazy nerd voodoo rather than an increasingly legitimate means through which to evaluate players, teams and games. 

    Well, it appears to the nerds won.

    “Absolutely,” said NHL COO John Collins, at least weekend’s All-Star Game.

    Collins confirmed that while the League waits to standardize the new player-tracking system that will eventually quantify puck possession stats more accurately, is adding “enhanced stats” to its collection of player and team statistics. 

    The addition is scheduled for late February.

    “You’re going to see a big change in the way we present our stats, in terms of the depth and the utility of how to do it. And that’s before the puck tracking [system],” said Collins.

    Among the 30 or so advanced stats being added to the stats pages:

    * Corsi, which estimates puck possession by totaling shots on goal, missed shots and blocked shots

    * Fenwick, which does the game minus the blocked shots

    * Average shot distance

  • Marek Vs. Wyshynski Podcast: Darren Pang on Brodeur; NHL prospects talk

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    Special Guest Star: Darren Pang on the retirement of Marty Brodeur.

    • NHL prospects talk. 

    • Carey Price and the Hart

    • The World Cup of Hockey.

    • News and notes. 

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  • NHL All-Star Game ratings crash in U.S., Canada

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 17 hrs ago

    The disconnect between the NHL All-Star Game’s entertainment value on-site and on television grows forever wider.

    Having covered the weekend in Columbus, it was a blast. OK, the actual game wasn’t – that was pretty unwatchable. But the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft and Skills Competition delivered and were a riot to watch. 

    Having now seen the TV ratings for these events … woof .

    NBCSN in the U.S. reports that the All-Star Game on Sunday delivered 1.194 million viewers, which was a 14-percent drop from the 2012 game on NBCSN (1.317 million). The Skills Competition delivered 895,000 viewers, down 15% from the 2012 competition on NBCSN (1.104 million). The Fantasy Draft on Friday delivered 310,000 viewers, down 24% from the 2012 Fantasy Draft (408,000).

    The good news for NBC, such as it is, was that the All-Star Game was the most-watched NHL game on NBCSN since the Stanley Cup Final and the 1.194 million viewers were up 240 percent vs. the network’s regular-season average from last season 351,000.

    Again, it’s a shame, because the weekend on a whole was pretty entertaining for the NHL.

  • Can Carey Price win the Hart Trophy this season?

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 17 hrs ago

    Our friend Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News wonders if Carey Price should win the Hart Trophy this season:

    In reality, it’s the player most valuable to his team as long as that team is good and since Montreal is a near-lock for the playoffs already, the Habs qualify. But the Canadiens have just one player among the top-60 scorers in the NHL and that’s Max Pacioretty, who ranks 34th right now with 38 points in 46 games.  

    The power play – one of the few aspects of the game Price has no effect on – is bottom-10 in the league, clicking at just 17.1 percent.

    Price has a compelling case. He’s third behind Brian Elliott (.944) and Michael Hutchinson (.942) in even-strength save percentage, coming in at .939. That’s with having faced the fourth-most shots at 5-on-5 (914). He’s 25-10-2 overall with a 2.15 GAA.

    But we all know how this Hart Trophy thing works, right?

    And to that end, Price has a compelling case.

    From a possession standpoint, they’ve been atrocious: 25th in the NHL in Corsi-percentage (48.4).

  • Charlie Coyle scores sick breakaway goal from behind the net (Video)

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 18 hrs ago

    Watching Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle’s goal from Tuesday night vs. the Edmonton Oilers in real time, you’re left awestruck. 

    The Oilers defenders were on him. Goalie Viktor Fasth came out to the top of the crease to challenge him. Coyle looked like he ran out of real estate before sliding into the boards. And yet … it was a goal, the game-winner in the Wild’s 2-1 victory over the Oilers.

    How’d he pull that one off? Logic would dictate that he banked it off Fasth as the goalie scrambled back to his crease. But no – Coyle actually tucked the puck in from behind the goal line after beating three Edmonton defenders on a breakaway. That’s nuts.

    Although Coyle said after the game that the goalie’s aggressive reaction surprised him, Fasth played the challenge correctly – not his fault that he followed the backhand deke to its logical conclusion.

    There may have been just a slight miscommunication with the defenders as Andrew Ference came blazing in on the backcheck, but they mostly had this played correctly. And Coyle barely got the puck around the near post before running out of time.

  • Penguins pull game program that misspelled Sidney Crosby’s name

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Seriously. You had ONE JOB. 

    At the risk of throwing a stone in a glass house – and acknowledging that our own adventures in editing can sometimes read like a junior Jumble puzzle – the editors of the official game program of the Pittsburgh Penguins made a rather egregious error on their cover on Tuesday night. 

    The Jan. 27 game between the Penguins and the Winnipeg Jets didn’t feature Sidney Crosby, who’s out with an injury. But neither did the cover of their game program … although it did feature a “Sindey Crosby,” making us curious if they’re outsourcing their copyediting to Philadelphia.

    Dejan Kovacevic of Pittsburgh Sports, who snapped the image, said that the Penguins pulled the program off arena stands. Congrats to anyone who snagged a collector’s item. It'll go well with the Crosby bobblehead they handed out as well.

  • Mike Richards and the downward spiral

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Remember Mike Richards?

    Not the fourth-liner that cleared waivers for the Los Angeles Kings and was demoted to AHL Manchester on Tuesday. That’s not the guy we’re talking about here.

    The Mike Richards we remember was a Selke-worthy defensive center with offensive upside, a player that could be mentioned in the same breath as Jonathan Toews and Patrice Bergeron for that duality and not have many scoff at it. A player who drove possession for his teams, even when pressed into situations that weren’t exactly corsi-friendly as a defensive forward. A player with an edge to his game that allowed him to piss off players like Sidney Crosby as he was shuttering them offensively.

    We miss that guy.

    Figuring out where he went … well, novels could be written. Justin Bourne has a nice take on it last year, a year that earned Richards his second Stanley Cup ring:

    We can’t believe that his game has fallen off that steeply. Neither can the people employing him.

    And then Lombardi really makes you think when he says:


  • Alex Semin mess in Carolina getting messier

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    Having covered Alex Semin with the Washington Capitals for several seasons, the Carolina Hurricanes’ decision to hand him a 5-year contract in 2013 was fraught with potential disaster.  

    One the one hand, Semin’s line with Eric Staal and Jiri Tlusty was downright dominant in 2012-13; at the time of the contract, he led the team with 22 assists and was second in points and plus-minus. Then the injury bug hit, and hit again the following season, when he was limited 65 games, scoring 22 goals.

    On the other hand, he’s a player whose motivation and preparedness have been at issue throughout his career. So far this season, it’s been disastrous: One goal in 22 games, several healthy scratches and Coach Bill Peters calling out his effort in what’s been a lost season for the Canes.

    From the News & Observer, Peters torched Semin on Tuesday:


  • Sidney Crosby hopes suspension makes Zac Rinaldo more ‘apologetic’

    Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy 1 day ago

    The NHL hasn’t released a video explaining Zac Rinaldo’s eight-game suspension, which was for “charging and boarding” Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins last week. But one assumes Rinaldo didn’t do himself any favors with his behavior after the game. 

    Please recall Rinaldo making light of the incident after the game, an incident that sparked a fight-filled second period between the Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers. “Yeah, I changed the whole game, man. [Expletive], who knows what the game would have been like if I didn’t do what I did?” he said.

    The NHL Department of Player Safety quickly announced he’d have an in-person hearing for the hit.

    Rinaldo later tweeted he was sorry for the hit on Letang, which is something he didn’t say while defending the hit and glibly noting the subsequent violence it created.


  • Marek Vs. Wyshynski Podcast: Brodeur retires, World Cup, Rich Hammond on Kings

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    Special Guest Star: Rich Hammond on the LA Kings. 

    • Brodeur retires. 

    • The World Cup of Hockey.

    • News and notes. 

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