Greg Cosell

  • Best-case scenarios for Johnny Manziel, Browns and Rams atop NFL draft

    Greg Cosell at Yahoo Sports4 mths ago

    Almost all mock drafts are educated guesses for one simple reason: no one knows how teams have specific players rated or any idea what particular teams' draft boards look like. So we all discuss, postulate, hypothesize, theorize, propose – all more sophisticated ways of saying that we guess, and lo and behold, people actually believe us!

    With that in mind, I am going to present my thoughts on two teams that select in the top 5 of Thursday's opening round of the NFL draft: the St. Louis Rams at No. 2, and the Cleveland Browns at No. 4. My reasons are founded solely on football, nothing more. One I strongly believe will happen, the other I feel would be best for the team based on my overall analysis.

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