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  • Ray Lewis III, son of former NFL star, charged with sexual battery

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 14 hrs ago

    Coastal Carolina cornerback Ray Anthony Lewis III, 20, was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct on Friday after two women told police he sexually assaulted them.

    On Jan. 23, police responded to a local hospital where two women said they were sexually assaulted at an apartment across the street from Coastal Carolina’s campus.

    According to the arrest warrant, Lewis engaged in sexual battery with an 18-year-old woman he knew was incapacitated either by drugs or alcohol.

    Lewis turned himself into police on April 29.

    Lewis is the son of former Baltimore Ravens linebacker and two-time Super Bowl champion, Ray Lewis, who retired in 2013.

    Lewis spent two seasons at the University of Miami, his father’s alma mater, before transferring to Coastal Carolina. He played in 12 games in 2015 and made 14 solo tackles.


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  • Michigan and Georgia will work a satellite camp together

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 15 hrs ago

    It wasn't long after the satellite camp ban was rescinded that Michigan and the SEC began to mend fences.

    The Wolverines and Georgia will work a satellite camp together in Atlanta this June. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff had originally planned to host a camp solo at Cedar Grove High School in Ellenwood, Georgia on June 2. However, that camp has been moved to Maynard H. Jackson High School in Atlanta. It will still be hosted by Cedar Grove High School.

    Man its on and popping

    Harbaugh and Georgia coach Kirby Smart have not always seen eye-to-eye when it comes to the Wolverines’ off-season travel schedule. Smart was vocal about Michigan's trip to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida last month for spring football.

    "You've gotta think about recruiting rules, how are they going to handle those, is it an advantage, disadvantage?" Smart said, according to

    Harbaugh responded via Twitter, but refused to call Smart by name.

    If the Georgia coach is implying any intent on our part to break rules, he is barking up the wrong tree.

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  • Alabama assistant Bo Davis 'resigns' (Update)

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 15 hrs ago

    Update: 4/29 - 12:30 p.m. ET

    In a statement from head coach Nick Saban, Alabama announced that defensive line coach Bo Davis has resigned.

    "Bo Davis has submitted his letter of resignation," Saban's statement read. "We appreciate all the contributions he made to the program and wish him and his family the very best in the future."

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    Alabama assistant coach Bo Davis is expected to resign or be fired from his job amid allegations of recruiting violations, according to Rivals site

    Alabama has been investigating Davis and the NCAA has made inquiries as well. There have been no specifics into which recruiting rules were possibly broken.

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    Davis’ contract runs through 2017. He’s currently making $475,000 after receiving a one-year extension and $25,000 raise last June.

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  • Laremy Tunsil is not a victim and he's not a snitch

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Laremy Tunsil is not a victim.

    Let’s go ahead and put that out there right now.

    The former Ole Miss offensive lineman might be described as a lot of things after the events of Thursday night — naïve, a pawn, oportunistic and maybe even a little dumb — but victim is not one of them.

    He’s also not a snitch as some have painted him to be.

    So let's stop calling him that as well.

    He’s a guy whose past caught up with him at the most inopportune time possible and was forced to fess up to his misdeeds.

    Simple. Clean. Indisputable.

    Prior to Thursday night’s first round of the NFL draft, an anonymous hacker posted a video of Tunsil smoking marijuana out of a bong fashioned from a gas mask. Tunsil's camp claimed the video was allegedly years old, but it didn’t stop teams from taking a pass on Tunsil as he tumbled out of the top 10.

    While debates raged on Twitter regarding the validity of the text messages, Tunsil removed all doubt in his post-draft press conference.

    “I made a mistake,” Tunsil said. “That happened.”

    When asked for clarity on whether he was talking about taking money from a coach Tunsil said, “I’d have to say yeah.”

    There was sympathy.

    And there was outrage.

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  • Darron Lee leaves Urban Meyer hanging during draft day high five

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Ohio State is having a big night with five players selected in the first 20 picks of the NFL draft. However, it’s coach Urban Meyer who is getting the most attention on social media.

    When linebacker Darron Lee was selected No. 20 by the New York Jets, Meyer stood up to high five his former star defensive player and Lee left him hanging.


    Urbz couldn’t even play this one off. There was no pretending to brush back the hair or giving that fake shoutout to a mythical friend on the other side of the room. No, Meyer just lowered his hand sheepishly as he waited for Lee to eventually acknowledge him.

    It actually brought a twinge of sadness to an otherwise glorious night for the Buckeyes as that neglected high five could be perceived as a metaphoric symbol of a once great Ohio State team leaving Meyer behind.

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  • UMass latest program to consider dropping out of the FBS (Updated)

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    *** Updated story ***

    UMass is staying in the FBS for now.

    Thursday morning the UMass Faculty Senate, a body that advises the chancellor, put forth a motion to either drop football from the FBS or eliminate it altogether. After the Faculty Senate stated its case, the senators voted on the matter.

    The motion against FBS football is defeated by a vote count of 26 to 14.

    The most outspoken defender of keeping the football program was chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy, who made a passionate plea to the senators to keep the football program. In the end, however, the decision whether or not to drop football, would have rested with the chancelor, president and athletic director.

    Here is the letter penned by Chancellor Subbaswamy to Faculty Senators in regard to the motion:

    In fact, chancellor Subbaswamy made it pretty clear that he would have his own, systematic procedure for ever making such a decision.

    Afterwards, Subbaswamy went on to say that the continued efforts against FBS football by the Faculty Senate are a "waste of time."

    *** Original story ***

    And now, UMass might be contemplating a similar type of step backward.

  • Tennessee OL Charles Mosley has DUI charges dropped

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Tennessee offensive lineman Charles Mosley, who was cited for DUI and speeding last July, had his case dismissed Thursday.

    Mosley's attorney Steve Oberman told the Knoxville News Sentinel that the case was dismissed because the state failed to establish probable cause to arrest Mosley.

    "The arresting officer believed he had sufficient grounds to arrest Mr. Mosley," Oberman told the News Sentinel. "The proof presented today in court was insufficient to send the case to the grand jury. ... Mr. Mosley and I are thrilled to have the case concluded in such a favorable fashion."

    Mosley was pulled over on July 22 at 1:51 a.m. for allegedly driving 79 mph in a 55-mph zone.

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  • Social Hour: Navy visits White House for the 10th time in 13 years

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

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    Navy took a trip to the White House — again — and filmed the trip.

    3 FB teams get to be honored by POTUS each year: Super Bowl, NCAA & CIC Champs. We've been 10 times in last 13 years

    UAB added yet another running back to what is shaping up to be a very competitive backfield.

    UAB adds Kansas State RB Kalin Heath, who redshirted last season.

    The NCAA’s Board of Governors has adopted a new requirement for championship bids.

    Board of Governors adopts new requirement to championship bid process to protect against discrimination:

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  • Mississippi State posts 'Letter to Dak' video tribute to former QB

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    Dak Prescott left a mark on Mississippi State not only on the football field — and in the record books — but also on the fans of the Bulldogs program.

    So in appreciation for Prescott’s time with the program, the school released a video called “A Letter to Dak,” which thanks the former Bulldogs quarterback for his contributions to Starkville as he embarks on an NFL career.

    I’m not tearing. You’re tearing up!

    The video includes kind words from Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen, university president Mark Keenum and several MSU fans.

    Prescott time in Stakville was a memorable one. He was just the second Mississippi State quarterback to earn back-to-back All-SEC First-Team honors. He set 38 records with the Bulldogs while throwing for 9,376 yards and 70 touchdowns. He also rushed for 2,521 yards and 41 scores.

    Prescott also led the Bulldogs to their high two-year win total in program history.

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  • Eastern Michigan students and faculty propose dropping out of D-I

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 4 days ago

    Eastern Michigan students and faculty have issued a report that urges the school to drop out of Division I and find another level of collegiate athletics in an effort to save money.

    "Culturally and geographically, EMU football will simply never succeed from an attendance and financial standpoint," faculty member Howard Bunsis said in a presentation to the Board of Regents on Friday. "It is a losing proposition — always has been, and always will be. We hardly raise any money for football, and our attendance is the lowest in the country. Some of you believe that we are close to succeeding, if we just throw more money at the situation. This proposition is insane.

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    The report issued by EMU funding doesn’t say it wants the school to get out of athletics altogether, but proposes moving down to Division II in football and the Horizon League in basketball.

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