Graham Watson

  • Bob Stoops takes issue with Nick Saban calling the Sugar Bowl a 'consolation game'

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday2 days ago

    Bob Stoops hasn’t been shy about taking on the SEC in the media, so when he heard Alabama coach Nick Saban tried to downgrade the Sooners' 45-31 win against the Tide in the Sugar Bowl last season, Stoops fired back.

    During an appearance on ESPN on Tuesday, Saban said it was difficult "getting [his team] to try to play a consolation game."

    Alabama was No. 1 in the national rankings before it was upset by Auburn during the final week of the regular season. The loss bumped the Tide from the SEC title game and ultimately the national championship game.

    When asked about Saban’s comments during Big 12 media days on Tuesday, Stoops made it clear he wasn’t buying the excuse.

    “We’ve played for quite a few national championships and when we don’t play for one it never seems to be the mantra but anyway you can make all the excuses you want or not,” he said. "The bottom line is, it is what it is.

    “And they sure looked good that first series, I’ll tell you that.”

    Stoops didn’t stop there. He continued to rail against Saban during his interviews with ESPN on Wednesday.

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