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  • Louisville will have high off-field standards for Devonte Fields

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 13 hrs ago

    Louisville coach Bobby Petrino said defensive end Devonte Fields will enroll at Louisville on Aug. 4, just ahead of camp starting on Aug. 6, but he will do so under strict conditions.

    "We've established that he's going to have to do everything right when he's on campus with us," Petrino said while doing interviews Monday at ESPN. "We have some standards that are set for him, and he's going to have to abide by those standards."

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    In 2014, Fields was charged in a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend. She stated Fields punched her in the face, pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her. He was charged with misdemeanor assault causing bodily injury and dismissed from TCU. The case was dismissed last month after Fields completed an anger management course.

    He spent last season at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas.

    Petrino said he hopes Fields can fill the void left by former pass rusher Lorenzo Mauldin, who left for the NFL.


  • WATCH: One UAB player worked hard to save the program that saved him

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 15 hrs ago

    The story of UAB disbanding and ultimately reinstating its football program was one that captured the attention of the college football world during the past six months.

    But one of the stories many outside of Birmingham might not have known was that of Timothy Alexander, a member of the UAB football team who is bound to a wheelchair.

    Raycom Sports did a profile on Alexander, the accident that led to him being paralyzed and how he rediscovered his love of football. Alexander was one of the most outspoken members of the UAB football program when it was disbanded and one of the figures that helped bring it back.

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    This video is a poignant look at one of the men who worked hard to save the program that saved him.

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  • Report: Five Big 12 teams sought move to Big Ten in 2010

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 18 hrs ago

    The Big Ten could have been the Big 16.

    According to Lee Barfknecht of the Omaha World-Herald, five Big 12 schools — Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Kansas and Iowa State — looked at joining the Big Ten in 2010 when the wheels of realignment started to grind.

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    As we all know, Nebraska did end up going to the Big Ten, A&M ended up in the SEC with Missouri, and Colorado went to the Pac-12. The Big 12 added West Virginia and TCU just to get back to 10 members, and the Big Ten recently added Rutgers and Maryland to go to 14. And that’s where the conferences currently stand.

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    For now.


  • Steve Spurrier holds press conference to call out Georgia reporter (Video)

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 5 days ago

    Steve Spurrier called an impromptu press conference on Wednesday to call out his “enemies.”

    No, seriously.

    The gist of Spurrier’s beef was that Mark Bradley, a writer from Georgia, wrote an opinion about Spurrier’s age and whether he was still fit to coach. The local Columbia, S.C., paper ran the opinion in a larger column and Spurrier took issue with it.

    Here’s the part of the column that set Spurrier off:

    “That’s allowing our enemies to write about us in our paper and I don’t like that,” Spurrier said.

    Who are Spurrier’s enemies?

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    “The media. The media,” Spurrier said. “We’ve got some enemies that write in the Atlanta paper. They cover the Bulldogs. We let that guy write in our paper the other day. That doesn’t make sense, does it?”

    Of course, if South Carolina does have another 7-6 season, Bradley may be the one with the last word.


  • ISU's Mitchell Meyers to undergo final chemotherapy treatment Friday

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 5 days ago

    Iowa State defensive lineman Mitchell Meyers, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in January, will undergo his final of seven round of chemotherapy on Friday.

    Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads said Meyers, who started at defensive end and tackle last season as a redshirt sophomore, has not missed a workout since being diagnosed.

    While the chemo is over, Meyers still has to undergo more treatment before he's ready to be back on the field.

    "From here, Mitchell will come back to his hometown in Houston and undergo radiation before joining us in the month of September," Rhoads said. "Prayers still extended for Mitchell and his family and everything that he’s going through, and our football team watches in admiration and appreciation each and every single day.”

    Meyer was one of only four Iowa State players to start all 12 games in 2014. He finished the year with 30 total tackles.

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  • Art Briles thinks TCU and Baylor's lack of historic notoriety cost them playoff spots

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 5 days ago

    Baylor coach Art Briles is optimistic about his team in 2015, but for some reason he can’t stop chirping about 2014.

    Briles, who was making the rounds at ESPN studios Wednesday, noted that had Baylor or TCU been more notable college football programs, they would have made the College Football Playoff.

    Art Briles: “If Baylor or TCU had an older brand name, one of us would have got in the @CFBPlayoff

    Art Briles on 4 “brand names” making playoff: “A lot of 60 (year olds) on selection committee. Old dogs don’t wander far from home"

    Actually, coach Briles, the reason Baylor and TCU didn’t make the College Football Playoff was the lack of a conference title game. This is something College Football Playoff committee chairman Jeff Long noted and something Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby acknowledged this after the four playoff spots were announced.

    OK, so can we put the feigned disrespect and conspiracy theories to rest?

    What will be the excuse then?


  • DeVonte Fields not yet academically cleared to play at Louisville

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 5 days ago

    Defensive end DeVonte Fields is still working to become academically eligible at Louisville.

    Coach Bobby Petrino said Fields, along with high school signees James Allen and Chandler Jones, have been taking summer classes, but still aren’t academically cleared to participate in fall camp, which begins on Aug. 6. Classes begin on Aug. 24.

    "That's an ongoing process, and we've got two more weeks (before camp)," Petrino said. "You find out something new every day."

    Fields was dismissed from TCU prior to the 2014 season after he was involved in a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend. The alleged victim claimed Fields pointed a gun at her and puncher her in the face. He was charged with misdemeanor assault.

    However, the assault charge was dismissed with the completion of an anger management course.

    Fields, who was the Big 12 Freshman of the Year in 2012 and the Big 12’s Preseason Defensive Player of the Year prior to his dismissal, spent last season at Trinity Valley College in Texas.


  • Steve Spurrier and Kevin Sumlin wager $10 on the most improved defense

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 6 days ago

    South Carolina and Texas A&M were among the worst defensive teams in the SEC a year ago.

    So, when coaches Steve Spurrier and Kevin Sumlin crossed paths while doing interviews with ESPN in Bristol, Conn., on Tuesday, Spurrier decided to issue a friendly wager.

    “Us and them were sort of at the bottom of the SEC in most defensive categories, and I bet him $10 a few minutes ago that our defense would be more improved than his defense,” Spurrier told the Russillo Show. “So we’ve got a little bet going this year. I hope that’s legal.”

    Sumlin confirmed the $10 wager.

    And yes, this probably is illegal by NCAA standards. Don't we all remember the NCAA slogan, "Don't Bet On It," when it comes to sports gambling?

    South Carolina ranked 13 th in the SEC in total defense allowing 432.7 yards per game and 12 th in scoring defense allowing 30.4 points per game. A&M was equally as bad ranking 14 th in total defense allowing 450.8 yards per game and 11 th in scoring defense allowing 28.1 points per game.

    Well played, Spurrier. Well played.


  • Steve Spurrier on marijuana use: 'Three pots and you're finished'

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 6 days ago

    Steve Spurrier is a non-nonsense kinda guy.

    He rarely has issues speaking his mind and he’s admired because of it.

    Perhaps, he also should be admired for some of the rules he’s implemented.

    While appearing on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mikeon Tuesday, Spurrier was asked to talk about domestic violence and he was his normal, candid self.

    "I have had that rule I think every year I've been at South Carolina, so 10 years, and we have lost two players," Spurrier said. "I tell the team when they first arrive on campus, all the freshman know right now, if you ever hit a girl, punch a girl, whatever, you're finished. You can go somewhere else, transfer somewhere else, but you're not going to be on our team.

    "That's just a rule I have, a personal rule. Some other coaches don't have it. They think they'll give a guy a second chance, but we don't have second chances for that."

    And then, unprompted, Spurrier decided to drop this nugget about drug use:

    So “three pots” is like three strikes, right?


  • UAB announces football will return in 2017

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 6 days ago

    UAB announced Tuesday that it plans to restart its football program in 2017.

    The school said the delay was so enough financial support could be gathered to make the program sustainable.

    UAB president Ray Watts said two months ago that $17.2 million had been pledged to reinstate football, but according to, only $28,000 has actually been given to the program. However, Justin Craft, a former player who led the fundraising efforts to bring the football program back, told most of the big money pledged wasn’t due until the end of the year.

    When those dollars come in, UAB can start to renovate its facilities and put the UAB program on par with other Conference USA schools.

    The NCAA has waived UAB’s FBS requirements for three academic years beginning in 2015-16, and when football returns, the Blazers will be counted as FBS competition. UAB will be eligible for Conference USA championships and bowl games.

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