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  • Jameis Winston files trademark for 'Famous Jameis'

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 1 hr ago

    Jameis Winston, the potential No. 1 overall pick in April’s NFL draft, is already making moves to capitalize on his possible fame.

    Winston's representation, The Legacy Agency, filed to trademark "Famous Jameis," a nickname the quarterback earned at Florida State, according to

    "We have begun taking steps to protect our client and his intellectual property rights," Russ Spielman, a partner of The Legacy Agency, which represents Winston told "Right now his sole focus is on football. We hope to utilize this way down the line."

    The trademark was filed on Feb. 5.

    Winston, who lost just one game in college, led the Seminoles to a national championship, and hoisted the Heisman Trophy, certainly isn’t the first player to trademark his nickname before he’s even taken an NFL snap.

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  • UNC QB Marquise Williams to miss spring practices with hip injury

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 5 hrs ago

    North Carolina starting quarterback Marquise Williams will miss spring practices while he recovers from a hip injury, the school announced via its website.

    Backup Mitch Trubisky will take all the first team reps in Williams’ absence.

    Just because Williams isn’t suiting up doesn’t mean the coaches don’t expect the same type of effort out of him. Quarterbacks coach Keith Heckendorf told, that he wants Williams taking mental reps while the team goes through drills.

    "I want [Williams] to get as much out of spring ball as anyone,” Heckendorf said. “When he walks off the practice field I want him to be exhausted mentally from concentrating on every read and every play on every progression on every defense."

    Heckendorf also noted that Williams was still the starter, but that the competition was not yet closed.

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  • Hey everybody, Steve Spurrier is now on Twitter

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 8 hrs ago

    Yes folks the rumors are true, Steve Spurrier has joined Twitter.

    The South Carolina Head Ball Coach who has been entertaining us for years with his not-so-subtle jabs at Clemson and his witty press conference quips can now drop those gems at his leisure thanks to the wonders of social media.

    It's true!

    His introductory tweet was a little tame:

    1rst off/ Hello to all Gamecocks! I want to thank all past players at Duke at UF and UofSC and all present and future players #Heresc

    But we hope once he gets into the groove — the befuddled look on Spurrier’s face in the above pic looks like he’s making his first transition from the Zach Morris oversized mobile to a smartphone — he’ll be the best thing that’s happened to Twitter since the @midnight hashtag (or whatever you think the best thing on Twitter is).

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  • Arkansas coach Bret Bielema takes car away from player charged with DWI

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 9 hrs ago

    Arkansas coach Bret Bielema has taken a different approach to disciplining defensive end Tevin Beanum, who was arrested and charged with DWIand minor in possession of alcohol last weekend in Fayetteville.

    He took away Beanum’s car.

    In conjunction with Beanum’s mother, Sandra, Bielema restricted Beanum’s vehicle use to driving to the Fred Smith Football Center and class.

    “He has to go through the court system and obviously he’ll have ramifications, but I’ve basically banned the use of his car for any time other than when he’s coming over here or going to academics,” Bielema said. “His car is to remain parked. If he gets pulled over for running through a stoplight at 10:30 at night then he’s violated my rules and there’s going to be an even bigger consequence.”

    Beanum was driving with his bright headlights on around 2:26 a.m. Feb. 22 when police pulled him over. Police found an open bottle of brandy on the backseat and said Beanum smelled of alcohol.

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  • Report: UNC exploited grad school admissions to gain eligibility

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 10 hrs ago

    The academic scandal at the University of North Carolina has revealed yet another layer and this one involved the graduate student program.

    According to a report by the News & Observer, UNC admitted student-athletes into the graduate program in order to keep them eligible for an extra semester.

    The News & Observer detailed the admittance of former cornerback and kick returner Michael Waddell, who had a low grade point average and no GRE score, yet was admitted into the graduate studies program for a semester so he could gain a final year of eligibility. Waddell went on to be drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the fourth round in 2003.

    He never attended classes, flunked out and became just another black mark for a university that was already scorched by a university-wide academic scandal that kept student-athletes eligible by enrolling them in “paper classes,” which required little to no attendance and just a paper at the end of the term to complete the course.

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  • Honduran soccer field to be named after former Georgia coach Vince Dooley

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 4 days ago

    A soccer field in Honduras will bear the name of famous Georgia football coach Vince Dooley.

    Dooley, 82, has spent time in Honduras helping youth find alternatives to drugs and gang violence. He’s also helped plan the landscape of the field, which will include 160 hedges on the border similar to the border at Sanford Stadium where the Georgia Bulldogs play football.

    The field will be located at an elementary and middle school in the Agalta Valley and the scoreboard, which was donated by Coca-Cola, will have Dooley’s name. FIFA donated the goals.

    Dooley, who won 201 games and the 1980 national championship at Georgia, will be in Honduras on March 19 for the dedication along with Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez.

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  • Report: 49ers to bid to host College Football Playoff title game

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 4 days ago

    The Associated Press is reporting that the San Francisco 49ers wil bid to host the college football playoff championship game at newly opened Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.

    The team will attempt to host either the 2018, '19 or '20 title game and have until May to announce its bid.

    Levi’s Stadium, which opened prior to the 2014-15 NFL season, hosted the Foster Farms Bowl on Dec. 30 and drew an attendance of 34,780. The stadium has a capacity of 68,500, which is expandable to 75,000.

    AT&T Stadium in the Dallas area hosted the First College Football Playoff National Championship and had an announced attendance of 85,689.

    The next two college football title games already have been awarded to Glendale, Ariz., and Tampa, Fla. The College Football Playoff will announce future championship sites later this fall.

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  • Baylor RB Silas Nacita says NCAA ruled him ineligible, but the story has holes

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 5 days ago

    Baylor walk-on running back Silas Nacita has been dismissed from the Baylor football team after he claimed the NCAA ruled he took an impermissible benefit.

    His benefit?

    Taking permanent lodging from a friend instead of sleeping on various apartment floors.

    Nacita, who detailed his ordeal with the NCAA on Twitter, said he was homeless when he enrolled at Baylor and was staying on the floors of various friends. He said a longtime family friend took him in, gave him a place to live, and that the NCAA deemed that impermissible benefit and ruled him ineligible.

    All I wanted to do was go to school and play the game I loved.

    It’s easy to point the finger at the NCAA and even at Baylor in this instance, but that might not be the right thing to do.

    The NCAA said in a tweet that it did not declare Nacita ineligible as previously stated.

    The NCAA did not declare Silas Nacita ineligible and Baylor has not requested a waiver for him.

    There are methods in place to help student-athletes in the position like @Salsa_Nacho, he chose to ignore them, NCAA or Baylor not at fault.

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  • Vince Lombardi's West Point sweater bought for $.58, auctioned off for $40K

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 6 days ago

    A man who purchased a West Point sweater for 58 cents a year ago found himself a whole lot richer this past weekend.

    The sweater, which was purchased at a Goodwill store in Asheville, North Carolina, was owned and worn by Vince Lombardi when he coached the Academy from 1949 to 1953.

    It sold this past weekend at an auction in New York City for $43,020.

    Sean McEvoy of Knoxville, Tennessee told ESPN he saw the sweater at the Goodwill store and initially thought it was a basketball warmup. He said his wife saw the name “Lombardi” and the number “46” on a tag in the back of the sweater but didn’t make a connection and didn’t tell her husband.

    It wasn’t until McEvoy was watching a documentary about Lombardi and saw the famed coach wearing a sweater similar to the one he had purchased. He pulled the sweater out, saw the name on the back tag and made the connection.

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  • Brian Stewart officially becomes Nebraska's defensive backs coach

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday 6 days ago

    Brian Stewart wasn’t out of work long.

    The former defensive coordinator who mutually agreed to part ways with Maryland last week is now the defensive backs coach at Nebraska.

    “I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Nebraska football program,” Stewart said in a statement released by the school. “The opportunity to coach at Nebraska is awesome. My first impression is ‘wow’. From the weight room to walking down the hallway and seeing the national championship trophies, Nebraska is what you think it is…a football powerhouse.

    “The most important thing for me in my coaching career is my family. Coach Riley and his staff have been together so long, and you can just see the loyalty and trust. I’m proud to be a part of that.”

    Stewart spent three seasons as Maryland’s defensive coordinator, but last season, the Terps defense slipped and was one of the worst in the Big Ten. It ranked 12 th in the Big Ten in total defense and 13 th in pass defense.

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