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  • Cowboys DE Randy Gregory's suspension officially extended by NFL

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    Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory won’t be taking the field for a long, long time.

    Gregory’s suspension was extended from four games to 14, the NFL officially announced on Thursday. Gregory was suspended for “violating the NFL’s Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.” Gregory dropped his appealwhen the NFLPA wouldn’t support it.

    Gregory was a risky pick in the 2015 draft. He slipped in the draft because of off-field red flags. The Cowboys gambled on his talent in the second round, because he was considered to be a top-15 talent in the draft as an excellent pass rusher out of Nebraska. That gamble doesn’t look too good at the moment, and one has to wonder about Gregory’s future with the Cowboys beyond this season.

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  • Browns: Josh Gordon will enter rehab facility

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    Josh Gordon was supposed to return to the Cleveland Browns after Week 4, when his NFL suspension was over. That plan is on hold now.

    The team announced that Gordon, who has dealt with substance-abuse issues through his football career, will enter an in-patient rehab facility.

    The announcement included a statement from Gordon, saying he needed to “step away from pursuing my return to the Browns and my football career.”

    WR Josh Gordon is entering an in-patient rehabilitation facility.

    — Cleveland Browns (@Browns) September 29, 2016

    Gordon sent a vague tweet on Thursday evening about needing some time for himself.

    Under some pressure & stress recently, had to take a time out for myself.Sometimes you have to do what's best for you. Thank u @nfl @Browns

    — Flash Gordon (@JOSH_GORDONXII) September 29, 2016

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  • Houston Texans QB Brock Osweiler scoffs at the criticism of him

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    If you were critical of the Houston Texans giving quarterback Brock Osweiler $18 million per season in free agency, you’re feeling pretty good so far.

    Osweiler has yet to impress. He has three touchdowns, four interceptions and a 72.2 rating.

    You don’t need to be an all-22 film junkie to know that’s not a great start. And he has been criticized for his mistakes, specifically his decision-making. That doesn’t bother him in the slightest.

    “I think that’s hilarious, to be honest with you,” Osweiler said, according to the Houston Chronicle. “The critique comes from a whole lot of people that don’t know my read on that play. They’ve probably never actually sat in an offensive meeting in their life, let alone a quarterback meeting in the National Football League.

    “That’s why I don’t look at Twitter. That’s why — no offense to anybody [media] in here — I don’t watch anything. I don’t read anything.”

    That’s true, to some degree. There are many who criticize Osweiler without knowing all the details of the play call. The details can be hard to determine.

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  • Dez Bryant fined after showing up too late for meetings and MRI

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Everyone wanted to know the status of Dez Bryant’s knee early this week. The Dallas Cowboys wanted to know too.

    So you can understand the Cowboys’ angst when their star receiver didn’t show for an MRI on Tuesday. He missed team meetings too after showing up late to the Cowboys’ facilities. So the team fined him, according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News.

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    The amount of the fine wasn’t disclosed, the Dallas Morning News said.

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  • 'The season is not over!' Jim Mora Sr. gives us a great new rant

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Jim Mora getting mad this week wasn’t on the level of his famous “PLAYOFFS?!?” or “diddly poo” rant, or even his underrated “You may think you know” lecture.

    But cut the guy a break, he’s 81 years old. And he still gets excited when he’s upset.

    The former Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints coach was asked on a postgame show in New Orleans after the Saints lost Monday night to fall to 0-3 if the season was over. On one hand, it’s not totally unfair: No team has started 0-3 and made the playoffs since 1998. Only three teams have rebounded from 0-3 to make the playoffs in the current 12-team format, adopted in 1990.

    On the other hand … take it away, Jim.

    That’s pretty good. Apparently Mora DOES NOT think the season is over after three games. It’s fun just for the awkwardness of Mora getting angry at Mackel for the question but trying his best to not entirely embarrass him … and doing a poor job at it (Mackel obviously wasn’t upset since he posted the video and is laughing during the exchange).

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  • Last chance? Seahawks sign running back C.J. Spiller

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    C.J. Spiller was a disappointment with the Buffalo Bills, considering he was drafted ninth overall in 2010.

    He was definitely a disappointment with the New Orleans Saints, who dropped big money on Spiller in free agency and cut him a year later.

    Spiller is being given another shot with the Seattle Seahawks, and it seems like it could be his last chance to shine. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoportreported the signing.

    Spiller wasn’t signed in the two weeks since the Saints cut him, so there wasn’t a lot of interest in him as a free agent. But the Seahawks had a need, given Thomas Rawls’ injury. He’ll be out a few more weeks. Rookie back C.J. Prosise has battled injuries as well. Seattle needed some depth.

    Spiller has physical talent and has shown it, at times. He had a 1,244-yard season in 2012, with a 6-yard average per carry. Still, it’s not often a 29-year-old back revives his career, and it has been a few years since Spiller was a factor.

    It’s an interesting acquisition, however. Seattle could use a running back to help out. Spiller could use a kick-start to his career, too.

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  • Antonio Brown says refs warned him to take off custom cleats or be sidelined

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    The NFL will always take its uniform code way too seriously, and that won’t change.

    It’s not just the hefty fines. Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown said officials last Sunday told him if he came out for the second half against the Philadelphia Eagles with his blue cleats, which had the faces of his four children on them, they would not let him play. first reportedthat officials told Brown to stay in the locker room if he didn’t change his cleats. Brown confirmed that story on his WDVE radio show, via ESPN. Brown complied, and wore league-approved cleats for the second half.

    Here are the custom blue cleats, which are pretty cool:

    The four reasons I lace them up everyday #callgod #boomin

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  • What's Peyton Manning up to? Tobogganing down the Great Wall of China

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Don’t bother calling Peyton Manning if you’re an NFL team that has injuries at quarterback and is desperate. He’s busy.

    No, he’s not really spending his Sundays at the grocery store or inviting brother Eli over to have nachos. Manning, who retired after winning a Super Bowl last season with the Denver Broncos, is in China and rode the Great Wall of China in a toboggan.


    Peyton Manning tobogganing down the Great Wall of China? YES!

    Add "NFL" on @Snapchat for more of Peyton's trip to China.

    — NFL (@NFL) September 28, 2016

    I guess this is what NFL legends do after they retire. Next, he’ll ski down the Great Pyramid of Giza in the latest episode of “A Quarterback Abroad.”

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  • Dez Bryant has a hairline fracture in his knee, but could still play

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Playing through a fracture in your knee doesn’t sound enjoyable, but Dez Bryant might try to do it.

    Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett revealed Wednesday that Bryant has a hairline fracture in his injured knee, according to Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group. While that sounds like a bad injury, Garrett didn’t seem too concerned. According to Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle, Garrett said it’s a “slight” fracture in one of the bones. Garrett said Bryant is day-to-day, or week-to-week, and hasn’t ruled out playing on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

    Bryant went down awkwardly against the Chicago Bears, though he came back to the game and there had been no news from the Cowboys’ tests on his knee this week. It seemed like maybe Bryant had escaped a major injury, but that wasn’t the case.

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  • After another back injury, will we ever see dominant J.J. Watt again?

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Over the past four seasons, J.J. Watt was building a case as the greatest defensive player ever.

    After a solid rookie season, Watt exploded. The Houston Texans defensive end had 69 sacks over the past four seasons. He won three NFL defensive player of the year awards. Nobody can match that four-year run. Not Reggie. Not Deacon. Not Butkus. Not L.T. And when Watt was given his third defensive player of the year award last February, he was only 26 years old. Another four or five years at that level, and the greatest ever argument would have probably been over.

    Maybe 2016, and the back injury that sent him to injured reserve after three games, is just a small bump in the road for Watt. Maybe his story is more Joe Montana — who had many good years left after doctors suggested retirement following back surgery in 1986 — than Terrell Davis, whose rightful place in NFL history was lost after knee injuries cut his career short.

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