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  • Brock Osweiler finally has promising preseason performance

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 9 mins ago

    Preseason doesn’t matter, as we all know. But when you pay a quarterback $18 million a season you want him to look like an upgrade at the position, even in games that don’t count. You do not want him to look like Brock Osweiler did for the first half of the Houston Texans’ preseason.

    After a poor debut and a so-so second game, Osweiler finally looked comfortable as a Texan in preseason game No. 3.

    Osweiler, against a good Arizona Cardinals defense, completed 11-of-13 passes for 146 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions on Sunday. He had a couple of nice deep completions to first-round pick Will Fuller, who also impressed on Sunday. The second of the deep passes to Fuller was a 26-yard touchdown. This is the Osweiler the Texans thought they were getting.

    Osweiler probably won’t play in the fourth preseason game, because starters usually sit out the preseason finale. At least Osweiler did something positive before his preseason was done. That will lessen the pressure on him for Week 1 … a little bit anyway.

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  • Check out the Minnesota Vikings' fabulous new stadium

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 57 mins ago

    One of the most impressive things about the Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium was how it looked on television. It looked, for the most part, like the Vikings and San Diego Chargers were playing outdoors.

    That’s not easy to pull off in an enclosed stadium. New U.S. Bank Stadium’s roof isn’t retractable, but 60 percent of it is transparent. That let the sun shine in during the new building’s first ever NFL exhibition game on Sunday. It was bright, and it looked wonderful.

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    The Vikings’ new stadium, which cost about $1.1 billion, is expected to be one of the best in the NFL. Here are some pictures of its Vikings debut on Sunday:

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  • Colin Kaepernick says he'll continue to sit during national anthem

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 hr ago

    San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick understood his national anthem protest would draw some attention and criticism. So even after Kaepernick became the hot-button story in the sports world over the weekend, he said he’s not going back on what he thinks is right.

    Kaepernick will continue to sit during the national anthem, he told 49ers reporters on Sunday.

    #49ers Colin Kaepernick: "I'll continue to sit."

    — Eric Branch (@Eric_Branch) August 28, 2016

    Chris Biderman, who covers the team for The Niners Wire, a part of the USA Today network, reported that Kaepernick addressed the team.While not all of his teammates agree with him sitting during the national anthem, they support his right to do so.

    “The support I’ve gotten from my teammates has been great,” Kaepernick said, via Biderman.

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  • Josh Brown situation gets worse for Giants, NFL

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 4 hrs ago

    The NFL and/or the New York Giants aren’t very good at public records requests, it seems.

    The league said it gave Giants kicker Josh Brown a one-game suspension for a misdemeanor domestic violence arrest, and not a standard six-game suspension (which the new domestic violence policy said Brown should have gotten) because Brown’s then-wife didn’t speak to the league and during a 10-month investigation, “we also made numerous requests — as late as this spring — to local law enforcement officers for information on the case and previous allegations.”

    And apparently in those 10 months they couldn’t find that Brown had violated a protective order two months after his arrest.

    “He drove by the house and I looked in the rearview mirror,” his wife wrote in her statement to police, according to USA Today. “Josh knows about the order and cannot come within 500 feet form the house. I have no idea why Josh would come by my the house.”

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  • Broncos offense won't be exciting, but Trevor Siemian likely to lead it

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 19 hrs ago

    The third preseason game is the supposed dress rehearsal for the regular season, a small peek at what we might see in Week 1.

    The Denver Broncos started Trevor Siemian at quarterback on Saturday night against the Los Angeles Rams, and here was the first series: run, run, run, punt. Here was the second series: run, run, run, punt. Get used to that as long as Siemian is the quarterback, because the Broncos’ offense isn’t going to be very dynamic. And get used to Siemian being the quarterback, at least early in the season.

    It would be a surprise if anyone but Siemian started against the Carolina Panthers as the NFL kicks off its regular season on Sept. 8. Siemian, who has never attempted an NFL regular-season pass, started the third preseason game, his second start in a row. Also, it seems clear that Mark Sanchez has fallen to third in the competition, unless there’s a major change of heart.

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    Kubiak said to not read anything into Sanchez not playing, and he hasn’t made a decision on who will start the season opener.

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  • Criticism of Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest begins

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knew that not standing for the national anthem would draw some criticism.

    A couple former NFL quarterbacks weighed in. T.J. Yates, formerly of the Houston Texans and currently a free agent, retweeted a criticism of Kaepernick not standing for the anthem in Friday night’s preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, and followed it up with this tweet of his own:

    It blows my mind how many people hate the country they live in.

    — T.J. Yates (@TJ_Yates) August 27, 2016

    Miami Dolphins running back Arian Foster, a former teammate of Yates with the Texans, argued with Yates on Twitter after saying it was Kaepernick’s right to protest. Here’s part of the conversation:

    the flag represents freedom. the freedom to choose to stand or not. that's what makes this country beautiful. …

    — Feeno (@ArianFoster) August 27, 2016

    — Feeno (@ArianFoster) August 27, 2016

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  • Tyler Eifert gives a timetable for his return from ankle surgery

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    When Tyler Eifert started jogging this week he said he was hoping to play in the Cincinnati Bengals’ regular-season opener. That seemed overly optimistic, considering he was just starting to jog this week.

    A more realistic timetable was given on Friday. The Bengals’ tight end should be able to return from ankle surgery sometime about Week 4-6. The surgery was a result of an injury in the Pro Bowl. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on the new timetable, and said Eifert is hoping the return comes in Week 4.

    There’s no real guarantee Eifert just picks up where he left off, either. He didn’t even start jogging until the preseason was half over, about seven months after the Pro Bowl injury, so obviously this was no minor injury. It’s just as likely we don’t see the Eifert we’re used to seeing until the second half of the season.

    At least there’s a timetable for his return now. The Bengals just have to figure things out until he’s ready to come back.

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  • Report says rest of NFL 'laughing at' Chargers over Bosa holdout

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    Let’s be clear: Both sides are to blame for the Joey Bosa holdout.

    This shouldn’t happen anymore. We haven’t seen a holdout like this since 2009, when Michael Crabtree held out until early October after being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers. The new collective-bargaining agreement was supposed to eliminate these disputes.

    But the San Diego Chargers and Bosa, the third overall pick out of Ohio State, have found a way.

    Bosa hasn’t signed because of offset language and the timing of his signing bonus, and the Chargers turned it into a public battle this weekby making details of negotiations public. Everyone seemed to take a side.

    Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman wrote that he talked to unnamed NFL general managers and there was “unanimity” that the Chargers were to blame.

    “I cannot stress this enough. Every team I speak to thinks the Chargers are ruining Bosa. They are laughing at the Chargers,” Freeman wrote.

    That’s crazy.

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  • The Browns aren't trading Josh Gordon, nor should they

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    As much grief as the Cleveland Browns get, give them credit for not being dumb and trading Josh Gordon right now.

    There have been reports all week that multiple NFL teams have been asking about Gordon’s availability, and why wouldn’t they? Gordon was reinstated by the NFL this month, the Browns can’t have too much patience left with the oft-suspended receiver, and Gordon is really talented. And the reports on him from practice have been glowing. My guess is the Browns didn’t get one offer that matches with Gordon’s talent level. Teams are digging around in the clearance rack, hoping to find a nice shirt was mistakenly tagged and put there. You can’t blame them. We all have that crazy guy in our fantasy league who can’t help himself from making really bad trades. In the real NFL world, the Browns are that team.

    Browns? Smart? Hey, let’s see if this lasts.

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  • Bruce Arians: 'Bad coaches' benefit from in-game video experiment

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    The NFL has been adding in-game technology for its coaches slowly, from speakers in quarterbacks’ and linebackers’ helmets to tablets on the sideline. It makes sense that the next step is allowing them to view video in game. It’s not like the league hasn’t had the technology for it.

    Teams have been allowed to use video in one game this preseason. Everyone should be happy about that, right?

    “It helps bad coaches,” Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

    Arians is not a wallflower, so it’s not surprising he’d speak out against video use. And his argument against video use during games — when the regular season starts coaches will still be allowed to only use still photos, so don’t bother tagging your favorite coach on that Vine you made in the first quarter — makes sense. Arians said the video would help offensive coaches more, because offenses rarely run the same play but many blitz packages can be the same.

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