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  • Tony Romo done for 2015, will he be a top QB when we see him in 2016?

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 22 hrs ago

    Friday's news that Tony Romo is out for the rest of the 2015 season surprised nobody who saw him go down against the Carolina Panthers.

    It was obvious to pretty much everybody he re-injured his collarbone, and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that he has a hairline fracture of the collarbone and will miss the rest of the season. The good news is that surgery won't be required. Romo should be healthy for the 2016 season.

    But we're also entering a stage in which we can't be too sure if Romo will be the same quarterback we're used to seeing.

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    But we didn't get to see much of Romo this season. And for the first time in a long time, he feels like a bit of a wild card for Dallas going into next season.

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  • NFL against the spread picks: Denver Broncos for the upset

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    The Carolina Panthers won on Thursday afternoon. So there will be at least one undefeated team in the NFL after Week 12.

    I don't believe there will be two.

    The New England Patriots are in a tough scheduling spot, going on the road to play at the Denver Broncos. Coming off a short week, after taking on even more injuries at wide receiver, the Patriots face the best defense in the NFL. And, as I'll keep repeating, the Broncos wereforced to upgrade the offensea couple weeks ago when Peyton Manning got hurt.

    And that defense is elite. If nothing else it's a fascinating challenge for Brady, the clear MVP of the league at the moment.

    PODCAST: Could the Packers miss the playoffs?

    Let's see the rest of the Week 12 slate:

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  • Chip Kelly's season still going downhill, and the biggest problem is familiar

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Nick Saban failed in the NFL. So did Steve Spurrier. Chip Kelly might soon be lumped in that group too, fairly or not.

    The Philadelphia Eagles were run off the field again, getting blasted 45-14 by the Detroit Lions to fall to 4-7. The Lions are usually the team that ruins the first Thanksgiving game with terrible football, but this year the Eagles were the punch line. Matthew Stafford looked like Dan Marino and Calvin Johnson looked like, well, Calvin Johnson. Stafford had five touchdowns, three to Johnson. Philadelphia looked entirely disinterested in figuring out a way to slow them down. Thursday's debacle will lead to another round of analysis about whether Kelly will pick USC or LSU to be his job next season.

    But this is worth mentioning too: Saban, Spurrier, Butch Davis, Kelly and plenty of other coaches with no background in college football had the same issue, and it’s not that their schemes were terrible or they didn’t understand football.

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  • Reports say Johnny Manziel lied to Browns about the bye week video

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Once again, the cover-up is worse than the crime.

    The Cleveland Browns benched Johnny Manziel after a video of him partying over the bye week surfaced, a move that was confusing to some. How could the Browns bench him for partying over the bye week, something many of their other players certainly did too?

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    Mike Pettine explained that in part on Wednesday (basically, they expect more out of the quarterback) but apparently left out a big detail: Manziel lied to the team about the video, and apparently wanted others to lie about it too.

    This was the most regrettable bye week trip ever.

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  • NFL Awards Watch: Cam Newton-Tom Brady MVP race isn't close yet

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    People are discussing this season's NFL MVP race as if it's very close, but I don't see it that way. Not yet at least.

    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady should be running away with the award. And before you start, no, I don't hate Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (in fact, I've been bashing the unnecessary criticism of him for years, way before it became cool).

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    That's all great, but Brady has been better.

    But it shouldn't be close race now. It's Brady's award and Newton has a long way to go to catch up.

    MVP rankings

    1. Brady

    2. Newton

    3. Carson Palmer, Arizona — Palmer fits Bruce Arians' aggressive offense perfectly.

    4. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals — If you watched last week, you had to be impressed at how Dalton brought his team back in the fourth quarter.

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  • End of an era: Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick trims The Beard

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    Ryan Fitzpatrick really has this "Movember" thing all mixed up.

    With men everywhere using "No-Shave November" as an excuse to not shave to bring awareness to prostate cancer, Fitzpatrick has gone the other way. With the New York Jets struggling, the quarterback has trimmed the most glorious beard in football.

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    BREAKING: #FitzBeard has been trimmed. Whoa.

    Fitz on the beard decision: "Just seemed like it was time to switch up the mojo a little bit."

    Don't fret, though. Considering how quickly the beard seemed to be regrown to its glorious bushy fullness this summer, Fitzpatrick might be looking like a ZZ Top member again before he leads the Jets into Super Bowl 50.

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  • Mike Pettine doesn't close door on Johnny Manziel being in Browns future

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    Tuesday seemed like the end of Johnny Manziel's chances with the Cleveland Browns.

    After being named the starting quarterback for the rest of the season, and having discussions with the staff about what he needed to do on the bye week, video of Manziel partying was leaked. And Manziel was benched, all the way down to third string. It had to be tremendously frustrating for the Browns.

    But if it appeared Manziel had reached the end of the line in Cleveland, Browns coach Mike Pettine insisted it was not. He was asked if Manziel had played his last game with the Browns.

    "I certainly hope not," Pettine said in his Wednesday news conference. "He’s made great progress and there’s no better proof than last Sunday at Pittsburgh. But sometimes you have to take a step back to take a few forward.

    "We told him yesterday, this is not a dead end. It’s a hurdle."

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  • Ray Lewis, ESPN analyst, gave Bills pep talk before they played Patriots

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan brought in one of his former players, a legend of the game, to give a pep talk to his team before it played the New England Patriots on Monday night.

    That's not uncommon. But then the Bills' inspirational speaker, Ray Lewis, was on the ESPN set the next night talking about the game. That's unusual, to say the least. He picked the Bills, a seven-point underdog, to win.

    Lewis played under Ryan when the latter was a defensive assistant with the Baltimore Ravens. Ryan confirmed on Wednesday that Lewis spoke to the team though he didn't get into specifics of what Lewis said, according to's Mike Rodak.

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    But the Patriots still might wonder why someone included with one of the NFL broadcast partners' game day productions was giving a speech to the other team the night before the game.

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  • From Cowboys starting RB to jail: Joseph Randle's rapid fall gets worse

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    On Oct. 25, Joseph Randle started his sixth straight game at running back for the Dallas Cowboys. He was owned in almost every fantasy football league in America.

    Exactly one month later he was out of the NFL and behind bars in Kansas. 

    Randle's incredible fall continued when he was arrested and charged with one felony and five misdemeanors following an incident Tuesday night in a Kansas casino. said he was in Sumner County Jail with a $25,000 bond. Late last month Randle went AWOL from the Cowboys when he learned he lost his starting job, following news that he violated the NFL's conduct policy (he was eventually suspended four games), and he was cut by the Cowboys on Nov. 3. Randle had some high-profile run ins with the law before Tuesday.

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    More on Cowboys

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  • NFL Power Rankings: The Kansas City Chiefs have good shot at history

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner 4 days ago

    If you thought the Kansas City Chiefs' season was over at 1-5, history was on your side.

    Since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, the only 1-5 team to make the playoffs was the 1970 Cincinnati Bengals. They were actually 1-6, in a 14-game season, and won out to make the playoffs. That's amazing (also, as a side note, that was the team for which Bill Walsh is credited for devising what would eventually become the "West Coast Offense").

    What the Chiefs are doing is remarkable, as well.

    Kansas City has won four in a row and is in a four-way tie for the last wild-card spot in the AFC. And they have to be considered a favorite to get a wild-card spot based on this remaining schedule:

    Week 12: vs. Buffalo Week 13: at Oakland Week 14: vs. San Diego Week 15: at Baltimore Week 16: vs. Cleveland Week 17: vs. Oakland

    A 4-2 finish, given that schedule, is the minimum it seems. A 5-1 mark seems about right and 6-0 might happen. Could we see a team start 1-5 and finish 11-5? Take a look at that schedule again, and you tell me.

    Here are Shutdown Corner's power rankings after Week 11:

    32. San Francisco 49ers (3-7, Last week: 32)

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