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  • Is sitting Johnny Manziel to start season the best move for him?

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner1 day ago

    Brian Hoyer was named the Browns' starting quarterback but make no mistake, that announcement had little to do with Hoyer.

    We know what Hoyer is, and he has reaffirmed it this preseason. He's probably a reasonably good backup. He is 8-of-20 for 108 yards this preseason. He had 16 passing yards and led one first down in four drives on Monday night against Washington. He's just not an average or better starting quarterback (and please, please stop with the "he was 3-0 last season!" stuff; quarterback wins is the stinkiest of all garbage stats and he completed two passes before getting hurt in one of the three games).

    The Browns didn't make this move because of Hoyer. The decision came down to what's best for Johnny Manziel.

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  • Pitchman Peyton Manning strikes again with funny Gatorade ads

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner2 days ago

    Michael Jordan set the bar forever for athletes selling products, but Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning isn't too far behind.

    Manning is starring in a new series of commercials for Gatorade, in which people come into a convenience store to buy the sports drink, only to be denied because they haven't sweat enough to earn it. In the ad above, the clerk calls in his "store manager," played by Manning, and Manning tells the customer to work up a sweat by running deep to catch the bottle, but makes him do some laps around the store. Like most of Manning's commericials, he has a great, dry delivery that makes it pretty funny.

    In another, a woman isn't allowed to buy the drink because the clerk can't see any sweat on her. Manning comes in and throws the bottle to the back of the store.

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