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  • Tom Brady gives Patriots fans heart attacks with cliff diving video

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Tom Brady has given the New England Patriots several friendly bargains with his contract. Perhaps one concession written into his deal is that he can perform wild and acrobatic activities off the field, and Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft can't say anything about it.

    Watch as Brady frightens Patriots Nation here, posting a video to his Facebook page (click the photo on top)  of him cliff diving in — we believe — Costa Rica, where he's vacationing with his family. The jump, which is set to the Superman soundtrack, appears to be well over 30 feet — quite frightening.

    Brady just sent fans into a tizzy. Naturally, he lived to tell the tale and post the video, along with a funny caption: " Never doing that again! #AirBrady"

    That's Belichick's hope, anyway. The fans of New England, too, could use some reassurance on this front as well.

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  • NFL Draft Watch: These eight teams could help shape the top of Round 1

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Think back to last year. The Jacksonville Jaguars taking Blake Bortles third overall was the first bolt out of the blue, and it helped set the table for the rest of the first round.

    Then there are the trades. The Cleveland Browns shifted up, down and around the first round (and elsewhere) and easily became one of the pivotal, first-round shaping teams last season. (Which is different from being effective drafters, but that's another point.)

    There are a handful of teams who can change the tide of Round 1 on April 30 — either by making surprising picks or by making moves up or down that could shift the landscape significantly. We might not know what the effect of these plate tectonics might be, but we certainly can see where the fault lines might lie.

    Here's a look at the teams that significantly could alter how the top of the draft is shaped:

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  • Someone is paying for Three Rivers Stadium website to keep living on web

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    It's funny and scary to think how much has changed in the world since the late 1990s, and sometimes the best snapshots of this are old, crusty websites that somehow continue to roam on like dinosaurs that time forgot.

    Believe it or not, you can still go to the old Three Rivers Stadium website. Yes, the stadium itself was demolished more than 14 years ago, back in February 2001 (when Ben Roethlisberger was finishing up his senior year at Findlay High School), but the website refuses to go away.

    So many funny things going on with this webpage. Where to begin ...

    OK, first, why is it up and living? Because someone, we assume, is paying for it to live. Yes, according to domain records, the site was created on June 27, 1998 and the domain name and hosting account were last renewed on May 21, 2013 for five more years. Who did it? Who knows? Maybe the guy who originally designed and hosted it was a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, or they are really proud of their 1998-era HTML work.

    That brings us to the site itself. Minutes of mind-bending fun.

    What's more hilarious? The nav bar on the left has a few gems, including:

    Phew .

  • What does positive drug test mean for Randy Gregory's draft stock?

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    Nebraska DE-OLB Randy Gregory said not long ago that he was worthy of the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL draft. It's not clear what will happen to his stock now that the news has come down that Gregory failed a drug test at the NFL scouting combine in February.

    Gregory told NFL Network's Kimberly Jones that the positive test was for marijuana, even though he said he hasn't used the drug since December. In a hurtful moment, Gregory received a letter from the NFL he believed to be his invitation to the draft, allowing his father to open it and share in the moment. Instead, the letter delivered a far different shock.

    "It said I failed a drug test," he said.

    "I blame myself," Gregory told the NFL Network. "And I know it sounds cliché, but there's really no one else I can blame."

    "Am I worried? Yeah, I'm worried," Gregory said. "At the same time, I'm confident. I know I'm going to be all right in the end."

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  • Giants' Tom Coughlin doesn't trust the 'GPS lady' in his iPhone

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    The NFL coaches' breakfasts that are part of the recently wrapped-up owners meetings can be quite the bore without strong, almost amphetamine-grade coffee, as the 32 geniuses of the clipboards dance their way past questions about free agency, the draft and, well, each other.

    So consider us blindsided that one of the funniest anecdotes from those breakfasts would come from New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, a man so remarkably unfunny that we sort of tend to forget he exists in a room full of Chip Kellys and Rex Ryans and the like.

    Coughlin, it turns out, can relate to that lost feeling — even when he's close to home. He relayed a hilarious story about his newly acquired iPhone and the "lady" voice that inhabits it (that would be the seldom helpful Siri) and how she's not really doing her job. If Siri was a sixth-round pick, she'd be cut by now.

    Newsday's Tom Rock takes it from here:

    For the record, Coughlin — who has admitted in the past to knowing how to text — said he prefers to hear the sound of OBJ's voice. 

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  • NFL disallows Patriots 'trick' plays that stung Ravens in playoffs

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 4 days ago

    The New England Patriots took advantage of the rules to beat the Baltimore Ravens in the postseason. On Wednesday, the NFL changed the rules.

    The Patriots ran some four-man lines where running back Shane Vereen was on the line but ineligible and tight end Michael Hoomanawanui eligible despite lined up at what looked like a left tackle position. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh cried foul, and the league listened — now, but not then. (Harbaugh was assessed a 15-yard penalty for delay of game at the time.)

    "It's not something that anybody has ever done before," Harbaugh said after the game in January. "They're an illegal type of a thing and I'm sure that [the NFL will] make some adjustments and things like that."

    The rule has been changed as such: A player with an eligible receiver’s number (Nos. 1-49 and 80-89) must line up within the tackle box; if they line up incorrectly, a 5-yard penalty for illegal substitution will be levied.

    “However you can get an edge within the rules, I compliment that.”

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  • Did UCF receiver Breshad Perriman just run a sub-4.2-second 40-yard dash?

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 4 days ago

    We received a text message via a trusted NFL scout that, frankly, we had to check twice: He wrote that UCF wide receiver Breshad Perriman just ran a 4.15-second 40-yard dash at his pro day on Wednesday.

    Not a misprint. Four-one-five. That's Bo Jackson/Deion Sanders speed if true.

    And those are the key words: if true. We suspect that the time was not accurate, that his finger clicked the stopwatch a tenth of a second slow, with UCF not apparently having electronic timing at their facility.

    But when you see the school's official video — and their report of times ranging in the 4.22- to 4.27-second range — you know this much: Perriman ran fast .

    Mind you, the young man Perriman stands 6-foot-2 and 212 pounds, which makes this time range all the more impressive. I just watched it several times and timed it right around the 4.2 range. It's no joke. The staff at 120 Sports then used the video to break down and time the run electronically — and yes, it was indeed fast.

    The results are in: If you go off the Breshad Perriman video, and time it electronically, it's a 4.22-second 40-yard dash.

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  • Jets counter file-tampering charges vs. Patriots, and we're all dumber for it

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 4 days ago

    As you read the following report below, keep one thing in mind: Tampering in the NFL is rampant and stupid.

    Now, the news from Pro Football Talk is that the New York Jets are filing tampering charges against the New England Patriots over comments made by Robert Kraft about Darrelle Revis because, well, the Patriots had filed charges previously against the Jets regarding the same player and the other owner (Woody Johnson), and I'm rubber and you're glue and anything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

    This is embarrassing.

    The Jets absolutely tampered when Johnson said he would want Revis, then under contract to the Patriots, back on his team. And for this, their wrists should be slapped firmly for this. Like maybe losing a timeout in the first meeting at Foxborough. Or Johnson being forced to join the Patriots at the White House for the Super Bowl ceremony. For those drunk-on-victory-champagne Patriots fans who expect the Jets' first-round (or second- or third-round) pick, feel free to — Aerosmith style — dream on.

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  • NFL mock draft: Resetting Rounds 1 and 2 after free agency

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 4 days ago

    With free agency 2015 on life support and the majority of the top talents off the board, NFL teams’ needs have been reshuffled. Now the draft has come squarely into focus, with only a few major veteran options — hello, Adrian Peterson — likely to seismically alter the course from this point on.

    Here’s a look (without any projected trades, mind you) of how the first two rounds could go with about five weeks until the draft:

    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  — Florida State QB Jameis Winston

    Lovie Smith is playing coy with his team’s draft board, and though a team source told Shutdown Corner no final decision has been made on the pick, it’s believed to be Winston. Maybe the Bucs get blown away with a trade offer, but that’s not likely to happen. Instead, they’ll roll the dice on greatness and find ways to protect Winston and shield him from the distractions of being in the NFL spotlight.

    2. Tennessee Titans — USC DT-DE Leonard Williams

    3. Jacksonville Jaguars — Florida DE Dante Fowler Jr.

    4. Oakland Raiders — West Virginia WR Kevin White

    5. Washington Redskins — Clemson OLB Vic Beasley

    6. New York Jets — Georgia RB Todd Gurley

    ROUND 2

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  • Chicago Bears sign troubled Ray McDonald after 49ers release

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 5 days ago

    The Chicago Bears apparently care less about defensive lineman Ray McDonald's off-field issues than the San Francisco 49ers did.

    The Bears signed McDonald to a contract, per ESPN's Chris Mortensen, after the 49ers released him in December. He was investigated on suspicion of sexual assault in a case last year that remains open. McDonald hasn't been charged in relation to the case and has sued the woman who brought up the charges against him.

    But the Niners saw a "pattern of poor decision-making" as justification for his release, which they termed a "termination." That pattern included a prior incident in which McDonald was implicated in a domestic abuse case involving his fiancée last August, but the team had stood by him through that and McDonald was cleared in the case by November.

    The connection to Chicago is new Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who is running John Fox's defense with the Bears and expected to implement a similar 3-4 scheme to what Fangio ran as the 49ers' coordinator the past several years.