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  • Eric Decker admits it's hard watching Broncos, Emmanuel Sanders do well

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 52 mins ago

    Eric Decker likely thought he knew what he was doing when he left the Denver Broncos for money as a free agent, signing with the New York Jets.

    That doesn't mean he doesn't have the occasional pang of buyer's remorse.

    Decker admitted to New York Daily News' Manish Mehta that it's not easy looking back at what might have been with his former club.

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    “Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to watch them when they’re playing,” Decker said this week. “When they’re clicking on all cylinders, they’re a tough football team. They got the right pieces.”

    “He was always a good receiver,” Decker said of Sanders. “But you look at the type of offense. Pittsburgh didn’t throw the ball 50 times a game. Peyton throws the ball how many times a game? There’s great opportunities.

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  • Buffalo Bills fans receive wrong phone number to refund tickets

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    But fans attempting to call the Bills for refunds received the wrong number.

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    According to the Buffalo News, fans initially were instructed to call 1-877-228-4357 to handle their ticket refund issues. The only problem: That's not the right digits. The correct number to call is 1-877-228-4257, and it finally — after several hours of having the wrong number posted — has been corrected on the team's official website.

    In a horrific twist of irony, the number provided originally was to that of an Ohio domestic violence center, which has a mere two phone lines and has been bombarded with calls from Bills fans looking for money back.

    What a mess.

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  • Report: Roger Goodell will not hear Adrian Peterson appeal

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 1 day ago

    Breaking: Adrian Peterson's appeal hearing has been set for 12/2 and Harold Henderson, NOT Roger Goodell, will be the hearing officer

    Henderson formerly ran the NFL Management Council as chairman and executive vice president of labor relations for 16 years.

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    Goodell has the option of hearing it himself or handing it off. Henderson is a retired former member of NFL who ran management council.

    The NFLPA had requested a third party to hear the case, something Goodell didn't have to grant, and this is his concession. Of course, Henderson might be viewed as a good ol' boy of the NFL, but he's not a current employee of the league, so it might be the best they could hope for at this point.

    Henderson oversaw the appeal process of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, whose 10-game suspension was upheld following another violation of the league's substance-abuse policy.

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  • Ripped from the headlines: 'Law & Order' tackles Ray Rice-themed plot

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    NBC's "Law & Order" series, in this case the "SVU" show, notoriously borrows (or rips) from real-life newsworthy incidents and folds those stories into their plots, and there's no question that the recent episode "Spousal Privilege" borrows from the post-Rice theme of domestic abuse.

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    Detective Ice-T, as I like to call him, is scanning some prurient material on the internet — all part of the job — when he stumbles upon a streaming video of a famous sportscaster appearing to push around his wife in a parking garage staircase on some kind of security camera. (I don't know how this happens exactly, or why, but consider this a tease to watch the entire show.)

    Martin drags his "baby mama" (yes, they seriously refer to her as such) to his souped-up mega-SUV, spotted  by the garage rent-a-cop, only to be let go without incident. 

    But the gumshoes decide enough's enough.

    Odafin "Fin" Tutola (Ice-T): "You want us to investigate?"


  • Adrian Peterson says he won't use switch again, ponders new start

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    In an interview with USA Today, suspended Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says he never will use a switch again and that he thinks he might need a fresh start elsewhere once his NFL career resumes.

    Peterson expressed remorse about the way he disciplined his 4-year-old child, which brought charges in Texas, caused Peterson to be placed on the NFL's exempt list and — following a plea deal in the case — a suspension for the remainder of the 2014 NFL season, through at least next April 15. 

    "I won't ever use a switch again," Peterson said. "There's different situations where a child needs to be disciplined as far as timeout, taking their toys away, making them take a nap. There's so many different ways to discipline your kids."

    His status with the Vikings is unknown. The team said it supported the league's suspension of Peterson and did not comment further. Peterson suggested in the interview that it might be time for a new team.

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  • NFL Draft Watch: Can Melvin Gordon run his way into Round 1?

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 2 days ago

    Earlier this season, the belief was that Georgia’s Todd Gurley was the one who was most likely to break that. But with Gurley’s ACL injury, which could put him on a timetable to return to football-related activities in late summer, his first-round possibilities are now cast in doubt.

    Enter Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon. The current all-time NCAA record holder in career yards per rush (8.46), Gordon set the FBS record last week for rushing yards in a game with 408, beating LaDainian Tomlinson’s mark from 1999 — and Gordon achieved it on a mere 25 carries, playing only the first three quarters.

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    With 201 more rushing yards on Saturday against Iowa, Gordon could overtake Ron Dayne for the Badgers’ all-time single-season rushing mark.

    After all, the league value of the position has sunk.

    One, we are in the midst of the greatest passing era in NFL history.


    Rushing yards

    Round drafted

    DeMarco Murray


  • Patriots bring back RB LeGarrette Blount

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    Well, it didn't take long for a few out-of-work running backs to find homes.

    A day after the Minnesota Vikings claimed Ben Tate, the New England Patriots brought back a familiar face: LeGarrette Blount, who set a playoff team record last January by scoring four touchdowns in a win over the Indianapolis Colts. 

    The news of the Blount signing was first reported by ESPN's Josina Anderson.

    Source: RB LeGarrette Blount is currently at the #Patriots facility. He is expected to sign with the team.

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    Blount was hacked by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who signed him to a bloated contract this offseason, after he reportedly left the field early on Monday night in a game against the Tennessee Titans in which he was unhappy to receive zero carries.

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  • Shutdown Corner’s Playoff Projection: Chiefs ahead of Broncos?

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    Yes, that AFC West leader — oh, we got it the way we wanted it. The Denver Broncos, losers of two of three games, suddenly are saddled with injuries and backfield and offensive line concerns, and they face a schedule that includes five straight opponents at .500 or better.

    The scorching Kansas City Chiefs, winners of seven of eight games, are tied with the Broncos right now at 7-3 but of course will need to win the head-to-head battle at Arrowhead in two weeks to avoid being swept by them. Still, even with tough games ahead themselves, the Chiefs draw the double lottery: two games vs. the winless Oakland Raiders, which could be the tipping point for the division crown.

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    Same kind of thing in our NFC North projection happening.

    Yes, the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers are also knotted at 7-3 apiece, with the Lions holding the head-to-head edge by virtue of their Week 3 victory. But raise your hand right now if you view the Lions as the stronger outfit. Neither do we.

    Now, here’s a look at how these playoff games would shake out:

  • Panthers cut Avant, who questioned play calling ... coincidence?

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 4 days ago

    The Carolina Panthers released wide receiver Jason Avant on Tuesday.

    Normally, a team cutting a receiver who played a bit offensive role and didn't provide the speed the team needed would be relegated to the agate page (newspaper reference, kids). But in Avant's case, the move comes two days after Avant had some criticisms of the team's conservative play calling in a 19-17 loss that put the Panthers further back in the NFL's worst division.

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    Avant said, per the Charlotte Observer, following the game:

    “I’ve been in the league a long time. I know two things. You never want to give a team a chance to win a game, with how much time was left on the clock. And asking a kicker to make a 50-yard field goal with the game on the line is rough sledding.

    Did they do the same with Avant? That's the outward appearance, even if the team denies it.

    We'll find out whether that's true or not.

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  • Patriots fans just love them some One Direction, study shows

    Eric Edholm at Shutdown Corner 5 days ago

    When they're not cheering on their team, New England Patriots fans are most likely to go see One Direction concerts as their football-alternative form of musical entertainment.

    So says a study by StubHub, via the Wall Street Journal, which tracked ticket-purchasing habits of fans from each of the NFL's fan bases. The online ticket broker studied data back to 2012 on the secondary market and cross-referenced it geographically with what musical acts each team's fans were most likely to purchase.

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    Apparently, the British boy band is just huge in New England — the only NFL region where One Direction was the top-selling act. (What, was Creed not on tour the past three years?)

    The recent Beyoncé-Jay Z tour dominated in several NFL cities: tops among the fans of the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins and New Orleans Saints.

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