Eric Adelson

  • Returning to race: Response to Boston Marathon bombing creates emotional bond among victim, 3 others

    Eric Adelson at Yahoo Sports3 days ago

    BOSTON – In the most terrifying of moments, she made a solemn promise. She made the promise in spite of her sudden fears and the sudden screams of a firefighter. She made the promise even though the woman in her arms was someone she didn't even know.

    Through the horrifying minutes, depressing days and arduous months after that moment, she kept the promise. She's keeping it still.

    She says it's the least and the most she can do.

    To hear Lauren Blanda describe the Boston Marathon is to feel what it's like to run it. She talks about the beauty of the Wellesley campus and the college women blowing kisses. She talks about the rancor of Fenway, and how the pavement is sometimes sticky with leftover beer. She talks about Heartbreak Hill, and how the downhill parts can cause your quad muscles to scream more than any ascent.

    And she talks about the thrill of the start of the final stretch: "When you turn that corner out in Newton, at this firehouse, and there are people on the hill screaming, and all the B.C. students. I've always remembered that area being fully lined, both sides." She gets goosebumps just talking about it.

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