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  • Vikings' swift call to sit Adrian Peterson is approach Ravens should have taken

    Eric Adelson at Yahoo Sports8 days ago

    Imagine looking up at Adrian Peterson through the eyes of a four-year-old child.

    The easy smile that helped make him famous is not there. He's holding a switch. You are a little boy with your pants down and leaves in your mouth.

    The police report of what happened to one of Peterson's sons is sickening. The photos, which reportedly show week-old lacerations, are more so.

    The act of what happened in Texas to that little boy, if true, is worst of all. Peterson has been indicted for whipping a child repeatedly with a tree branch. There were injuries all over his body, including on his scrotum. There is a warrant for Peterson's arrest.

    Through his lawyer, Peterson has stated that he did not mean to inflict such serious harm. It is possible he meant only to teach the child a lesson. That, however, doesn't absolve the Minnesota Vikings star. And Peterson's intentions, however benign they may have been, didn't affect what the Vikings did in response.

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    Sun, Sep 21
    Minnesota9 - 20New Orleans
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  • New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women executive director: Roger Goodell shouldn't lose job

    Eric Adelson at Yahoo Sports9 days ago

    From the outcry on social media, it seems everyone wants NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell out of his job. Even the National Organization for Women has called for his ouster.

    Jane Shivas is not one of those people. And her voice has extra weight, because she's the executive director for the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women. Her organization is located roughly 70 miles from the Atlantic City hotel where Ray Rice punched Janay Palmer in a casino elevator.

    "There are calls for Goodell's resignation," Shivas said Wednesday. "We don't support that."

    The reason is fairly simple: Goodell has become more aware of domestic violence issues, and Shivas doesn't want to undo the progress the league has made recently.

    "Since this incident and he learned about it, he began to reach out and he was willing to learn," Shivas said. "He listened and he learned about dealing with family violence. He changed policies."

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