• Vitali Klitschko stops mob from storming government building

    ecepeda at Boxing10 mths ago

    WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko talked down a quickly-forming mob in Kiev, Ukraine on Sunday, that called for the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovich. According to a report from the LA Times, protesters armed with bricks and flares threatened to storm the Presidential Administration Building Sunday before Klitschko, himself an opposition leader who has said he will run for president of the Ukraine in 2015, got hold of a bullhorn and told the crowd that if they were to use violence, they'd be walking into a "trap."

    “I am telling you, get back!” Klitschko yelled at the crowd, reportedly pushing the men near him so hard that they almost fell down.

    “You have no business here. Don't fall into a trap!”

    Some estimates place the protest at about 200,000 people strong. The LA Times report said that after Klitschko's admonition, "the tense crowd began to reluctantly back up."

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  • Jon Jones wants UFC super fight with Cain Velasquez within a year

    ecepeda at Cagewriter10 mths ago

    UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has long talked openly about his desire to eventually move up to heavyweight. During a recent fan Q&A, "Bones" revealed that he plans to make a permanent move to the division within two years but also that he hopes to get a super fight with heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez sooner than that.

    "I think that’s going to happen within the next two years - I’ll go up to heavyweight, permanently," Jones said.

    "But I am looking to take a super fight sooner or later, within the next year. So, yeah I’m excited for it. I’ve been really thinking about me and Cain Velasquez going at it. It would be huge for the sport. He’s definitely the toughest guy in that division, and he’s not that big, so I think it would a really entertaining fight. Don’t be surprised if you see that sooner or later."

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