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  • Top 10 moments from the final 'Late Show With David Letterman'

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 5 days ago

    David Letterman hosted his final "Late Show" on Wednesday with a slew of stars — including Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Tina Fey, Jim Carrey and the Foo Fighters — helping usher the 68-year-old gap-toothed funnyman into retirement after 33 years on late-night television.

    In keeping with the spirit of the show's signature Top 10 list, here are the Top 10 best moments from the final "Late Show With David Letterman."

    10. The standing ovation during Letterman's final entrance.

    9. Letterman's final monologue. "I gotta be honest with you," he told the audience, "it's beginning to look like I might not get 'The Tonight Show.'"

    8. Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama declaring that Letterman's retirement means "our long national nightmare is over."

    7. The actual Top 10 List — "Top 10 Things I've Always Wanted to Say to Dave" — delivered by 10 of Letterman's most frequent guests.

  • Marquette removes mural celebrating fugitive cop killer

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 7 days ago

    Marquette University has removed a mural that celebrated Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer who is on theFBI's Most Wanted list under her birth name, Joanne Chesimard.

    The mural, which had been on display in the student union's Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, was taken down Monday after a suspended professor noticed it on the center's Facebook page.

    “I didn’t do any brilliant investigative journalism," John McAdams told WISN-TV. "I just read the Facebook page.”

    Shakur (then Chesimard) was convicted in the 1973 murder of a New Jersey state trooper and sentenced to life in prison. She escaped prison in 1979 and later fled to Cuba, where she is thought to still be living. The FBI is offering a reward of up to $1 million for information directly leading to Shakur's apprehension.

  • Bill O'Reilly calls allegations he abused ex-wife '100 percent false'

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 7 days ago

    Bill O'Reilly is denying a report that he physically abused his former wife.

    "All allegations against me in these circumstances are 100 percent false," the Fox News host said in a statement issued through his attorney to the Hollywood Reporter.

    Those allegations surfaced Monday when Gawker reported details leaked from a recently-ended three-year custody battle between O’Reilly and his ex-wife, Maureen McPhilmy.

    According to Gawker, "a court-appointed forensic examiner testified at a closed hearing that O’Reilly’s daughter claimed to have witnessed her father dragging McPhilmy down a staircase by her neck, apparently unaware that the daughter was watching."

    Documents from the custody dispute are sealed. The website said it learned details from "a source familiar with the facts of the case."

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  • Did hacker take control of U.S. flight from his seat?

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 7 days ago

    A cybersecurity analyst who was removed from a United Airlines flight after tweeting about the airplane's security vulnerabilities told an FBI agent he had previously hacked into the in-flight entertainment system on a different flight and was able to take command of the plane long enough to make it fly sideways, according to a recently-released search warrant filed by the agency.

    Chris Roberts, founder of One World Labs, was questioned by the FBI on April 15 upon landing at an airport in Syracuse after his flight from Chicago. According to the search warrant, Roberts told the FBI in February he had taken control of an aircraft, overwriting the code on the plane's "Thrust Management Computer" and issuing a "CLB," or command to climb.

    [PDF: FBI's application for a search warrant]

    But on April 15, United Airlines alerted the FBI to a tweet Roberts published while on a flight from Denver to Chicago:

  • Frightened residents flood streets of Kathmandu as another earthquake strikes Nepal

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 14 days ago

    Another major earthquake struck Nepal Tuesday, killing at least 42 people, injuring nearly 1,000 and triggering landslides less than three weeks after the devastating April 25 quake that killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 17,000 others there.

    According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Tuesday’s 7.3-magnitude earthquake was centered 52 miles east of Kathmandu, where people flooded the streets of the Nepalese capital. At least six strong aftershocks were felt there, the USGS said.

    Video taken in the aftermath of Tuesday’s quake shows shaken residents and tourists emerging from buildings to survey the damage.

    It’s unclear whether the rubble seen in some of the footage is from Tuesday’s earthquake or the April 25 quake.

    The earthquake triggered a massive rockslide in northern Nepal.

    Officials fear the death toll will rise as rescue crews search the mountainous region northeast of Kathmandu, the hardest hit area of Tuesday’s quake.


  • Georgia principal apologizes for making racial remarks at graduation

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 15 days ago

    A Georgia principal has apologized for making racially charged remarks at her school’s graduation ceremony.

    Nancy Gordeuk, founder and principal of TNT Academy in Stone Mountain, Ga., shocked those in attendance at Friday’s commencement when she chastised some for leaving early by saying, “Look who’s leaving, all the black people.”

    The comments, captured on cellphone video, sparked immediate outrage at the ceremony, as dozens of students and parents erupted, leaving in protest. The footage quickly circulated on social media, with some calling for Gordeuk’s resignation.

    Yo....wow pic.twitter.com/4ISp9ecl0U

    Donte Lambert, a graduating student who was in attendance, told the NBC affiliate that Gordeuk had inadvertently dismissed the students before the valedictorian’s speech.

    “She forgot the final speech,” Lambert said. “So she dismissed us all at first. Then she told everyone to come back.”

    Gordeuk said the crowd then became “disruptive” and rude.

  • Mother Nature wreaks havoc on Mother's Day

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 16 days ago

    Mother Nature flexed her muscles on Mother's Day, blanketing parts of Colorado, South Dakota and Nebraska with heavy spring snow and lashing the South Carolina coast with Ana, the year's first named tropical storm.

    More than 6 inches of snow fell in parts of South Dakota with up to 15 inches expected in the Black Hills, making mid-May look like mid-March.

    @JimCantore @spann @SamChampion In the thick of the snow now! Rural NE Wyoming. Visibility not good. #weather pic.twitter.com/kn2XYqsRlo

    A potent snow storm continues to impact the area. Here is a picture from the NWS Rapid City this morning. #sdwx #wywx pic.twitter.com/5at9CsDTJ5

    In Colorado, late-season snow blanketed the Denver metro area, presenting a challenge for the groundskeepers at Coors Field.

  • Bernie Sanders to Obama on Nike trip: Just don’t do it!

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo 18 days ago

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is urging President Barack Obama to cancel a planned visit to Nike’s headquarters over the low wages it pays foreign workers. Obama is scheduled to travel to the sneaker giant’s Beaverton, Ore., headquarters Friday, part of the president’s effort to galvanize support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multinational trade deal between the United States and 11 other countries, including Vietnam — where Nike manufactures most of its shoes. “Given Nike’s legacy of offshoring American jobs and exploiting low-wage workers, I would strongly encourage you to cancel this meeting,” Sanders wrote in a letter to Obama Wednesday. “Nike epitomizes why disastrous unfettered free-trade policies during the past four decades have failed American workers, eroded our manufacturing base and increased income and wealth inequality in this country.” The independent senator and Democratic presidential candidate cited a recent study by the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights which found that 330,000 workers manufacture Nike products in Vietnam, where the minimum wage is “about 56 cents per hour.” “If Nike can sell a pair of LeBron XII Elite iD shoes online for $320 in...

  • Texas gunman's former lawyer: FBI investigation made him 'a better criminal'

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 19 days ago

    The former lawyer for Elton Simpson, one of two gunmen who were killed Sunday after opening fire outside a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, says an FBI investigation that led to a 2011 conviction for Simpson probably made him "a better criminal."

    “He learned that they were following him,” Kristina Sitton, who represented Simpson in the previous case, told the New York Times. “He learned how not to attract suspicion. He learned how to be a better criminal.”

    The FBI taped hundreds of conversations between Simpson and a paid informant between 2006 and 2009. In 2011, Simpson was convicted of lying to federal agents about a planned trip to Somalia "for the purpose of engaging in violent jihad,” authorities alleged. But a judge sentenced him to three years' probation, saying the government failed to adequately prove its case.

    Sitton even described Simpson as "harmless."

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  • Poll: 65 percent of Americans support decision to charge officers in Freddie Gray’s death

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 21 days ago

    The decision by Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to charge six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, including one with second-degree murder, caught many by surprise when it was announced on Friday, as some legal experts say it will be difficult to win convictions in the racially charged case. But a majority of Americans say Mosby’s decision was the right one.

    According to a newly released survey from the Pew Research Center, 65 percent support the decision to bring criminal charges against the officers, while just 16 percent disagree. (Eighteen percent of those polled did not offer an opinion, according to Pew.)

    And a majority of both blacks and whites agree with the state’s attorney, the poll found. Nearly 8 in 10 African-Americans (78 percent) agree with the decision to charge the officers, while just 7 percent disagree, according to Pew. Among whites, 60 percent support Mosby’s decision, while 21 percent do not.