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  • 'Orphan Black' Promises Plenty of Scares in Season 3

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    When Orphan Black returns for a third season on April 18, we are going to see new clones, new threats, new characters, new friendships — and nearly all of them are terrifying. It looks like Helena will have some competition when it comes to the crazed psychokiller clone club: Rudy aka Scarface. He's played by Ari Millen, introduced last season as Mark and revealed in the finale to be a clone.

    "Rudy is a threat to the sisters, to the girls," co-creator John Fawcett explained at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour Saturday. "Rudy is a dangerous character, very smart, very ruthless... He's a trained fighter" working with the militant Project Castor group. (Check out the picture of him below.) "Rudy likes to get under people's skin, he will just dig and dig" until he gets a reaction, Mullen said. His creepy smile means "he's won."

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    Orphan Black premieres April 18 on BBC America .

  • 'Mad Men' Final Season: 'Each Episode Feels Like the Finale of the Show'

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    Mad Men returns Sunday, April 5, for its final seven episodes, AMC announced Saturday. But is the critically acclaimed drama really ending?

    In a nod to AMC's new Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, star Jon Hamm quipped at the  Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour panel Saturday that fans can look forward to Better Call Pete .

    As for other follow-ups, creator Matt Weiner joked: "I don't see the show participating in a Mad Men cruise, but if they want to do it, we're open to it." When the cast was polled about taking to the high seas, everyone but Vincent Kartheiser raised their hands. (Maybe he's already pondering Better Call Pete ?)

    "The spinoff right now is these last seven episodes, as far as I'm concerned," said creator Matt Weiner.

    When asked about the network's controversial decision to split the final season over two years, Weiner insisted he welcomed the creative challenge.

    Yet, Weiner said, "I'm super proud of the fact that we did not repeat ourselves. Every season was different."

    Weiner cherishes the fact that Mad Men has lasted so long, retaining the original cast and crew.

  • Watch Hercule Poirot Prepare to Say His Last 'Au Revoir' in 'Curtain: Poirot's Last Case'

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    It's time to say "Au revoir" to Hercule Poirot, the beloved Belgian detective played for 25 years by the incomparable David Suchet in the series Agatha Christie: Poirot .

    The fastidious, dapper detective takes his final bow in Curtain: Poirot's Last Case , premiering Aug. 25 in the United States exclusively on streaming service Acorn TV. Aged and infirm, he reunites with his bumbling sidekick, Capt. Arthur Hastings (Hugh Fraser), at Styles — the scene of one of their early cases. (Famed mystery writer Agatha Christie introduced Poirot in The Mysterious Affair at Styles , her first published novel.)

    In this clip from the series finale, exclusive to Yahoo TV, a wheelchair-bound Poirot commiserates with his " cher ami " over the toll that time has taken on the men: Hastings is mourning the death of his wife, and Poirot says, with typical dramatic flair, that he is "a wreck — non , a ruin."

    Fortunately, his intellect and ego are unchanged: "The brain, it is as magnificent as ever."

    Suchet honored his character's legacy with a poignant tribute on set.

    "It was the end of Hercule Poirot."

  • 'Orphan Black' Postmortem: Hot Paul Says '50 Shades of Rachel' Scene Had the 'Right Mixture of Hot and Creepy'

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    The most shocking thing about  Orphan Black 's latest episode — and "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est " had plenty of shockers — was that it didn't cause a blackout Saturday night . Seriously, who wasn't blasting their air conditioner during Rachel and the aptly dubbed Hot Paul's sizzling S&M sex scene?

    "I like to call her 50 Shades of Rachel," star Dylan Bruce told Yahoo TV. "It's almost like she was so suppressed sexually that she's got a lot of weird fetishes. When I read this scene I was like, where are the whips and all the handcuffs and all this stuff? I felt like she would have a Christian Grey basement or something like that."

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    No basement here; in fact, Rachel seduced her new boy toy in front of her swanky apartment's open window — while Helena watched what she called the "very pretty dirty sexy Rachel like my mother" (eww!) across the street with a sniper rifle.

  • 'Orphan Black': Sarah and Helena Are Reunited and It Feels So... Ew!

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    Unless your name is Jaime Lannister, no one wants their twin sister rubbing up against them like a cat in heat.

    But that's our Helena. No boundaries!

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    So how did Sarah wind up getting mauled by a killer clone in Rachel Duncan's bathroom of all places? Let's go back to that country road where we last saw Sarah and her abductor, Daniel.

    Hitting the Road

    Turns out Sarah's baby daddy Cal was driving the car that smashed into them — he was trying to rescue her. Um, thanks? Anyway, it worked, because she survived with barely a scratch and Daniel didn't. Apparently. So they left him — aka "the guy back there [who] belonged to a very serious bitch at a very powerful corporation" — and hit the road in a borrowed camper. What an upgrade from Barry's flatbed truck!

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    Leda and the Swan


  • 'Orphan Black': It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    "Orphan Black" joyfully requests the honor of your presence at the marriage of killer clone Helena and cowboy cultist Henrik Johanssen, Saturday, the third of May, 2014, at half-past creepy o'clock, The Barn, Freaky Farm Compound.

    Decline, decline, decline!

    Bride of Frankenstein

    Maybe we weren't invited to these unnerving nuptials, but we were witnesses all the same — along with Henrik's Prolethean extremists, dressed in their Sunday best.

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    The bride was unconscious, but that didn't stop the farm folk from dressing her in an Amish-style bridal gown so that she could be officially bound to Henrik. After the Lord's "instruments in the war for creation" prayed to reclaim Helena from eternal damnation, Frankenstein's bride was carried (still unconscious) over the threshold — of the stables where Tomas was sent "back to the Dark Ages" with a cattle gun.

    Are You My Daddy?

    Opening Night Jitters


    Best Felixims

  • 'Orphan Black' Gets Bloody When Sarah Is Reunited With... Mrs. S

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    SPOILER ALERT: This recap of the "Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion" episode of "Orphan Black" contains character and storyline spoilers.

    When it comes to badassery, Sarah Manning really learned from the best.

    Things got bloody in the season's second episode. Mrs. S not only borrowed a page from the "Homeland" interrogation playbook (Quinn skewering Brody's hand, back when "Homeland" was really good), she pinned both of a former ally's palms to the table. And the dinner plates hadn't even been cleared yet! Rude.

    Here's what went down in "Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion" (this title, like that of the season premiere, courtesy of English Renaissance philosopher Francis Bacon):

    C'mon, Get Happy

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    Keep Your Hands Off the Table

    Healing Helena

    Weird Science

    Break a Leg

  • 'Orphan Black' Premiere Recap: Drop the Glue Gun — We're Using Real Bullets Now

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    SPOILER ALERT: This recap of the "Orphan Black" Season 2 premiere contains character and storyline spoilers.

    They're baaack! Open your crafts closet, grab a glue gun, and design a big ol' thank you card, because our favorite clones — including one we didn't expect to see again — finally returned in "Orphan Black's" thrilling (and hilarious) second-season premiere on BBC America.

    Like the series premiere — when Beth took off her heels and jumped in front of a subway train — "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed" got off to a fast and furious start. It picks up moments after the season finale, with Sarah frantically searching for her kidnapped daughter, Kira, and her guardian, Mrs. S.

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    Farm to Table

    Bottoms Up

    "Wipe, Wipe, Wipe Away the Plasma!"


    Big Bad Proletheans



    Cosiphene 4evah

    Best Felixims

    "I'm in the midst of a five-way." (at a gay club, wasted, in a--less chaps)

  • 'Veep' Stars Say Praise From Politicians Is 'Frightening but Gratifying'

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    All rise for the vice president! The cast and creator of "Veep" hit the PaleyFest stage Thursday night to preview the third season of HBO's hit political comedy. Among other revelations: The scathing, sidesplitting satire of Washington, D.C., is truer to life than most voters would like to believe.

    Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction

    Although "Veep" lampoons politicians, Armando Iannucci and the cast have heard mostly positive feedback from Washington insiders who praise the show's realistic portrayal.

    "It's been very gratifying that people say it's accurate," Iannucci said. "It's frightening but gratifying." One staffer told him, "I just came from a meeting, and there were two Jonahs and three Dans there." Even after the most ludicrous scenes, the showrunner said, he gets alarmed calls from Washington demanding, "How did you find that out?"

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    "Veep" plays the scandal game:

  • 'Psych' Delivers a Deliciously Satisfying Series Finale

    Dru Moorhouse at Yahoo TV 1 yr ago

    "Psych" closed down its consulting detective office for good Wednesday night with a series finale that was about as deliciously satisfying as fans could've hoped for.

    Shawn (James Roday), en route to join Juliet (Maggie Lawson) in San Francisco, bid farewell to his friends and family in a series of video messages that were both hilarious and heartwarming — especially the one he made for Gus (Dulé Hill).

    It made even creator Steve Franks cry, and he wrote the episode.

    "I get teared up watching the moment at the end when Shawn is essentially saying goodbye to Gus," he told Yahoo TV. "Of course I know what's coming after that, but I'm just so appreciative of this experience, and to these guys."

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    "It was exactly where it should've been," Omundson told Yahoo TV about Shawn and Lassie's relationship. "And that hug at the end, I loved it. It was perfect."

    So how did they nab the actor?

    You know that's right.