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  • Ump Joe West grabs Papelbon's jersey after ejecting Pap for grabbing self

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    Did closer Jonathan Papelbon grab himself in the ninth inning Sunday afternoon in order make an obscene gesture toward booing Philadelphia Phillies fans, or was he merely adjusting his jockstrap and/or protective cup, as ballplayers do, because his equipment had gotten out of alignment?

    Is Major League Baseball going to punish umpire Joe West for putting his hands on Papelbon, and grabbing his jersey in order to move him out of the way, after Papelbon confronted West because of the ejection?

    MLB won't have a fun time sorting all of it out. If only Papelbon could have pitched a 1-2-3 ninth, instead of blowing the save in a 5-4 loss to the Miami Marlins. After allowing four runs, Papelbon walked off the mound and, about midway to the Phillies dugout, grabbed his groin.


    The AP photo. Make your own conclusions pic.twitter.com/dLtg51nCuz


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  • KISS calls Derek Jeter 'A powerful and attractive man' in video tribute

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    Hey, New York Yankees fans! You wanted the best tribute yet to captain Derek Jeter, now you got the best! In a video that surely answers the question "Why not?" more so than "Why?" Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group KISS has honored Jeter, the Yankees icon who is retiring at season's end. 

    Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer (Peter Criss and Ace Frehley are retired from the band currently) taped a message for Jeter that presumably has been or will be played at Yankee Stadium in the final days of Jeter's career. It's typically bombastic, yet earnest. 

    "Hey Yankees fans," Stanley says. "We know something about longevity; After all, we've been doing this 40 years!"

    And then Simmons spoke and stuck his tongue out: "Hey, Derek, congratulations on 20 great years in pinstripes. You're a powerful and attractive man!"

    Singer and Thayer were not permitted to speak, though Singer did kick off a "Der-ek Je-ter" Bleacher Creatures chant by banging his drum sticks together, so he helped.

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