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  • Yuri Sucart's wife: A-Rod 'peed' in her house and 'is the devil'

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago

    The family of Yuri Sucart — Alex Rodriguez's legally embattled cousin and former personal assistant — won't take quietly accusations Rodriguez has made regarding a $5 million shakedown over performance-enhancing drugs and other embarrassing matters.

    Carmen Sucart, Yuri's wife, calls Rodriguez "evil," says he's "the devil," and claims he's not housebroken. In a New York Daily News exclusive that took four bylines, Carmen Sucart claims that in 2010 Rodriguez came to the Sucarts' home in Florida (which Rodriguez bought for them) and urinated on a wall and patio "as if to mark his territory," saying he would destroy them if they ever went public with stories about A-Rod's PED use or his "extramarital womanizing."

    “He was so arrogant, he came into my house like he thought he was a god,” Carmen Sucart said.

    Carmen Sucart says her husband had always treated Rodriguez “like family,” standing ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that Rodriguez came to treat her husband as a “slave, a servant.”

  • David Ortiz sues jeweler after buying $127,000 of 'imitation' merchandise

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago

    Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz ran the jewels — and some of them he bought turned out to be phony.

    Big Papi is suing a California-based jeweler in a dispute regarding what Ortiz claims is $127,000 in "fake or low-quality diamond and gold jewelry" he purchased assuming all of it was the real deal. Ortiz, one of the top fashion plates in all of Major League Baseball, claims he has been taken in something of a double-switch.

    The Boston Globe has the details:


    Ortiz, who like many prominent athletes wears expensive jewelry and accessories, is accusing Randy Hamida of Anaheim, Calif., as well as Randy’s Mens Wear, Ltd. Inc., of fraud, breach of contract, and other violations stemming from a 2010 purchase. The man known as Big Papi thought he had bought a Breitling watch with diamonds and white and yellow gold, a diamond bracelet, and a set of black diamond earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet, according to a civil suit filed in Middlesex (Mass.) Superior Court on Thursday.


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  • Korean team president offers to quit after allegedly spying on own players

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago

    Major League Baseball players have no idea how easy they have it here in North America. Not since news surfaced of George Steinbrenner spying on Dave Winfield in 1987 has the leader of a baseball team been accused of something so outrageous against his own players:

    The team president of the Lotte Giants, a member of South Korea's major league the KBO, has offered to resign after facing charges that he masterminded the illegal surveillance of his players during the recently completed season.

    The Yonhap News Agency reports that Ha-jin Choi (pictured on the far right during happier times) "has emerged as the principal figure" in allegations that Giants spied on the habits of their players during road trips by reviewing closed-circuit video of them coming and going through the lobbies of team hotels.

    Yonhap reports:

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  • Former major league pitcher Brad Halsey dies in climbing accident

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago

    Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that left-hander Brad Halsey, who played in parts of three seasons in the majors with the New York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks and Oakland Athletics, was killed in a recreational climbing accident near his home in New Braunfels, Texas. Halsey was 33 years old. 

    Halsey's best season came in 2005 with Arizona, when he posted a 4.61 ERA in 26 starts. He finished his major league career with the A's a season later, appearing in 52 games. He tried unsuccessfully to catch on with the Los Angeles Dodgers in spring training 2009. His career ERA was 4.84 in 286 1/3 innings.

    He broke in with the Yankees in 2004, allowing two runs over 5 2/3 innings in his debut against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on June 19. Reporter Tyler Kepner wrote richly about Halsey's first game in the New York Times:



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  • Ryan Theriot laughs off Dodgers' hiring of GM Farhan Zaidi

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago

    It's probably a good thing that some hypothetical team hasn't hired former major leaguer Ryan Theriot to work in its front office, because all of the experience he accrued playing baseball hasn't helped him form deeply astute opinions about the sport. At least in the case of whom the Los Angeles Dodgers are hiring to be their general manager. 

    Theriot literally laughed out loud (on Twitter) on Wednesday in the wake of the Dodgers hiring Farhan Zaidi, saying no man is qualified for the GM job if he didn't play the game first. Theriot played 899 games in the majors, mostly with the Chicago Cubs, and retired after the 2012 season. He won two World Series rings, one with the St. Louis Cardinals and another with the San Francisco Giants, though it's safe to say that most of the championship pieces were in place before he arrived in either clubhouse.


    Wow Dodgers! Nice hire for the GM job. Hahahahahaha.......Good luck with that! #moneyballdoesntwork


    Should be a Prerequisite for ALL sports GM jobs that they actually have PLAYED the game. Too much riding on their decisions!


  • A-Rod reportedly confessed PED use to DEA

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago

    The Miami Herald reported Wednesday morning what everyone seemed to suspect already: Major league slugger Alex Rodriguez bought performance-enhancing drugs from Biogenesis clinic director Tony Bosch. A-Rod admitted as much in January to the Drug Enforcement Administration, which saw to it he had legal immunity in a case the government was building against Bosch and others.

    In public, A-Rod had steadfastly denied a connection to Bosch, and even sued Major League Baseball after it suspended him for associating with Biogenesis. He dropped the suit after realizing he couldn't win, and sat out the entire 2014 season.  Once spring training 2015 comes, or even before, he'll be asked to admit PED use again — but he's already on the record, reportedly: 

    [I]n a Drug Enforcement Administration conference room back in January, facing federal agents and prosecutors who granted him immunity, baseball’s highest-paid player admitted everything:

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  • Left-hander Hyeon-jong Yang of Korea reportedly coming to majors

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago


    His name is Hyeon-jong Yang, a 26-year-old left-hander who pitches for the Kia Tigers in Korea's top baseball league, and he's reportedly heading to Major League Baseball this winter.

    Reporter Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News writes that once Yang is posted by his team, any interested major league clubs will submit bids in order to win exclusive negotiating rights, and have 30 days from that point to work out a deal.

    An inevitable comparison is left-hander Hyun-jin Ryu of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who has been a smashing success in the majors since coming over from Korea in 2012. The Dodgers paid $25.7 to negotiate with Ryu, who later signed a six-year, $36 million deal to stay in North America.

    Yang projects as a No. 3 starter in the big-leagues, though according to a scout that has seen him throw, he could develop into a No. 2. With a fastball that sits between 92-95 mph, Yang throws four pitches — fastball, curveball, slider and changeup — using his slider as his out pitch.

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  • Alfonso Soriano announces retirement

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago

    Saying he has lost his passion to play baseball, and couldn't see himself as a reserve player going forward, slugger Alfonso Soriano announced Tuesday night that he is retiring.

    Soriano, who turns 39 years old in January, is 50th all-time with 412 home runs. He is 57th in extra-base hits, 176th in RBIs and 210th in runs scored. He's also 17th in strikeouts. Soriano also stole 289 bases, though hamstring problems dogged him in his middle and later seasons, taking the speed game away from his arsenal at times.

    A seven-time All-Star, he earned approximately $158 million playing for four teams, notably the New York Yankees — before being traded to the Texas Rangers for Alex Rodriguez in 2004 — and the Chicago Cubs. He came up as a second baseman, playing there full-time as a rookie with the Yankees in 2001. He switched to left field by 2006, and was above-average there despite catching fly balls with a funny looking hop.

    Journalist Hector Gomez posted many of Soriano's quotes from a Spanish-language interview he gave to a radio station in the Dominican Republic, during which he announced his intention to stop playing. Among his statements:





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  • Report: Dodgers will name Farhan Zaidi new general manager this week

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago

    Billy Beane has said of Farhan Zaidi: 

    "He's absolutely brilliant. He has a great qualitative mind, but also a creative mind. The ability to look at things both micro and macro is unique, and Farhan could do whatever he wants to do, not just in this game, but in any sport or any business. I'm more worried about losing him to Apple or Google than I am to another team."

    Well, the Los Angeles Dodgers apparently happened first. Ken Gurnick of MLB.com reported Tuesday night that the Dodgers will name Zaidi new general manager later this week. Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times confirmed Gurnick's report, along with that of ESPN's Mark Saxon, who said Josh Byrnes would be brought aboard, too, as an executive in the Dodgers front office.

    This feature written by Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle is a must-read in order to get informed on Zaidi.

    From the Chronicle:

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  • Johnny Damon joins 'Celebrity Apprentice' with Geraldo Rivera and Gilbert Gottfried

    David Brown at Big League Stew 3 mths ago

    With all other options apparently exhausted, former Major League Baseball player Johnny Damon is joining the cast of "Celebrity Apprentice," the Today Show reported Tuesday. Aside from Damon, the folks willing to be humiliated by sharing screen time with Donald Trump include: 

    Geraldo Rivera, Gilbert Gottfried, Leeza Gibbons, Terrell Owens, Kate Gosselin, Lorenzo Lamas and seven more, the Hollywood Reporter says.

    Damon, who turns 41 years old Wednesday, hasn't played ball since the 2012 season, and roughly earned $111 million over parts of 18 seasons. He finished with 2,769 hits, having led the league in runs scored once, triples once and stolen bases once. He made two All-Star teams and had four top-19 finishes in MVP voting. And, of course, Damon has a significant post-season history.


    All righty then!

    Is that a clue as to how Damon does as a celeb apprentice? Actually, yes, it probably is. 

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