Dave Doyle

  • Is there any competition left for Ronda Rousey?

    Dave Doyle at Yahoo Sports22 days ago

    LAS VEGAS – UFC president Dana White, as would be expected of a promoter in his position, waxed effusive late Saturday after Ronda Rousey scored the fastest victory of her career.

    The UFC women's bantamweight champion needed just 16 seconds to rid herself of Alexis Davis at UFC 175, one second off the UFC record for the fastest knockout in a title fight.

    The way White saw it, there was no particular good reason why Rousey couldn't take on anyone, anywhere.

    "When you look at the NBA, women play basketball, but everybody [expletive] on it like, 'Ah, it's women's basketball; it's terrible,' " White said at the postfight news conference at Mandalay Bay. "This is a chick that could leave this building, walk down the Las Vegas Strip and wreck every guy on the Las Vegas Strip. There's never been a women in the history of the world that could do that."

    Well, maybe Rousey could go out and wreck every drunken bozo wandering down the Strip on a holiday weekend night. But the real question going forward is this: Can White find another opponent who can be a credible draw against the dominant champion?

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