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  • Woah! U-11 baseball player pulls off perfect home-plate leap

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally 12 hrs ago

    Devon Avedissian was absolutely determined to score for his U-11 team in the semi-final round of a wood bat tournament in San Marcos, Texas.

    Avedissian took off for homeplate on a passed ball. The ball richocheted perfectly off the backstop, alllowing the catcher to snag it and dive at Avedissian as he approached the plate. The catcher did everything right – but that's when Avedissian showed he should probably try his luck at the high jump, too.

    He sailed over the tag, landed upright, and tapped the plate with his hand.

    That was the go-ahead run, sending Avedissian's team to the final.

    Compare his dive to a similar attempt earlier this year, at a higher level: 

    Maybe Vanderbilt should ask Avedissian few a few tips on form.

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  • Bend it like Beckham, indeed

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally 13 hrs ago

    After more than 98 minutes of play, the Byron Nelson (Trophy Club, Texas) and Allen (Texas) girls soccer teams were knotted at one goal a piece in double overtime of their bi-distict playoff match. 

    The game looked destined for a shootout, until Byron Nelson's Jeyci Lopex notched what might be the shot of the year. Even she was shocked as the ball hooked into the top left corner of the goal.


    Local reporter Matt Welsh captured the moment for the Allen American: 

    Inside the final two minutes of the second overtime, Lopez initiated a corner kick that was at first cleared away by the Allen defense. However, the ball rolled back into the crosshairs of Lopez, who from roughly 30 yards out, corralled the ball, spun around and rifled off a shot that floated above all players and snuck inside the upper left corner of the goal for the go-ahead 2-1 score with 1:37 remaining in the match.

    S/o @JeyciAmber10 !! pic.twitter.com/ojQReGfzHs

  • Check out this 5-year-old's incredible ball-handling skills

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally 1 day ago

    A five-year-old Chinese boy has ball-handling skills most adults can only dream about. The website Shanghaiist posted a series of GIFs showing Mai Zizhou basically putting on an exhibition.

    If he was in the U.S., he'd be getting ready for kindergarten. Shanghaiist reports that he started practicing when he was two years old – and if you look closely, you can see he's not just practicing his ball skills. He's can shoot daggers with his eyes, too.

  • H.S. best of the best show off crazy dunking skills

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally 1 day ago

    High school basketball's best of the best showed off some insane dunking talent on Monday night in the Powerade Jam Fest Dunk Contest at the University of Chicago.

    The overall title went to Dwayne Bacon, who dunked straight over former NBA star and current ESPN analyst Jalen Rose. Bacon will play at Florida State next year.

    But it was Stephen Zimmerman, a senior at Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, Nevada, who nearly stole the show with his series of slams. Rivals.com lists Zimmerman No. 11 in the class of 2015.

    Stephen Zimmerman Jr. #McDAAG #JamFest! Cc: @McDAAG https://t.co/2oSDtfRMZu" he going crazy in the dunk contest” Shout out Zim @BIGG_ZIMM

  • Ben Simmons named Gatorade H.S. boys basketball player of the year

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally 8 days ago

    On Tuesday morning, Montverde Academy (Montverde, Fl.) senior Ben Simmons was named the  2014-15 Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year.

    The 6-foot-10, 220-pound Australian-born forward walked into the lockerroom around 9:30 a.m., he says. Only his coach was there, but as they walked through to the gym, he was met by a surprise ceremony honoring his acheivements on the court and off. Nine-time NBA All-Star Dominique Wilkins was even there to hand him the trophy.

    "It was great, he’s a great kid," Wilkins told Yahoo Sports. "I don’t look just at his basketball. Academically as well as socially, this kid is a wonderful human being, has a great personality, couldn’t ask for a better."

    Now in its 30th year, the award honors students who show exemplary skills on the court, as well as community service and academic excellence. Simmons was selected from a pool of nearly 440,000 high school boys basketball players across the country.

    "It means a lot, you’re part of history now, just being part of a bunch of names," he told Yahoo Sports. "It means a lot. The goal is [the NBA], but that’s a long way away."

  • School apologizes after Jim Boeheim's daughter is taunted during H.S. game

    Danielle Elliot at The Dagger 8 days ago

    Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim's daughter, Jamie, was taunted in her school's state semifinal basketball game on Friday. Now, the principal from the other school has issued a formal apology to the freshman and her teammates.

    Jim Boeheim watches Jamesville-Dewitt and daughter Jamie cruise to victory over Peru Saturday at HVCC pic.twitter.com/sA4r8HXl92

    Jamie came into the game in the fourth quarter. As soon as she took the floor, students from Albertus Magnus (Nanuet, N.Y.) started yelling, "Where's the cheater!" in reference to the violations committed by Syracuse's coaching staff, which ranged from from academic misconduct, to impermissible benefits from boosters, to drug testing policy violations.  

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    “Our students violated our Mission Statement which includes ‘showing respect for the dignity of each person,'” Troy wrote. “We plan to meet with the student body to discuss appropriate behavior during sporting events.”

  • Missouri school pulls off comeback of the year

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally 9 days ago

    Talk about a comeback. St. Charles (Mo.) trailed by as much as 21 points in the first half of the state final against Hillcrest (Springfield, Mo.) High School.

    Doing it the hard way...state champs after trailing by 21. St Charles Pirates win 4A title. pic.twitter.com/VMuaOedojq

    Hillcrest shooting guard Brady Petry was hitting threes from all over the court, all but putting on a clinic, as the Hornets built their lead.

    "He would hit three after three and I would just look at Casey and I would just be like, 'I don't think he's going to miss,'" St. Charles senior Chase Morfeld told Fox2. But the Pirates kept fighting.

    "We weren't going to give up, it was going to be our last game so I mean we were just going to fight to the end win or lose," said Morfeld. 

    "Our first half energy wasn't great," Foster said. "I thought our energy coming out of halftime was a lot better."

    It's the school's first state championship since 1957.

  • H.S. lacrosse goalie scores on incredibly long shot

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally 12 days ago

    As the clock ticked away at the end of the third quarter in Thursday's lacrosse game between Wheat Ridge (Co.) High School and Boulder High, Wheat Ridge goalie Nolan Hector took a last-second shot.

    Actually, there wasn't even a full second on the clock, just 0.7 seconds.  Check out what happened:

    #sctop10 HS Lacrosse goalie scores 77 yard goal at end of third quarter. Amazing!!! pic.twitter.com/eSQPhy2XLB

      There's nothing Prep Rally loves more than seeing a team play to the final seconds. It doesn't matter if that's the final seconds of the game or the quarter or whatever – every second counts. Props to Hector for following through. 

    His goal gave Wheat Ridge the 9-8 advantage, and the team went on to win 15-11.

  • Ashley Judd responds to continued Twitter trolling

    Danielle Elliot at The Dagger 13 days ago

    Actress and Kentucky Wildcats superfan Ashley Judd said earlier this week that she will press charges against the people who send harrassing tweets her way.

    The decision sparked the latest round of online abuse, with many on Twitter chiming in to say Judd just wants attention, that she needs to learn to ignore what is said online. They said that she deserved it this time, because she sent a tweet calling the Arkansas players "dirty" and was talking smack of her own.

    Judd has now responded again, posting a blog entry on Mic.com early Thursday. She explained that she is a survivor of rape and sexual molestation, and had been looking into legal options before Sunday's situation erupted. 

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    She acknowledged that her first tweet may have been inappropriately worded, and said,

  • President Obama discusses the importance of H.S. basketball

    Danielle Elliot at Prep Rally 14 days ago

    President Barack Obama talks about basketball all the time. Just today, he released his latest NCAA tournament bracket. Beyond being a fan, the President is an active player who loves a game of pick-up. 

    In a letter posted Tuesday by WhiteHouse.gov, the President added his thoughts on high school basketball, and how much it impacted his life.

    He was responding to a letter from a South Central Los Angeles high school player named Matthew. The senior explained that he'd recently transferred high schools because of basketball. 

    "[Basketball] keeps my grades up and in the long run I know it will make me a better person as I grow," he wrote. He went on to say that he feels school supplies are not equally distributed in his community, and doesn't understand why some schools in richer areas seem to gain preferential treatment.

    Dear Matthew:

    Sincerely, Barack Obama

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