Dan Wetzel

  • Did NFL run sting operation on Patriots to trigger deflate-gate?

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 8 hrs ago

    Forget all about the most debated topics that have stemmed from the New England Patriots' use of deflated footballs in the AFC championship game – did Tom Brady order it, did Bill Belichick know about it, is Bill Nye the Science Guy even a scientist?

    The question that has clues but no conclusion, the one that could prove to be the biggest and most historic of them all is this:

    Did the NFL run a sting operation on the Patriots?

    And if so, shouldn't the Indianapolis Colts, and the rest of the league, be more upset about the league's investigative tactics than anything New England has been accused of doing?

    When told of suspected cheating by #Pats, #NFL tried to catch them in act rather than reminding them of rules. Is something wrong with that?

    This would be … astounding.

    So is it true?

    No details on when that suggestion occurred.

    The NFL declined additional comment or clarification on all items.

  • Bill Belichick doubles down on Patriots' innocence in deflate-gate, dares NFL to prove him wrong

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 1 day ago

    Try, if you can, to hit pause, just for a second, on whether Bill Belichick's explanation is plausible or not for why the footballs used by the New England Patriots were underinflated in the first half of the AFC championship game.

    Some will agree with every word. Some will be fascinated enough to want more information. Some will never believe him.

    For a moment, whatever. The debate on this is going to go on forever, at least unless the NFL's investigation uncovers video footage of an assistant equipment manager taking a tire needle to a game ball. And based on how bold Belichick brought it in an unprecedented and previously unscheduled media session Saturday afternoon, the czar of the Patriots is confident no such video exists.

    The short of it is this: the Patriots spent the week running all sorts of tests on footballs, simulating how it worked last Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

    And that's before Belichick noted variances in measuring gauges and footballs themselves, which because they are made of animal skin, probably should never even be measured to such precise levels.

    That's how it happened, Belichick said. That's it.

    Dead on (foot)balls accurate.

  • Most troubling news out of Tom Brady's deflate-gate comments: NFL hasn't talked to QB

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 3 days ago

    Tom Brady said he likes footballs to be inflated to precisely 12.5 pounds per square inch of pressure. "Perfect for a football," Brady noted. He said that prior to a game, after inspecting them for grip, feel and pressure, he personally selects the dozen footballs that will be used that day. At that point, he said he wouldn't want anyone "touching" them.

    At other points in the same news conference on Thursday, the New England Patriots quarterback said that when he took a snap or threw a pass in Sunday's AFC championship game blowout of the Indianapolis Colts, he couldn't tell the difference between an apparently underinflated ball and the properly (we guess) inflated balls the referees reportedly brought in for the second half.

    Is Tom Brady telling the truth? Is he lying? Can both scenarios be possible?

    Is it remotely plausible that some unnamed, unknown, mystery equipment manager altered the footballs without Brady's knowledge and approval … or did 11 of the Patriots' footballs, but not one of the Colts, nor apparently 12 more backup footballs from the Patriots, lose pressure naturally?

    If there's an explanation, football is waiting for it.

  • Bill Belichick claims ignorance of deflated footballs, throws controversy on Tom Brady

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 3 days ago

    It's not the crime, it's the cover-up – a lesson of which Bill Belichick is aware, and, we can presume, is taking to heart as the NFL investigated deflated footballs the New England Patriots used in Sunday's AFC championship.

    Belichick addressed the controversy for the first time Thursday morning and made a number of strong and precise comments that, if he isn't telling the truth, can be fairly easily contradicted or even proven completely false. If that were to happen, his reputation would be finished.

    Instead he claimed ignorance, threw the controversy onto quarterback Tom Brady – who always should have been at the center of this – and willingly and purposefully put himself in a box.

    He said it anyway.

    And go talk to Tom.

  • Why Tom Brady should be at the center of deflate-gate

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 4 days ago

    Through the years, Tom Brady has always been able to remain above whatever the latest fray that engulfed the New England Patriots.

    Brady was the quarterback, perhaps teased for his fashion or footwear or occasionally awkward celebrations, but never much on issues of substance. He was the underdog turned megastar, likable and respectable and just oh so good.

    Bill Belichick played the villain, the supposed win-at-all-costs genius under the ratty hoodie. When allegations of underhandedness or unsportsmanlike play or anything else hit, it was all assumed to be Belichick’s orders, not Brady’s.

    Now, however, comes the deflate-gate scandal. The NFL, according to ESPN, found 11 of the 12 footballs New England provided for Sunday’s blowout of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game were under-inflated by as much as 2 pounds per square inch of pressure.

    And now this is a Tom Brady situation. Now these are questions for Tom Brady to answer, once the NFL’s investigation is complete, likely this week. After all these years, he’s earned the right to be heard.

  • On scale of 1-10, it's 11 for Patriots in deflate-gate mess

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 5 days ago

    Eleven? Eleven.

    Eleven footballs the New England Patriots brought to Sunday's AFC championship game have now been determined by the NFL to be under-inflated – by 2 full pounds – according to ESPN, which cited the preliminary findings of a league investigation.


    The home team in an NFL game is required to provide 12 footballs (plus 12 backups). Yet almost all of them came in at the same, illegal level, 2 pounds lighter? The ball is supposed to be inflated to between 12.5 pounds and 13.5 pounds per square inch, so 16 percent below the legal minimum.

    Unless there is a reasonable explanation, and neither New England nor the NFL has offered one yet, the Patriots should worry about losing draft picks as punishment. Their reputation may never be fully recovered.

    This is a strange story that keeps getting stranger, a scandal that creates only more questions as it grows.

    Let's start with this: How the heck didn't the refs notice?

    How does the equipment man notice and grow troubled by it but not a team full of refs?

  • Deflating feeling: Patriots on defensive over footballs, culture since Spygate scandal

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 7 days ago

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – On a feel-good night when the New England Patriots secured a sixth Super Bowl appearance during the Bill Belichick era, giving them a shot at a fourth championship that could forever silence the last of the critics who claim their greatness was derived from Spygate, the report hitabout 1 a.m. here.

    Citing league sources, Bob Kravitz of WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, said "the NFL was investigating the possibility the Patriots deflated football Sunday night." Kravitz, a former Indianapolis Star columnist, tweeted that "at one point the officials took a ball out of play and weighed it."

    And so here we go again … just in time for two weeks of Super Bowl hype.

    So if New England was actually using an illegally inflated ball, it would only help their offense and not hurt the Colts' offense.

    All game balls are to be checked by the referee, in the officials' locker room, two hours and 15 minutes prior to kickoff.

    Deflated footballs? Deflated footballs.

    It's never dull in Foxborough.


  • Tom Brady, Bill Belichick head to sixth Super Bowl as greatest coach-QB duo ever

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 7 days ago

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – With just under four minutes remaining in New England's 45-7 demolition of Indianapolis, with the Patriots' sixth trip to the Super Bowl in 13 seasons secured, with nothing left to do but celebrate in the rain, Bill Belichick sent Tom Brady out for one more snap.

    After a simple handoff, the quarterback was pulled. This was the supposed cold-hearted coach allowing Brady to jog off the Gillette Stadium field to thunderous applause and chants of his name. This was setting up Belichick to march out on the field and greet him for a handshake, hug and some words of appreciation.

    It was like Senior Day back in high school, like something a father would do for a son, a rare warm public sign of what one means to the other. And vice versa.

    Maybe the rest of America has never understood these two, this franchise in general, this forever push for perfection that never seems to take a week off. Maybe everyone's just sick of New England. Or suspicious.

    But when did these two ever care about what anyone else thought of them?

  • Mike Lodish ready to share prestigious Super Bowl record and some gourmet peanut brittle

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 10 days ago

    BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – In NFL history, which player has appeared in the most Super Bowls?

    Mike Lodish figures that is a pretty good trivia question and not just because he's the answer … at least for a couple more weeks.

    Mike Lodish? Yes, Mike Lodish. The former defensive lineman's 11-year career, mostly as a reserve, featured action in four consecutive Super Bowls as a Buffalo Bill (1991-94) and then two more as a Denver Bronco (1998, 1999). The first four he was on the losing side. The last two ended with championships.

    "I'm the only guy who played in the game six times," Lodish told Yahoo Sports here this week, where he's retired from football, raising a 10-year-old son and, if you can believe it, selling gourmet peanut brittle made to the exacting standards of his mother's recipe.

    Big Mike Lodish is about to have some company, though. Sunday's AFC championship game features two players who have appeared in five Super Bowls.

    New England quarterback Tom Brady did them all with the Patriots (2002, 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2012).

    The record book could be Lodish and … Brady?

  • John Elway's win-it-all mandate a pitch for Peyton Manning to not retire

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports 12 days ago

    John Elway has established that it's Super Bowl victory or bust in Denver. It went bust the other day at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts.

    Elway wants to win it all, and that's that. "There is no Plan B," he said Tuesday at the end-of-the-season news conference.

    There's really nothing else he can say, because if Denver isn't focused solely on winning a Super Bowl then why should Peyton Manning return for another season? And if Peyton Manning doesn't return for another season then the whole experiment falls apart as the Broncos try to find an ever-elusive quality quarterback capable of winning a Super Bowl.

    However it went, Fox is gone, likely to Chicago where 38 victories over three seasons would result in a contract extension, not a chat with the boss about doing more.

    See, the offensive line will be even better. You'll be even safer back there in the pocket.