Dan Wetzel

  • A look at how probe of Roger Goodell, NFL could play out amid Ray Rice firestorm

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports4 days ago

    On Wednesday, the NFL hired former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III to look into the league's investigation of Ray Rice.

    It may be the first smart decision the NFL has made since the Rice scandal became a Roger Goodell scandal.

    What the NFL needs most is for the wildness and unpredictability of this incident to slow down. Goodell, no matter how much he did or didn't botch the Rice case, never saw this coming, never believed it would be a threat to his empire or job security. The clumsy way the usually professional league office has reacted is proof of that.

    Modern society loves demanding the instantaneous firing of anyone and everyone. It wants its pound of flesh – now. It is a trend whipped up by social media, especially the nuance-void, echo chamber of Twitter. That enflames the mainstream media even more, and thus everything circles on into a vortex of outrage. 

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