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  • Future BFF Alert: Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift's Lovefest on Globes Red Carpet

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo Movies 1 yr ago

    Jennifer Lawrence scored early at the Golden Globes with Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. She also gets our vote for Best Supporting Actress on the Red Carpet for her fan-girl freakout before the festivities.

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    J.Law snuck up on Taylor Swift as the latter was giving an interview to E!'s Ryan Seacrest. After creeping in on Swift, the two hugged it out and the lovefest began.

    Jennifer Lawrence prestes a atacar Taylor Swift no #GoldenGlobes

    The best moment of the #GoldenGlobes 2014

    Although the "Hunger Games" star admitted that she had never been to a Swift concert, she did see the performer on the Country Music Association Awards.

    "Oh my god, I freaked out over the CMAs," said the movie star. "I sent her a text message that was six inches long."

  • Emma Watson's Globes Surprise: Here Come the Hidden Pants!

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo Movies 1 yr ago

    Backless dresses. Been there, done that. But Emma Watson took it one step further and wore a dress with no back at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    Good thing the Golden Globes presenter accessorized her daring red Dior gown with black pants and navy pointy toe heels. Unsurprisingly, the look got some confused reaction on Twitter.

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    "Is Emma Watson wearing leggings?" asked @MamamiaStyle

    Is Emma Watson wearing leggings? #GoldenGlobes

    Fab or fug? Stylecaster wanted to know about "Emma Watson’s hidden pants." Watson's short-sleeved, belted dress has a thigh-high slit at the front and is completely open in the back. Watson completed the look wearing her hair pulled back in a bun.

    Julia Roberts' Meryl moment at the #GoldenGlobes:

  • Golden Globes Live From the Wet Carpet?

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo Movies 1 yr ago

    Forget fashion malfunctions: A section of the red carpet for the Golden Globes turned soggy after a fire sprinkler malfunctioned just hours before Hollywood's glitterati, in their swanky gowns and expensive shoes, were due to arrive.

    "I was standing right there when it went off. A light was too close to the sprinkler," an eyewitness told Yahoo.

    "We can confirm that there was a malfunction with a sprinkler near the red carpet," read a joint statement from the show’s brain trust: the Beverly Hilton, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and Dick Clark Productions.

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    Workers scrambled at the scene, using high-powered vacuums to suck up the water.

    They could probably use some air freshener, too — some witnesses told local station KABC that the soaked carpet smelled like sewage.

    Despite the drenching, the parade of celebrities was not impacted.

    NBC LA photographer Sean Browning tweeted this photo of the incident:

  • The Story Behind Angelina Jolie's Golden Globe Pool Plunge

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo Movies 1 yr ago

    Now, 15 years later, we dive in with producer Jeremy Louwerse for the behind-the-scenes story.

    [ Photos: Golden Globe stars with their kids ]

    Louwerse, who is now the executive producer of the "NFL AM" show, has covered a lot of big stories, including the O.J. Simpson trial and the Super Bowl. "But everybody wants to know the story of Angelina Jolie," he told Yahoo in a phone call from his office in Culver City.

    Louwerse said his "Access Hollywood" executive producer told him to stay a little longer than usual "to see if Angelina Jolie would jump in the pool."

    The request wasn't completely out of left field. Jolie had announced her intention to take the plunge earlier on the red carpet and at the press conference after her win.

    "She looked fantastic that night. It was a great assignment to have," Louwerse said.

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    Assignment very accomplished.

    "When I walked into the office the next day, I got a standing ovation," Louwerse recalled.




  • 'The Canyons' Adds Up to an Abysmal Box-Office Abyss

    Claudine Zap at Movie Talk 1 yr ago

    "The Canyons" has cratered.

    The campy psychosexual thriller that was made on a shoestring budget, starring tabloid mainstay Lindsay Lohan (who has been attempting to revamp her stalled career) — has barely made a blip on the box office charts.

    With its sizzling (or revolting, depending on which way you look at it) focus on sex, the film also offers some shock value as former porn star James Deen stars opposite Lohan.

    "The Canyons" fizzled on arrival, and after four weeks, it has come up just shy of $50,000 in box office returns. It's easily the biggest flop of Lohan's career, but not by far: Lohan also appeared in the film Jared Leto notably gained weight for, "Chapter 27," which has earned a measly $56,215 to date.

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    Watch 'The Canyons' Theatrical Trailer:

  • Rough life: After skipping the Oscars, Leo DiCaprio is spotted filming on a yacht with bikini-clad women

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog 2 yrs ago

    If Django Unchained" star Leo DiCaprio was sore about his Oscar snub, he wasn't showing it. After all, what better way to handle disappointment than lounging on a docked yacht surrounded by bikini-clad women?

    Nice work if you can get it, and the actor did: He was spotted the day after the Oscars, re-shooting scenes for his upcoming movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street."

    DiCaprio, who was not nominated for his role in "Django Unchained," skipped the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, where co-star Christoph Waltz picked up the award for Best Supporting Actor and director Quentin Tarantino left with a gold statuette for Best Original Screenplay. But DiCaprio was a no-show, and now we know why: He needed his beauty rest.

    The 38-year-old, in slicked-back hair and wearing sunglasses and white pants, stars in the Martin Scorsese film as Jordan Belfort, a real-life stockbroker who refused to cooperate in a Wall Street fraud case in the 1980s.

  • Oscar night’s most awkward moments

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog 2 yrs ago

    Blink and you missed some of the more awkward moments of this year’s Academy awards. Others happened behind-the-scenes. Luckily, they were all caught on camera so we could re-visit them. Again and again.

    Seth MacFarlane: "I Saw Your Boobs" song and dance

    In one of the least classy and possibly most uncomfortable moments of the evening, host Seth McFarlane executed a production number titled "I Saw Your Boobs." On the Oscars. Yes, really.

    [ Photos: Red carpet report card ]

    Channing Tatum admits he waxes

    The "Magic Mike" actor has the smooth moves on the dance floor, but he also admitted to smooth skin – from waxing. Ouch, and we mean it.

    Quentin Tarantino fields strange question

    Quentin Tarantino, the writer-director of "Django Unchained," could have probably guessed most of the questions coming his way about his Civil War-era revenge fantasy. But this one has to go on record as the oddest.

    Renée Zellweger plays keep-away

    The "Chicago" star started to let Richard Gere read the Best Song winner, then yanked the envelope away.

  • Jennifer Lawrence’s golden moment becomes Oscar oops

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog 2 yrs ago

    Maybe Jennifer Lawrence didn't get that sandwich in time.

    The actress, who joked on the red carpet that she hadn't eaten all day, wound up tripping on the stairs on her way to accept her Oscar for Best Actress for "Silver Linings Playbook."

    But she managed to go on with the show. As she gripped her Oscar she told the crowd standing in support, "You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell and that’s really embarrassing. But thank you."

    [ Photos: The best and worst red carpet looks ]

    The down-to-earth actress explained back stage what it was like when she hit the ground. "Was that on purpose? Absolutely! What happened? What do you mean what happened — look at my dress! I tried to walk up stairs in this dress, that's what happened. I tried to walk upstairs and stepped on the fabric. They waxed the stairs. What was going through my mind? A bad word that I can't say that starts with F."


  • Anne Hathaway: Oscar winner … and fembot?!

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog 2 yrs ago

    As expected, Anne Hathaway took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Les Miserables.” But (yet again) her wardrobe seemed to upstage her.

    The hashtag “les nipperables” quickly erupted on Twitter in a nod to the A-lister’s other two stars that stole the limelight.

    The pink Prada dress, which the actress described on the red carpet as “business in front, party in the back,” had plenty going on in front.

    [ Photos: The best and worst from the red carpet ]

    Let’s just say, the perky star seemed cold on stage as she clutched her gold statuette. Perez Hilton knew who to blame, tweeting, “Anne Hathaway's stylist should be fired for not forcing her to wear pasties!”

    Even Jimmy Kimmel took a swing at Hathaway’s dress. In his show following the ceremony, Kimmel joked that her nipples almost poked through her dress.

    Hmm… We've seen this somewhere before.

    Tzuri Kahlon‏wrote, “Are my eyes tricking me or can I really Anne Hathaway's nipples through her dress “


  • Shirley Bassey’s license to kill at the Oscars

    Claudine Zap at Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog 2 yrs ago

    The 85th Academy Awards marked the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movies. To celebrate 007's big occasion, Shirley Bassey took the stage for a musical tribute.

    Wait, who? That would be the 76-year-old Welsh songstress who was never on screen for the spy films, but whose songs are instantly recognizable for her classic soundtrack: "Goldfinger" and "Diamonds Are Forever."

    Dressed in - what else? - a sequined gold dress, Bassey belted out "Goldfinger" for the Oscars.

    While there was a mixed reaction to the whole Bond segment, Bassey received a standing ovation from the audience at the Dolby Theatre.

    And on Twitter, Bassey’s fans sent her the love.

    Patton Oswalt ‏gave the the singer this shout-out:

    “I 1000% love Adele. But she should be genuflecting next to Shirley Bassey right now. “

    Shira Lazar ‏ agreed, “Watch out Adele- Shirley Bassey is in da house!” #