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  • Ryan Lochte ‘acts’ on ’90210,’ has medals stolen by Kristen Bell (VIDEOS)

    Chris Chase at Fourth-Place Medal 2 yrs ago

    Ten seconds into his television acting debut, Ryan Lochte was already shirtless and had uttered his catch phrase, "Jeah!"

    The five-time London medalist will play himself in an upcoming episode of "90210." We'd go into plot details, but you don't care. You either want to see him shirtless or to see how well-versed he is in acting's Donaghy Method.

    Verdict: Lochte is to Donaghy like Brando is to Stanislavski.

    It's been a week full of firsts for Lochte. On Thursday, he appeared on "The Tonight Show." Lochte is so laid back he makes Phelps seem like Missy Franklin.

    While on the show, actress Kristen Bell stole Lochte's medals.

    Lochte seems confounded by the words Bell spoke. Can't say I blame him; I'd also turn into a puddle of nerves if Veronica Mars ever chatted me up.

    Also, if Lochte isn't the next "Bachelor," then we've failed, America. We've failed.

  • Michael Phelps could get in trouble for Louis Vuitton photos

    Chris Chase at Fourth-Place Medal 2 yrs ago

    Michael Phelps could be in hot water -- not the cold bathtub he appears to be in -- for his recent photo shoot with the French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton.

    Photos of Phelps taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz were leaked on the Internet late last week, violating the International Olympic Committee's controversial Rule 40, which states athletes can't promote any non-Olympic sponsors from July 18 to Aug. 15.

    Punishments for the rule range from fines to a stripping of medals.

    The campaign was set to begin on Aug. 16 in order to comply with the IOC's campaign against ambush marketing. Someone jumped the gun and the photos appeared on a wide variety of websites starting on the second Tuesday of the Olympics.

    Louis Vuitton denies releasing the photographs, as does Phelps' camp.

    Then again, one of the leaked ad photos was with former Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina, the woman whose record for most Olympic medals Phelps broke in London. If we were still in Cold War mode, it'd be a legitimate possibility that she leaked them as part of a wide-ranging conspiracy to get back her record.

  • Milos Raonic’s dream mixed doubles partner is Ana Ivanovic (VIDEO)

    Chris Chase at Busted Racquet 2 yrs ago

    During a press conference this week in Cincinnati, rising Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic was asked which female player he'd most like to play mixed doubles with. He only briefly hesitated before answering Ana Ivanovic.

    As the video shows, when asked why he'd choose Ivanovic, Raonic coyly responded, "you can come up with the answer."

    Challenge accepted. Our best seven guesses are below.

    1. He wanted to play with a former world No. 1?

    2. Her consistent groundstrokes would compliment his big serve?

    3. An affinity for Serbians?

    4. Hopes playing with a Grand Slam winner would propel him to similar heights?

    5. Wants to break out his purple shirt?

    6. Raonic and Ivanovic sound sort of alike?

    7. Angling to play golf with Adam Scott?

    We're stumped, Milos. Help us out if you get a chance.

  • Kansas City Chiefs fan has a Chiefs glass eye (PHOTO)

    Chris Chase at Shutdown Corner 2 yrs ago

    This is Steve Graham. Steve lost an eye in an accident 45 years ago, right around the time he became a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan.

    A few years ago, he had an artificial eye made with the team's logo on it and recently shared the picture with the Chiefs-centric blog Arrowhead Addict.

    On the list of "gotta support the team" gestures you may come to regret, this barely registers. Graham told the website he doesn't walk around with the Chiefs eye all the time -- "it can freak some folks out." He has a regular eye that he wears on most days, then switches  for games. And here I thought I was devoted to my team because I dig out my Art Monk jersey out of the closet every September.

    Getting a team tattoo; now, that's something you can't take back. Turns out Graham has one of those too.

    Thanks, Deadspin

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  • Which top player will miss Rafael Nadal the least at the US Open?

    Chris Chase at Busted Racquet 2 yrs ago

    Rafael Nadal isn't playing the US Open and his top competitors all expressed similar disappointment at the absence of their fierce rival. While we believe the sentiment expressed by Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, we can't help but think that they weren't all that broken up by the news.

    Nobody wants a fellow player to get hurt under any circumstance (unless said player has a name that rhymes with Rain Snowmesnik), of course. And the spirit of competition that exists in all athletes -- especially this special group that currently reigns over tennis -- makes them want to beat the best on the biggest stage. But deep, deep down there has to be a sigh of relief that, hey, that's one less big gun to worry about.

    We examined each of the remaining Big Four's "we miss Rafa" quotes and guessed at their mindset to determine: Who's the most excited about Rafael Nadal not playing the US Open?:

    Crocodile tear ranking: No. 2

  • Missy Franklin appears on Leno hours before her first day of school (VIDEO)

    Chris Chase at Fourth-Place Medal 2 yrs ago

    While most high school seniors spend the last night before the first day of school getting ready for the upcoming year, Missy Franklin spent hers a little differently: She appeared on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

    Then again, Franklin, a four-time gold medalist in London and the breakout star of the Olympics, didn't have a typical summer either. Odds are her  "what did you do over the break?" essay is going to be slightly more interesting than her classmates.

    Franklin discussed her hectic post-Olympic schedule, whether she'll watch her races on DVR and whether she's actually going to swim in college instead of turning professional. Also, Leno bucked the odds by not mentioning that "Call Me Maybe" video. That's a bigger upset than Michael Phelps finishing fourth in the 400 IM.

  • Rafael Nadal will miss US Open with knee injury

    Chris Chase at Busted Racquet 2 yrs ago

    Rafael Nadal will miss the upcoming U.S. Open due to ongoing knee issues, it was announced Wednesday.

    The 2010 champion has not played a match since his stunning second-round loss at Wimbledon to Lukas Rosol. He had previously withdrawn from the London Olympics and U.S. hard court season.

    "I am very sad to announce that I am not ready to play the US Open in NY," Nadal tweeted. "Thanks to my fans for their support and especially, the New Yorkers."

    The Spaniard has won 11 Grand Slams in his career. He's played in 25 of the last 26 Grand Slam events, winning 10 and playing in five other finals. He has never missed the U.S. Open.

    It's a huge blow to the year's final major. Nadal and Novak Djokovic played epic finals at both last year's U.S. Open and this year's Australian. And this summer's wins by Roger Federer and Andy Murray at Wimbledon and the Olympics, respectively, were setting up for a riveting fortnight in Queens.

    Nadal has been a vocal critic of the ATP's rigorous calendar.

  • Will Mike Krzyzewski get a gold medal for coaching Team USA basketball?

    Chris Chase at Fourth-Place Medal 2 yrs ago

    Mike Krzyzewski coached Team USA to a gold medal at the Olympics. He watched proudly as his 12 players stood on the podium to receive the medals. Will Coach K get one too?

    No. Despite the picture above, only competitors receive gold medals at the Olympics. Coaches receive nothing from the IOC. (In 2008, the players put their gold medal on Coach K as a show of their appreciation.)

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    It makes sense if you think about it. Giving a medal to the head coach of team sports like basketball, soccer and volleyball would open the floodgates and create a number of questions. Would the courtesy extend to individual coaches? If so, Bob Bowman, the coach of Michael Phelps, would have 22 medals. Would assistants also get them too? What about team doctors or injured players?

    The easy parallel to make is coaches getting championship rings in professional and college sports. But that's not an apples-to-apples comparison. Championship rings aren't officially sanctioned rewards. Team owners and athletic departments pay for those, not the NFL or NCAA.

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  • NBC thinks actor who played Mark Zuckerberg is Mark Zuckerberg

    Chris Chase at Fourth-Place Medal 2 yrs ago

    Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was not at the gold-medal basketball game between the United States and Spain, but the actor who portrayed him in the hit movie, "The Social Network" was. NBC's basketball announcer couldn't tell the difference.

    [ Photos: U.S. conquers Spain to win gold ]

    When cameras showed Jesse Eisenberg watching the game, play-by-play guy Bob Fitzgerald said (as transcribed by SB Nation): "I know I'm gonna put that picture on Facebook. We've got every executive of note worldwide, it seems, attending these games."

    Zuckerberg's real-life foils, the Winklevoss twins, competed in the 2008 Olympics. It would have been interesting to see whether Fitzgerald would have referred to them as Armie Hammer.

    Tomb raider Lara Croft and fight club devotee Tyler Durden* were also at the Olympics, but largely stayed out of the view of cameras.

  • Usain Bolt fought to keep baton from world-record relay; officials finally relent

    Chris Chase at Fourth-Place Medal 2 yrs ago

    Usain Bolt tried to keep the baton from Jamaica's world record-setting performance in the 4x100 relay on Saturday night in London, but humorless British track officials made him return the potential souvenir.

    Jamaica broke its own record in its gold-medal win, with Bolt anchoring the relay with a blistering 9.22 leg from a near standing start. Yohan Blake, the 100- and 200-meter silver medalist, gave Bolt a huge lead with a dominant third leg that moved the team past Tyson Gay and the United States.

    [ Video: Bolt blasts into history ]

    Bolt ran through the finish line -- a rarity for him -- and blew past the British official tasked with the unenviable job of collecting the relay batons from runners. As shown above, she reached out her hand and Bolt playfully snatched the baton into his chest.

    Every relay competitor has had to give up their baton at the end of the race.

    He managed to hold on to it in the immediate aftermath of the race. While he and Blake went to the stands to celebrate with the Jamaicans and grab the flags they'd carry in their victory lap, the baton was close by his side.