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  • Here is Cowboys' pick that can turn draft upside down

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 1 day ago

    So many months have passed for the Dallas Cowboys and so many NFL draft options still remain. Many imagine that team owner Jerry Jones is sitting somewhere grinning, knowing the rest of the league has no certain idea what his franchise will do with the No. 4 overall pick on Thursday, the first night of the NFL draft.

    The Cowboys are hostages to the draft board. They don't have absolute certainty what the San Diego Chargers will do with the No. 3 overall pick – or if they'll even stay there. That pick is expected to be available into the selection process Thursday night, although two NFL team personnel executives told Yahoo Sports the No. 3 spot isn't valuable enough to expect another seismic trade similar to the deals the Tennessee Titans-Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns-Philadelphia Eagles pulled off involving the Nos. 1 and 2 picks. It's looking more likely the Chargers stay put, leaving the Cowboys to adjust to their selection.

    All those scenarios are in play right now, and nobody is certain what is the most likely outcome. But need versus greed is on the clock in Dallas, and it's going to shape a large part of the top of the first round.

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  • Rams show power in keeping mouths shut about No. 1 draft choice

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 2 days ago

    LOS ANGELES – To get the last clues into the next foundational piece of the new Los Angeles Rams, you had to spiral up a gleaming staircase, past two security guards worthy of Secret Service duty, before sliding into a curtained, dimly lit room that looked like the VIP area in a nightclub.

    At the front, the chairmen of the Rams' brain trust – coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead – sat on a dais and scanned a room of cameras and reporters. Hanging in front of them, a starburst chandelier illuminated the center of the room and left each man squinting into the crowd.

    "Sorry," Fisher said at one point Tuesday, holding a hand toward the light. "We can't see you out there."

    "Probably going to take an offensive player," Fisher said, drawing some laughter. "That's about all we can say right now."

    That's a big deal considering that Thursday's first round of the draft is the second-most anticipated night on the NFL calendar. If it weren't for the pop-culture frenzy surrounding the Super Bowl, it could be argued that the draft is the most awaited event of the year among NFL fans.

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  • Lingering question about leadership spurred Bradford to request trade

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 3 days ago

    After spending the weekend contemplating his fit with the Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback Sam Bradford came to the conclusion that a trade was in his best interests going forward, a source close to the player told Yahoo Sports. The Eagles were informed of Bradford's request Monday morning, a surprising turn after the team believed he intended to move forward with the franchise.

    Bradford's emotions since the Eagles moved to the No. 2 overall pick in this week's NFL draft – largely to secure a quarterback – have centered on anger and a resolve to solidify his standing as a long-term franchise quarterback, a source said. After the trade last week, the source said Bradford directly expressed his disappointment in a talk with some team officials, but he didn't indicate a trade desire. Indeed, until Monday's trade request, the source said Bradford appeared adamant that he was a viable long-term answer at quarterback.

  • Sources: Sam Bradford won't ask for deal to get out of Philly

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 4 days ago

    Sam Bradford has not asked for a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles and has no plans to do so, two sources close to the quarterback have told Yahoo Sports.

    While Philadelphia could still deal Bradford during the draft or ensuing offseason, the sources said Bradford is prepared to prove to the Eagles that he's a franchise quarterback. He'll embrace the challenge if he remains in Philadelphia, sources said, despite being upset that the team surrendered draft assets that could have helped him.

    Bradford hasn't taken any steps to disrupt that, sources said. That's not a surprising development, considering he's set to earn $22 million guaranteed no matter what happens next season. Indeed, an argument could be made that Bradford is in an ideal situation. Not only does he have another highly paid season to prove to NFL teams that he remains an attractive commodity, but a strong season could turn him into an attractive trade chip in the 2017 offseason. Should that happen, it's likely any team looking to acquire Bradford would want to negotiate a long-term extension beforehand.

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  • Sources: 49ers top contenders for surprise free agent Josh Norman

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 8 days ago

    The San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to show strong interest in All-Pro cornerback Josh Norman, whose franchise tag was rescinded Wednesday by the Carolina Panthers, two league sources told Yahoo Sports. The sources said the 49ers have surfaced as the "leading" candidate between the two franchises.

    This comes after Norman was unexpectedly freed for a free-agent pursuit Wednesday afternoon, following a fruitless negotiation in which the Panthers and Norman never came close to signing a long-term deal. The Panthers did not want to pay Norman more than $11 million a season, and pointed to the team's scheme as a primary reason for that reality, sources familiar with those negotiations said.

    From all accounts, Gettleman looms as the primary decision-maker in this move. Other NFL executives said while they were surprised the Panthers didn't work out a long-term deal, they noted Gettleman as having a reputation of cutting to the chase in personnel talks. When it became clear the two sides were too far apart and a Norman holdout could become an offseason distraction, he apparently was inclined to avoid that path.


  • Here's why Eagles aren't crazy to deal boatload for No. 2 pick

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 9 days ago


    Before the Philadelphia Eagles trade away significant portions of the next two drafts, this is the question they'll have to resolve in their minds. Why is moving to the No. 2 overall pick worth it? And perhaps most important, why is a third offseason commitment to a quarterback necessary?

    Make no mistake, the Eagles are thinking about it. The Cleveland Browns and Eagles have engaged in conversations about the No. 2 pick, two league sources confirmed to Yahoo Sports. The sources declined to offer parameters, but Fox Sports' Alex Marvez reported the Eagles and Browns have reached a framework. In it, the Eagles would net the No. 2 overall pick in exchange for Philadelphia's first-rounder (No. 8 overall), two third-rounders (Nos. 77 and 79 overall), as well as a first- and third-round pick in the 2017 draft.

    But for every Griffin, there is another quarterback who shows great possibilities. Ask the Oakland Raiders how much Derek Carr means to them now. Or the Jacksonville Jaguars about Blake Bortles. If they were forced to do it over again, how many draft picks would Russell Wilson be worth to the Seattle Seahawks?

    For this exact moment.

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  • Did one Broncos 'discount' deal set stage for Von Miller conflict?

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 11 days ago

    When the Denver Broncos begin their offseason program on Monday, Super Bowl MVP Von Miller won't be there. He won't be there Tuesday or later in the week. And without a new long-term deal, there's no guarantee he'll be at the team's summer minicamp or even arrive on time for training camp.

    That's an indication of the financial distance between the Broncos and Miller. The two sides are not close, with a disparity believed to be in the neighborhood of $20 million total over a span of five years. That's a difference of roughly $4 million per season. Two sources familiar with the negotiation pegged Denver's offer as hovering around $18 million per season (roughly $90 million over five years). With the $4 million disparity in mind, that puts Miller's stance at around $22 million annually (roughly $110 million over five years). 

    "I think the Derek Wolfe deal screwed their heads up," one agent said. "It made [Mike] Sullivan believe he could get everyone to do bad deals. There is a lot of arrogance there."

    Well, down the line has arrived. And that's why Miller isn't taking part in the offseason program.

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  • 9 franchise tag talks: 1 can alter NFL draft, 2 others could get ugly

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 16 days ago

    In an NFL draft class robust with defensive linemen, a player who has already proven to be among the NFL elite might be the name to watch on the opening night of the draft: the New York Jets' Muhammad Wilkerson. If Wilkerson, a defensive end, is traded, the Jets' asking price will be a first-round pick, and that alone might not get the deal done, multiple team sources told Yahoo Sports.

    At this point, Wilkerson is still on the block. He could be traded in the coming weeks. He could be traded on the first day of the draft. But if that doesn't happen, Wilkerson may not get dealt, and the Jets will continue to work on a potential extension. He's currently locked into next season under the franchise tag, at a cost of $15.701 million. He is in a group of multiple players under the tag who have varying levels of difficulty ahead with new long-term deals. Wilkerson, however, is the most pressing due to his availability on the trade market.

    Here's a look at how the negotiations of other franchise-tagged players are shaping up …

  • Here’s why '12 draft grades for Broncos, Seahawks and 49ers were comically bad

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 22 days ago

    In 2012, critics panned the Denver Broncos' draft class, calling it the definition of mediocrity. Defensive end Derek Wolfe over Devon Still or Jerel Worthy was a mistake. Quarterback Brock Osweiler made no sense. Defensive end Malik Jackson was undersized. And linebacker Danny Trevathan, well, most had to double-check the spelling of his last name. It was pegged as a draft class of hard-working players who didn't have much buzz. And the average grade on it was exactly that – average.

    And that "C" assessment? Four years later, it's below average. Garbage, really.

    For all the NFL fans who are poring over draft reports for the next few weeks, eagerly anticipating that first grade on their team's class, keep this one in mind. Four years ago, analysts who loved the Broncos' picks were nonexistent. And now? Well, let the NFL checkbooks do the talking. Four of Denver's seven picks from that class – Wolfe, Osweiler, Jackson and Trevathan – recently inked new contracts that include a whopping $108.5 million in guaranteed money. The "C" draft class landed an "A+" in finances.

    Best class: Seattle Seahawks

    Worst class: San Francisco 49ers

  • Tar Heels everywhere, including Michael Jordan, couldn't hide their agony

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 23 days ago

    HOUSTON – Stacks of grilled cheese sandwiches were piled on a table in the middle of the room, untouched between containers of vegetable medley and macaroni salad. North Carolina Tar Heels assistant coach Hubert Davis was in an adjacent entryway crying, covering his eyes and trying to conceal a quivering, decaying upper lip behind a can of soda. Forward Kennedy Meeks was in a corner searching for words and finding only tears. At one point, teammate Brice Johnson leaned in and tapped him on his leg.

    "C'mon," Johnson said in a soothing tone. "It's all right."

    "I'm not very good, 'cause I can't take away the hurt," Williams would say later. "I'm not very good because I can't change that. I told them I loved them. I told them I wished I could have helped them more. [And] that I appreciated them from the bottom of my heart."

    That's the funny thing about what happened Monday night. Paige and the Tar Heels were on their way to a championship, and never saw the sinkhole in their path. The Wildcats raced down court, Jenkins lofted his three at the buzzer, and it was over.

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