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  • Cowboys' Tony Romo right to strut into playoffs with MVP bravado

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 3 days ago

    ARLINGTON, Texas – Tony Romo emerged from the locker room Sunday with a little of that Texas swagger on his chest.

    Not figuratively. His choice was something more literal following the 42-7 face-stomp of the Indianapolis Colts. Slipping through a doorway afterward, the T-shirt worn by the Dallas Cowboys quarterback flaunted block letters:


    That's a fact. The New York Giants tripped at the starting line; the Washington Redskins devoured themselves from within and the Philadelphia Eagles fell into a tailspin. The playoff-bound Cowboys don't just run the NFC East this season. They own it.

    For this franchise, it's a significant step forward. The Cowboys look as complete as they ever have, drawing forth memories of the 1990s: stout offensive line, bell-cow running back, opportunistic and speedy defense. Team owner Jerry Jones is smiling. Seemingly everyone is in line for contract extensions this offseason.

  • Adrian Peterson's potential exit plans from Vikings took hit in losing appeal

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 12 days ago

    The writing on the wall for Adrian Peterson's suspension appeal came in the form of a telephone that never rang. In an odd way, that might be the perfect scenario for the Minnesota Vikings.

    Peterson's appeal appeared dead shortly after arbiter Harold Henderson ordered the league and NFL Players Association to find a way to resolve Peterson's appeal without Henderson playing the final judge and jury. But the NFL never reached out to strike a resolution, a source familiar with the proceedings told Yahoo Sports. Instead, the source said, the league stood pat, confident Henderson (a former NFL executive) would rule in its favor, which seemed likely, considering Henderson was appointed by league commissioner Roger Goodell … who was, in effect, Henderson's boss when he worked for the NFL.

    When this whole suspension appeal started, Peterson and his backers had simple goals: get the suspension reduced to as few games as possible; get the financial hit lessened as much as possible; and most important, get Peterson reinstated as quickly as possible because a suspension extending to April limits the market for Peterson's services.

  • Adrian Peterson loses appeal

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 12 days ago

    Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson lost his appeal of a suspension for violating terms of the NFL’s personal conduct policy, the league announced Friday.

    Peterson was seeking reinstatement after being suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last month after pleading no contest to misdemeanor wreckless assault for spanking his 4-year old son with a switch. Goodell suspended Peterson through April 15, but Peterson and the NFL Player’s Association appealed for instant reinstatement.

    Peterson now must wait until April 15 to apply for reinstatement, at which point the league will once again review his conduct and make a determination.

    The decision, issued by arbitrator Harold Henderson, is being contested by the players' union, which issued a statement immediately after the ruling that said, "The NFLPA expected expected this outcome, given the hearing officer's relationship and financial ties to the NFL. The decision itself ignores the facts, the evidence and the collective bargaining agreement. This decision also represents the NFL's repeated failure to adhere to due process and confirms its inconsistent treatment of players.

  • Five reasons why Robert Griffin III will be Redskins' starting QB in 2015

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 15 days ago

    For this quarterback, it all started with fanfare, excitement and an eye toward the future. But injuries derailed that promise. By year three, if the media wasn't throwing around the word "bust," the fanbase was willing to do it.

    Sound familiar? If you're a fading fan of Robert Griffin III, it should.

    But look through the lens of history, and you might be surprised. We could be talking about Drew Brees. Or Alex Smith. Or Aaron Rodgers. Much like Griffin this season, that trio of very successful NFL quarterbacks finished their third season in the league under some significant doubts.

    This isn't meant to liken Griffin to any of those players. But in the midst of frustration in Washington, it's worth noting that some of the greatest quarterbacks in league history hit walls in the first three years of their careers. Imagine if the Packers had grown impatient with Rodgers' medical issues and slow development, and cut him loose. It would have been a franchise-sinking decision. Or imagine if Rivers hadn't held out as a rookie and took the starting job from Brees. There's no telling how it would have changed Brees' historic career.

  • It's up to Wilson to save Seahawks' offense from front office's poor decisions

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 17 days ago

    PHILADELPHIA – It would have been a perfect time to dial in an exceptional No. 1 receiver, but none exists for the Seattle Seahawks. An explosive change-of-pace hybrid? That wrinkle vanished when the franchise called a roster reverse, shipping Percy Harvin and his attitude out of town. So Seattle called on one of the few dynamic players it had on offense, and Russell Wilson faked a handoff and took the most naked bootleg you'll ever see, searing a path between two defensive backs for a 26-yard touchdown.

    It was a stunning moment for Wilson against a run blitz, the stuff we got used to the past two seasons but haven't seen much this year. In a split second, he left a wild Philadelphia Eagles crowd mute, and breathed life into a flat-lining Seattle offense. It would ultimately be the play that turned the Seahawks around, erasing a 7-0 deficit, igniting an eventual 24-14 road win, and leaving Eagles coach Chip Kelly befuddled.

    "I definitely think our identity is showing up," Wilson said. "[But] there's still some more to show, to prove."

  • Adrian Peterson's shot at appeal as laughable as NFLPA's feeble swipes at Goodell

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 1 mth ago

    Adrian Peterson's season is done. Close the polling stations, turn out the lights and lock the doors.

    Of course, we'll hear plenty of ineffectual grandstanding and crankiness from the NFL players union (certainties trailing only death and taxes). And an appeal has already been announced, which will be fruitless. Perhaps Peterson will publicly lament his final judgment, which essentially amounts to a 15-game suspension and a fine equal to his last six game checks.

    But if you're a Minnesota Vikings fan, or an Adrian Peterson fan, or just playing a contrarian, don't waste the oxygen. All that remains is paper-shuffling and tens of thousands of dollars in billable hours for the lawyers. It will all end at the same place: Peterson will be suspended, the NFL Players Association will be powerless, and the league's best running back will start to think about the remainder of his career.

    If Peterson's case has taught us anything, it's two things:

    Translation: "The league is doing whatever it wants."

  • Part-time comedian Jonas Gray no joke for Patriots against Colts

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 1 mth ago

    INDIANAPOLIS – Prior to Sunday night, Jonas Gray's résumé was the stuff of trivia. The kind of thing that drew attention for all the wrong reasons.

    Failed expectations as a running back at Notre Dame. … Knee injury. … Undrafted. … Released by three NFL teams. … Part-time stand-up comedian. … Performed an opening set for Screech from "Saved By the Bell". … New England Patriots practice squad player.

    Naturally and unfortunately, it's easy to gravitate to the oddity in that list: "Wait, this dude opened up for Dustin Diamond (aka Screech) at a comedy club?" Yes, he did. And yes, he's had a side thing from time to time as a stand-up comedian. He's a funny guy. Now, any football questions?

    "We kept making yards no matter what personnel group we were in," Brady said. "No matter what the scheme was, we did a great job getting a hat on a hat, getting downhill and making yards. It was awesome."

    And there it is. Pretty much that simple. If you can't stop Gray, you likely have no shot at stopping Brady. Eventually, he'll get you, too.



  • Why Adrian Peterson, Vikings need to go in separate directions

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 1 mth ago

    Adrian Peterson is ready to move on from the past few months. He said as much last week as he exited a courthouse in Texas. In a stairway convoy with his wife, parents and led by his wing-tipped attorney, the conversation turned to moving on … away from his legal issues … forward as a father … back to his career.

    He'll eventually get there as a professional – perhaps next week, when the NFL and players' union hash out his inevitable reinstatement. And presumably he'll go back to the Minnesota Vikings and finish out this season. But in a few months, when the offseason arrives, the inevitable should sink in.

    Peterson and the Vikings would be best served to move on again – specifically, in opposite directions. And it should be mutual. The Vikings should be ready to let go, and Peterson should be ready to leave.

    Now each should realize that stepping forward can sometimes be better accomplished by moving apart.

  • Source: Peterson open to lawsuit if NFL holds him in limbo

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 1 mth ago

    Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is prepared to fight the NFL – and if it becomes necessary, sue it – if the league continues to hold his career in undefined purgatory, a source told Yahoo Sports.

    The NFL Players Association filed a grievance against the NFL on Monday, asking the league to remove Peterson from the commissioner's exempt list. The NFLPA cited an agreement between Peterson and the NFL, which "based on explicit language" would reinstate the running back once his legal case was resolved.

    Last week, Peterson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge related to disciplining his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch. Since that plea deal, the NFL has not moved to reinstate Peterson, and has not given a timetable for when it would resolve the issue. If the league reinstates Peterson and then subsequently suspends him, it is expected that the NFLPA will appeal the suspension. 

  • Adrian Peterson's NFL return on hold after pleading down in child abuse case

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 1 mth ago

    CONROE, Texas – Adrian Peterson took the survivable hit on Tuesday: no jail time, no felony conviction, no ugly trial played out before the masses. But calculating the damage to his NFL career due to his child abuse charges – that trial is underway, and a resolution is more complicated than when commissioner Roger Goodell allows him to play football again.

    By way of a no-contest plea to misdemeanor reckless assault, Peterson plead out of his child abuse charge, which was levied after he disciplined his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch. The plea accomplished what his legal team had set out to obtain almost two months ago, with Peterson avoiding a felony conviction. And he was largely unscathed legally in the process, save for a $4,000 fine, 80 hours of community service and a two-year deferred finding of guilt that will be wiped off the books if Peterson avoids legal issues through his probationary period.