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  • How Justise Winslow's fast rise helped lead Duke to NCAA tournament's Elite Eight

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports Commentary 1 day ago

    HOUSTON – For a while now, Justise Winslow hasn't needed a lot of time to work. That's something coach Mike Krzyzewski likes to say about him. With some freshmen, you throw them a basketball and wind an egg timer. Winslow? Coach K's instruction – if needed – should be locked and loaded in advance.

    And even then, Winslow has punched the time clock before the first syllable hit his ears.

    This is how Winslow has risen – how he went from being oddly overshadowed by the freshman tandem of Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones, despite also being one of the best prep basketball players in the country. This is how his game has become more complete, more well-rounded – and more likely to deliver what Duke got in Friday's 63-57 victory over Utah.

    "He's a high-powered guy," Utes coach Larry Krystkowiak said of Winslow. "…I thought him coming back to Houston a day after his birthday only juiced him up and [had him] ready to go. We didn't have an answer."

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  • Ego, confidence of Chip Kelly reminiscent of Jimmy Johnson

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 3 days ago

    PHOENIX – At one point Wednesday, someone asked Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly a question about scheme and talent, and how to fit the two together. This was standard brain-picking at the NFL owners' meetings. Kelly listened with a blank face, and then shot back, "That's the $64,000 question right there."

    If you had listened to Kelly for even a few minutes – or a solid hour, as a few dozen reporters had – you would have come to realize this is a man who has never heard a question he can't answer. He exudes that confidence, that ego, that bring it on, I'm locked and loaded, and smarter than you. So when Kelly says, "That's the $64,000 question right there," two things come to mind.

    First: He already has the $64,000 answer.

    Second: You better have your checkbook because you never know with this guy.

    Those stunning and aggressive roster moves defined this offseason, overshadowing the Ndamukong Suh signing, and dwarfing even the most assertive lineup tune-ups. Indeed, March has been equally divided into two parts: Asking what on earth Kelly was doing and listening as he brushed off doubters with titanium-plated confidence.

  • Belichick gives most Belichick response to losing Revis while Bills' Ryan touts regime change in AFC East

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 4 days ago

    PHOENIX – Bill Belichick arrived late, took a few more minutes to sip his orange juice, and then sat down seemingly as far as he could from the microphones in front of him. This is customary of his lone session with the media at the annual owners' meetings.

    If his recoiled body language was the only thing that spoke, it would say something like, "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

    This is a guy who just won a Super Bowl ring, his fourth as head coach of the New England Patriots. Judging by his behavior Tuesday, you had to wonder if it arrived with a set of thorns, too.

    Once Belichick spoke, his words were sparse and muted. He didn't want to talk about free agency. He didn't want to talk about deflate-gate. He didn't really want to talk about anything. And the subject of departed cornerback Darrelle Revis? Well, as Belichick put it, "That's not a big story."

    "I don't know how wide open [the division] could be when you've got New England perched up there and they've won, what, [12 of the last 14 titles]," Ryan said. "They're clearly the team to beat, but we're coming after them."

  • Source: Adrian Peterson's camp rejects meeting with Vikings

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 9 days ago

    The impasse between running back Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings has taken a more ominous turn. Vikings general manager Rick Spielman requested a dinner meeting with Peterson's agent at the forthcoming owners meetings in Phoenix but was rejected, a source told Yahoo Sports. This comes after Peterson's agent, Ben Dogra, told several media outlets over the past two days that the team said it would not cut the running back, who is slated to make $13 million in 2015 ($12.75 million base salary and a $250,000 workout bonus).

    Dogra did not return messages seeking comment.

    The refusal could be a shot at the Vikings, signaling a turn to a more hard-line dialogue with the team. But it could also be a mesage to ownership, as the most direct path to more guaranteed money or a trade would be bypassing the front office and convincing the Wilfs that one of those outcomes could make Peterson happy. As it stands, owners Mark and Zygi Wilf have already signaled a willingness to be a part of the process, having met with Peterson in New Jersey earlier this month.

  • Letting DeMarco Murray walk signals that someone other than Jerry Jones is calling shots for Cowboys

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 16 days ago

    Five months ago, after the Dallas Cowboys had toppled the Seattle Seahawks 30-23 on the road and staked their claim as Super Bowl hopefuls, team owner Jerry Jones was floating through the locker room. Tapping players on the elbow and winking as he walked by, he joked that this was the kind of win that might have prompted him to form a line out of his office for contract extensions.

    "And I might have signed them all, too," Jones said, half-jokingly.

    And then came Thursday, when Dallas bricked up the vault and said it wouldn't pay league-leading rusher DeMarco Murray more than he was worth – and stuck to it, letting Murray slip away to the hated Philadelphia Eagles.

    All of which begged the questions Thursday: "Which chair is Jerry Jones tied to, and how dark is the closet where he's being kept?"

    Passing on Peterson would fit in with these new Cowboys. And it would probably continue to look smart, too.

  • Source: Cowboys' offer to Murray was about $5M per year; Eagles emerge as frontrunner for RB

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 18 days ago

    Prior to running back DeMarco Murray removing references to the Dallas Cowboys from his Twitter account early Tuesday morning, the team had made him an offer averaging about $5 million a season, a source familiar with the negotiations told Yahoo Sports.

    That is in line with what league sources said during the weekend prior to Tuesday, the start of free agency – that the Cowboys did not want to invest top-line money in the running back position. It also explains why negotiations between Murray and the Cowboys are at a standstill, and why the running back is now considering other options.

    Murray's top choice has shifted to the Philadelphia Eagles, a league source said. Both the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars have also expressed interest, however it is believed they are trailing in the pursuit.

    Newly acquired Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford told reporters on Wednesday that he is actively recruiting Murray, a friend and former teammate at Oklahoma University, to join him in Philadelphia.

  • Jimmy Graham gives Russell Wilson, Seahawks nightmare matchup to exploit

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 18 days ago

    In a three-day flurry of negotiations stimulated by bookkeeping, the mirage became real. There's no more questioning, hoping or speculating. No more watching Rob Gronkowski chew up your linebackers in the Super Bowl and wonder, "what would that be like?"

    No, the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson finally found a superstar No. 1 option. By trading for New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, Seattle has a nightmare receiving matchup it desperately lacked in 2014. Maybe more important, the Seahawks acquired an upgrade to their offensive dynamic, rather than slipping into a holding pattern and hoping they're still good enough for a Super Bowl run.

    Make no mistake, snagging Graham reaffirms that this is still the gold standard in the NFC. With a returning Marshawn Lynch, still-developing Wilson, and wideouts Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and Chris Matthews will find only more space with Graham's presence. Indeed, this may be the key that leaps this offense forward, and gives the defense an equal partner.

  • Source: TE Julius Thomas to sign with Jaguars

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 19 days ago

    Julius Thomas, one of the top tight ends in free agency this year, reached an agreement with the Jacksonville Jaguars, an NFL source told Yahoo Sports.

    The Oakland Raiders, who made a big push to land Thomas, will turn their attention toward free agent Jermaine Gresham, who played the past five seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals. The Raiders have spent the past three days trying to improve the receiving options for quarterback Derek Carr, but have yet to hit on a top target. Instead, Thomas will serve as a target for second-year quarterback Blake Bortles. and The Denver Post first reported Thomas' signing with the Jaguars.

    In the past two seasons with the Denver Broncos, Thomas was a two-time Pro Bowler, tallying 108 receptions, 24 of them for touchdowns, and 1,277 receiving yards.

  • Suh's reported mega-deal prompts question: 'So what do we pay the quarterbacks now?'

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 20 days ago

    Ndamukong Suh has lived up to all the expectations of being the NFL's free-agent prom king. He educated the Detroit Lions on the dangers of sweeping salary-cap restructures under the bed. He probably cried some crocodile tears after that playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys. He played the NFL's business game brilliantly, maxing out his own worth with the Miami Dolphins.

    But back away a few steps and look at the wider angle of the Suh development. If the numbers are correct ($19 million per season, $60 million guaranteed, $114 million total as reported by ESPN) Suh doesn't even stand as the most important figure in this picture. The guy willing to juggle that financial hand grenade, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, is the one whose move will eventually warp rosters beyond his own.

    A defensive tackle now makes franchise quarterback money.

    Prior to Sunday, four quarterbacks owned the top spots in guaranteed money, and only San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick had eclipsed the $60 million guaranteed mark ($61 million).

  • Sources: Amid open dialogue with Vikes, Adrian Peterson would consider deal restructuring to facilitate trade

    Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports 25 days ago

    While Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson continues to have an open dialogue with the franchise about his future, he has pondered potential trade destinations and would consider a contract restructure if a deal becomes necessary, sources have told Yahoo Sports.

    Peterson's father, Nelson, said the running back hasn't requested a trade, nor refused to return to Minnesota. But Nelson Peterson said any steps taken by his son in the coming weeks and months will be "business decisions" based on what is best for Peterson's future.

    Another source inside Peterson's circle told Yahoo Sports the running back has entertained returning to the Vikings, but has also considered potential trade destinations. Under the latter scenario, Peterson would also consider restructuring his contract to make a trade work.

    "When it gets to that point, it will be his decision, solely. I'll weigh in and this and that, but the final decision will not come from me and will not come from his agent. It will come from him."