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  • Avalanche win Draft Lottery; Top Prospect Jones could be selected by hometown team

    Cam Charron at Buzzing The Net 2 yrs ago

    In short, it's likely that Seth Jones will make his NHL debut exactly where it all began. Seth Jones was five when his father Ronald "Popeye" Jones, then with the Denver Nuggets, was approached by Colorado Avalanche star Joe Sakic about starting off in ice hockey.

    Popeye would take Seth and his brothers to the occasional Avalanche game – the Avs were in their glory days circa 1999-2001 – and Seth became intoxicated with the speed and power of NHL hockey.

    “It was just the intensity,” he said Wednesday from Portland as the Winterhawks prepared for their Friday date in Vancouver against the Giants. “We lived in Colorado for eight years so I went to a bunch of Avalanche games and I was there in 2001 when they beat New Jersey to win the Stanley Cup. We had rinkside seats and I saw them hoist the Cup and that game made me want to pursue my dream of hoisting a Stanley Cup one day. That's kind of where my motivation started.” [Vancouver Sun]

  • Seth Jones projected No. 1 overall in final Central Scouting ranking; ‘Hit the skids for Popeye’s Kid’

    Cam Charron at Buzzing The Net 2 yrs ago

    If the National Hockey League team that gets the No. 1 pick goes ahead and selects Seth Jones, that team wouldn't necessarily be bucking the trend of selecting the consensus top prospect. It would, however, be bucking another trend: defencemen are rarely selected No. 1 to the NHL.

    But Jones was unsurprisingly named the NHL's Central Scouting Service top prospect in the organization's final ranking for the 2013 NHL Draft. The wisdom of the crowd is that this is a very deep draft crop with three players that could potentially go No. 1: Jones, the defenceman for the Portland Winterhawks whose visibility as an African-American hockey star has aroused the interest from Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports, and the two forwards from the Halifax Mooseheads, Jonathan Drouin and Nathan MacKinnon.

    No doubt, wherever the lottery ball falls, there will be good arguments for or against a top selection of Jones. Either way, however, the team with the pick will be ending a trend. Either pick against the grain, or take a defenceman with the first pick.

  • Jagr better for Bruins than Iginla? Statistical analysis of 2013 NHL trade deadline

    Cam Charron at Puck Daddy 2 yrs ago

    Good linkbait and clickbait pieces after the draft, the free agent frenzy and the trade deadline focus on "winners" and "losers" of such days, eons before the acquired players pay off or flop. Unfortunately, such calls can be made by pundits who may not be paying attention to the process or rationale behind such moves, but rather simply on the position of the players on the move.

    For instance… does Pittsburgh need defence? Yes. Is Doug Murray a defenceman? Yes. Did Pittsburgh improve their defence by acquiring Douglas Murray? Probably not. A big defenceman, Murray is also technically limited at this point in his career and it's showed on the scoreboard.

    Watch: Winners and losers at the NHL trade deadline]

    That decline can't be explained by tougher minutes or responsibilities. The fact is… Douglas Murray just wasn't a good defenceman anymore in San Jose.

    So instead of looking at winners and losers, instead I'll break down some of the statistical data we have available for the big names moved in the week leading up to the deadline.

    Move No. 1 - Jaromir Jagr heads to Boston

    Move No. 2 - Steve Sullivan to New Jersey